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Tale of scarred Hearts

Novel By: SophieUchiha

(a play I am writing. Please enjoy) View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 29, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Act I, scene 1
(Lea enters DSR and XDC , holding a single rose. )
Lea: My name is Lea. I've never had a home and I've always been running away from the ones who hurt me before. My life never seems to stop bringing me pain or misery. I've tried to find somewhere safe for me but it's never so. All I've wanted was for someone to hold me and love me. Although it never happens. (lights fade, Lea exits DSL. Nicholaus enters, lost in thought.)
Nicholaus: Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I never hurt her. I never cheated on her. Why did she have to leave me? She knew that I loved her, we were about to be married. She said we weren't right for each other. Then why did she say she'd marry me?
(enter Lea)
Lea: Why am I alone?
Nicholaus: How do I know if I can trust anyone again?
Lea/Nicholaus: Why am I so hurt?
(lights out)
Act I, scene 2
(10 years earlier, Classroom setting, children talking. A 12 year old Lea enters. She walks up to Yazzi)
Lea: Hey, I'm Lea. What's your name?
Yazzi: Yazzi. (stands with one hand on hip)
Lea: Do you want to hang out today?
Yazzi: Why would I do that?
Lea: I was just trying to-
Yazzi: Look, Lea. I know this is the first day of school and all, but you and I are two entirely different people. I'm popular and you're not. You belong with losers and I belong with these-(gestures to the popular kids)
Lea: But-
Yazzi: Just spare yourself the embarrasment and leave now.
Lea: (nods and sits alone, crying)
(Enter Isaac dressed in ratty clothes. X to Lea.)
Isaac: What's wrong? I'm Isaac. (sits down beside her)
Lea: I don't want to talk about it. And I'm Lea.
Isaac: Nice to meet you.
Lea: You too.
Isaac: Have you made any new friends yet?
Lea: No. (looks down)
Isaac: Liar.
Lea: I am not!
Isaac: Yes you are.
Lea: How so?
Isaac: Because I'm your friend. ( smiles and gets up.)
Lea: (giggles) I guess you're right.
Isaac: Of course I am.
(bell rings)
Isaac: Come on. Let's have lunch together.
Lea: OK!


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