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Just Taste and You'll Never Forget...

Novel By: Sophia Dawson

She wanted him. He wanted fame. She got tired of waiting, and he knew how stupid he was. Fame and money was the final destiny...but was it worthy to lose the love of your life?

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She descended from the limousine, ever so elegant and beautiful. The knee-lenght red dress was very flattering on her body, those curves were highlighted by the powerful scarlet colour, same as her lips. They were pouty, glossy, like two cherries in the middle of a sunny season. Her hair was loose, and the chilly winter air of Manhattan was moving it softly, spreading her old but lifetime Channel N°5 across the streets of the rich and famous.
She was surrounded by paparazzi, and people who wanted autographs. She gladly gave it to them...until the sight upon her left her struck.

Just few meters away, on the old cafe that stored so many stories between them, a man stood under the faint light of twilight. He was watching her intentially, though she could not differ where his eyes were because of the hat. This man was leaning on the wall, with a hat that covered the eyes, tight clothes that revealed the muscles gained over the years, and a cigarrette in hand. A fancy brand, like he used to smoke back then.

She tried to ignore him, although she couldn't beleive her eyes. It has been two or three years since the last time they saw each other, and seeing him now. Looking like a God, sent chills down her spine. But she couldn't resist...

The bodyguards, busy trying to push the crowd from her fragile body, she started to walk in the man's direction, and when she caught sight of his deep chocolate eyes, her lips couldn't help but turn into a seductive smile. The sparkle between them, the one she forced her heart to forget, reignite...and nothing more than want came to her body...and love to her mind.

He looked at her, and took his hat off. Their eyes spoke, no words were needed. One look was enough to say all the things they should have said long ago, but were too afraid and confused to tell.

The attraction between the both dragged them near to each other, almost near as to kiss. But he wouldn't risk it this time, and she wouldn't fall so easily. although he knew that already...

She looked beautiful, and he looked hot. They were made for each other, but he made some stupid decisions, and she didn't wait for him to come around. Even though she knew that he was going to come around. She was too proud, and her carreer was first...and that was the biggest lie she ever told herself, because for her...he came first. Before breathing, before living.

He touched her silky, white skin and it felt like yesterday. When they met on that party... the first time they talked, the first time they walked hand by hand, the first time they kissed.

It was almost like magic. Fireworks going all over the place. Sparks flowing in the air, although they couldn't notice anything besides themselved, their eyes, their agitated breathing because of the heat appearing in the small gap between their bodies.

He took her by the hand, and walked together to the alley that was in the next block. That alley that was a love nest years ago, and that neither of them could have forgotten, even though they tried to go separate ways so hard...

They never made it. Because once you taste the flavour of true love...it sticks forever.

You can never forget.


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