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To the Ground (It was all a dream)

Novel By: sneeding

It was all a dream
-everything that happened before now.
-everything that lead up to it
-all up until I woke up
Then I returned,
at last,
To the Ground.

Silver is a sixteen year old girl who stays close to what she knows and doesn't go too far from there. When she is spontaneously asked to a party with Bad Boy Hutch, she starts to move with the flow of things. She doesn't know whether it's a leap of faith or change. All that she knows is that she likes where she is. She flows further and further away from what she knows and when the two decide to run away with each other she may have left what she knows back behind. View table of contents...


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Hutch came back from his bathroom and laid himself out on his bed like a towel that'd been slain over the edge of a rack. I slowly and timidly walked to his bed and sat beside him. I let him wrap his bold arms around my waist. His head found my shoulder. I cleared my throat before his lips melted into my neck and he left a small trail of two-step kisses. His thick warm breath huffed against my throat, then his fingers ran up my shirt. They trailed over my stomach. They were cold making the spine in my back tense up.

I turned to look into his eye. Those brown eyes of his some how read the back of my brain and made my whole body go limp in his arms. He laid me down onto my back, slowly crawling ontop of me, slowly craming himself in between my legs, slowly leaning toward me to flick the stray hairs from off of my cheek. He laid a kiss on my chin. Then my cheek. Then my forehead.

Within the five minutes, he dodged my lips. My hands stayed wedged to my sides. He helped my shirt off of my body and it landed on the ground out of my sight. He let his lips skip over my breast down my stomach and my breathing hitched in my throat because once he'd grabbed onto the top of my jeans, all of this had become real and he was reeling them down my legs slowly and gently. His hand brushed my underwear and it even tickled an arch into my back giving me space to scoot higher up the bed onto his pillows. I almost couldn't breathe and if it weren't so cold in his room I'd probably be too hot to even feel.

"It's my first time," I whispered. He stopped, letting the cold air in the room rush over me and he ran his hand over his chest.

"I thought that you were a senior."

"I am." I sat up crossing my arms over my stomach. He scoffed and grabbed a shirt from the corner of his bed. He even threw it at me.

"I don't get down with virgins." I couldn't react though so I dropped the shirt he'd handed me and leaned over the side of the bed to grab mine. But mine couldn't have only landed on the ground. The bed actually had to suck it up underneath it to hide it from me. I had to crouch down on the floor to grab it too and while I was down there, I could feel my body cooling down and taming itself. I pulled it on as fast as I could to hide the bra I was wearing. I pulled on my jeans even faster. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going home," I told him. I grabbed my scarf and he watched me twist it around my neck. My hands were shaking furiously and I can't imagine how furious and paralyzed the rest of my body looked. I was a bumbling idiot before him. When I walked over to where my peacoat was housed, I could feel my feet taking extra steps where they shouldn't have gone. Then, when I reached the peacoat I gave my body time to catch up with what was going on.

I was, in fact, being embarassed in front of a very popular, very handsome boy in my whole class.

"It's like three in the morning."

"Don't worry about me." He stood and pulled on the shirt that I hadn't accepted.

"I just don't want you to get too attached to me or anything." He said the words so bodly letting them come fluently from his visage.

"You don't know how much of a dick you are," slipped from mine. I then felt as though I shouldn't have said that. My cheeks warmed and my skin felt, once more, like it was vibrating as I bumbled around.

"How am I a dick?"

"'I don't get down with virgins'," I mocked. "'I don't want you to get too attached'." I pulled on my peacoat and grabbed my boots to hug them up against my chest. In that moment, I could have gone for getting away from him as fast as I could. He watched me bob into my boots clumsily trying not to fall on the ground. "But they warned me about you and I didn't listen."

"Who warned you." When I looked up at his face, that handsome smile was on his lips and after moments of hesistation, I told him.

"My brother, Nate."

"Nate's your brother," he remembered. "I'll call him and have him come and get you." Then I didn't say anything because I was shy again. He started on a cigartette as he called Nate. I watched the red burn back into his mouth. In three minutes, after two ignored calls he looked up at. "I'll sleep on the couch and you can have my bed." I waited, then I gave in and yanked off the scarf that was bound so tight around my neck. My phone vibrated against his coffee table and he beat me to it.

"What up, girl," he yelled though. He put it on speaker and snickered. It was Jane. I could hear Nate snoring in the background of her call so they must have camped out some place in the car. I let in a breath to hold because I knew she'd say something abnormally embarassing.

"Hutch, I swear to god if you treat her like all of the other sluts!" She cut herself off after that. "I don't think that you've noticed but she's nowhere near being a slut. She's never even kissed a guy." She let in a swift breath that served as a period for her sentence. "So, how was it?"

"How was what?" he asked.

"You popping her cherry. It's okay. You don't have to be shy. She's gonna tell me anyway." I hurried for the phone and he was proud enough to hand it to me which was one thing that worried me while she babbled on and on in my ear. Would he tell all of his friends? What would he tell his friends? Would he tell them that I slept with him or that I was a virgin? What would they think of me? Would they call me a slut? "Are you listening."

"Yeah," I told her. Then I spoke outside of my thoughts for a change. "Could you guys just come and pick me up?"

"How was it, Silver?"

"Just... Just come and pick me up," I stammered. He was watching me while I sat on the phone with her. He was probably coming up with his story right now. I could already hear the gossip buzzing in my ear.

Did you hear about Silver?

The virgin!


"Just come and get me!"

"We're. Too. Drunk.." she chuckled through. I hung up and let the scarf fall from my free hand to the ground. It dropped like it'd been a ton of weights.

"So you're stuck here?" he asked rehtorically. "When I asked you out I didn't think that you'd be the quiet type."

"Whatever, I'm going to bed," I told him. After I'd let that out of my mouth, I'd noticed that I shouldn't have been afraid of him becausse he was somewhat timid with me. He rose his eyebrows and scratched his neck then his hand hooked down to grab the old syringe.

"Well, I'm going to go get a beer if you'd like one now, speak." I rolled my eyes because I did want a beer but I didn't want to say so. I just would have liked for him to think of me when he went up to get his own beer. And hey, if I didn't want the beer then he could drink mine instead of going all the way back up the stairs for another one. He was the one who brought me here and convinced me to snort a line of filthy nasty drugs and the least that he could do was offer me a beer. What guy doesn't just bring one anyways?

"I want one," I told him. He started back up the stairs. I sucked in a breath and bit my lip as I stood there. In that time, I'd fixed my hair into a pony tail. He bumped back down the stairs lazily. He passed me the can and I popped the tap. He chugged his then watched me sip mine.

"Never been kissed," he mocked me some more. Then I felt more than comfortable to ignore him. I felt more than comfortable to chug the beer down. The bubbles tickled the back of my throat. I could feel it want to push back up my nose. I took in a breath when I finished and he snached the can from me only to throw it on the ground.

"We aren't going to talk about that."

"It's cute on you though... You know? it fits," he laughed. I turned away from him and I remembered why I went there with him that day and it was because noone else paid any attention to these small fragments in my life.


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