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The Purple Phase

Novel By: sneeding

The Purple Phase is not only a teen thrashing scourge on the internet at Penny's school. it is the foul antagonist that settles her in a strange place amongst the people that love her. But, who are the people that lover her and do they actually know how she feels on the inside? Is she really as sad as they make her out to be and why cant they all just help her appear to be normal? guesses are, the right person hasnt come yet. as the 'x's add up, she is at a tug and war battle with contenment and sanity. View table of contents...


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Outside, the Sky Is Green -1-

Third Drawer down - Sleep Party People

The three of us enter my house quietly after stumbling over a couple of cracks and pebbles in the road. Ben hangs onto my shoulder weighting me down scoffing as I groan. He steps on the back of my shoes every once and a while. I'd scream if I could but I'd really hate to wake my parents up. His hands pat my head and he laughs as he fiddles with my curls dragging them around his finger. He laughs as I slowly pull the door open for he and his stupid friend. Adam fidgets with his cigarettes swearing he'll get one then, he automatically doesn't want one and in the course of 20 minutes he'd probably decided to quit at least 10 times. He keeps repeating that they'll only make things even worse but I don't pay too much attention to him because as of now I've got my brother mesmerized with the color pink and he won't quit tugging at my jacket strings.

I pull my sweater on tighter as my father sits at the dining room table staring back at us. Adam crumples down onto a small bench at the entrance of our house. He laughs and kicks off his shoes nodding his head at them. He smiles at them then his eyes slowly shift to my father pulling an even bigger smile to his face. I pull the sleeves tighter as our eyes meet. I don't know what to do and anything out of the ordinary would probably stir him into thinking I am a tad beside myself. Or maybe that the boys are a tad beside themselves and we all share glances. The small whisked up smile plays on Ben's lips as he scratches his head. He looks to me and blows air though pursed lips .

"Where the hell have you been?" My father grumbles. I turn to Ben trying to search for a couple of familiar words or perhaps an explanation. I'd never been in trouble before. I slip past him so that his attention isn't directed toward me. I step foot into the kitchen slowly vibrating as I feel him behind me. My hands nonchalantly wrap around a glass and I turn to actually see him standing behind me… glaring at me like death. I swallow the lump of spit in my throat and I clinch my free fist nervously. Within the seconds of me turning and just as my fist clinches the glass cup slips from my hand. He looks different, not anything like my dad. He looks upset with me. I back away as he nears me and my mouth won't register to call for Ben who would have pleasure in helping me. He yanks my arm forward and roles my sleeve up. He drops it and goes for the other arm repeating. He stares me in my eyes. "Do you want to talk about anything?" he asks. Ben joins the two of us as I wipe a stray tear from my eyes. "Why are you crying?" He grumbles.

"What the hell dad, just leave her alone." Ben cries forward.

"Penny, I've lost every inch of patience I've ever had today and I don't think I can just gain all of that back in the snap of a finger if you're not replying to my questions." he growls. I sniffle back a tear trying to suck the droplets back into my eyeball swearing to myself that I won't cry. I muffle out a cough to gain a tad bit of composure. He grabs my arm as I simmer down and I try to pull back as my heart beats double over. I am panicking now and I don't want to be seen or touched… or heard. He try to pull my arm away and the tears start to play from my eyes and the river in my body roars for him to let go but he won't so instead of letting go, my arm flies out of his hand and I am sent to fall backward.

I ping that even I can register echoes through the room as my head come crashing down onto the counter top. Ben screams pushing my father as I hold my face. Just above my left eye felt like fire. He pushes my father again looking in between the two of us.

"Penny, I'm sorry." He cries. I don't look at him though instead I hold my face looking forward with the sad tears rolling from my eyes silently. He'd hurt me. My parents have never hated me so much. I back away into the dark corner of the kitchen staring at the two who seem to challenge each other.

A/N: hey guys, I hope you like the story. I've gotten pretty far in editing... this is kind of a filler chapter and i just added it to explain more of what's going on. The picture is more for describing her brother and Adam because of their drug abuse... I think the same goes for the next chapter *hint* Hint* haha any who. i hope you liked this one the next chapter should be up in about an hour or half of an hour.


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