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Love &Tattoos

Novel By: Soapysoph

Mia wanted to be big in the music industry but she always puts herself down. But when Aidan comes into her life, she finds her dreams are becoming reality, but is it all too good to be true? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 18, 2012    Reads: 50    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

A/N: For all of those who don't know, I'm not writing A tale of Khajiit or Parallel Universe anymore because I didn't feel it was going any where, but I hope you enjoy this new one I've wrote :').

I stared at the crowd in front of me and then the microphone. I stepped forward as I heard someone tap their drumsticks together behind me. One. This is it. Two. No going back now. Three. Deep breath. Four. A gentle pluck of the guitar and I was singing. The drums thumping slowly. The keyboard playing a sweet melody. The crowd was cheering! This was all I could have hoped for!

I slowly fluttered open my eyes and stared up at my ceiling. I groaned. It was just another dream. I slowly slipped out of my bed and picked up the first pair of jeans I could find. I put them on and slipped on a vest top. I stared in the mirror. I just wish these dreams would come true, but the music industry was all about the looks nowadays. I would never pull it off with my plain brown hair lying messily on my shoulders and my boring grey eyes hiding behind my glasses. I looked away from the mirror, repulsed at what I could see. Quickly, brushed my hair, grabbed my school bag and rushed down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. My dad was reading the morning newspaper as usual and my mum was busily making breakfast in the kitchen. My twin sister, Leah walked in and smirked at me. I envied her for she was the prettiest out of us two. Her brown hair always seemed to have a healthy shine to it and her grey eyes always twinkled brightly wherever you were. She sat across from me and looked blatantly at my hair.
"Mia, are you not going to brush hair today or am I going to have to drag you upstairs and do it myself?" She chuckled. I smiled as I remembered the time she actually dragged me upstairs by the hair and plaited my hair. That was the nicest my hair had ever looked. Before I could answer, my mum placed the toast in front of us and said "You aren't going back upstairs now loves, got to make sure you're early for your first day back."

Leah and I quickly ate our toast and left the house. It wasn't a long walk from our house to the school. It normally consisted of Leah talking about her new boyfriend or her new CD. Today, she stayed silent which was very strange.
"Leah, you seem awfully quiet, what's up?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled,
"Your turn to talk for a change, so what's new with you?" We had reached the school gates and I replied
"Hmm, nothing." She just shuck her head and entered the gates, me closely behind her.

The first thing I saw when I walked into the school building was two new girls leaning against their lockers. One had fluorescent red hair and heavy eye make-up. She also had a nose piercing. The other girl had bright pink hair and the same heavy eye make-up. She had a lip ring and a tattoo sleeve. I stared at them and walked into Leah, not realising she had stopped. She turned to me,
"Have you seen them new girls?" She asked quietly, "They look really weird." I carried on looking at them in amazement. Leah looked shocked,
"Don't even think about talking to them, Sis." She exclaimed, "You'll lose lots of respect." Both of the girls looked at me and smiled weakly. I returned a weak smile back before my sister dragged me along.

We walked along until we saw our friend group. I ran over to Will and hugged him tightly. Will was my best friend and I loved him to pieces. He wore glasses, just like me, that framed his brown eyes.
"Hey Will! I really missed you this summer, don't go on holiday for so long again, promise?" I let go of him as he brushed his brown locks out of his face and said,
"Of course not, I missed you too Mia!" Our group also consisted of Quinn; she had long blonde hair and big baby blue eyes. She embraced Leah and gave me a weak hello. I always thought she didn't really like me that much. Also there was Leah's boyfriend, Xavier. He was the newest member but the longest boyfriend of Leah's. Will and I were really starting to like him. He had scruffy black hair and bottle green eyes. He high fived me and smiled pleasantly.

I turned to Quinn and she was whispering to Leah and pointing behind me. I turned and saw the new girls again. Quinn and Leah were laughing now. Xavier joined in as well. When the laughter died down, Leah spoke first, "And guess what? My sister, here, is amazed by them." Quinn laughed again. I scowled at Leah, and then I felt Will's breath next to my ear, "Just ignore them, Mia, not worth it." He was right, I smiled up at him and looked back at the girls, but this time they were not alone. A boy had joined them, He had long black hair, but his bangs hid his eyes from view. He wore torn jeans and a 'Bring me the horizon' band t-shirt. He was beautiful. I heard Leah and Quinn laugh louder but I ignored them. He looked up at me and I saw his eyes for the first time. There were yellow and cat-like. He smiled at me before returning to his conversation. I was in heaven.


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