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Scar Love

Novel By: SoraRyder

James a high school student who finds himself in the care of his sister's ex-boyfriend Wilson Brookes. He is a famous writer that happens to be bisexual. But it takes a few insults, scarcasm, and a bit of skin to actually prove such an interest.

Please comment nicely because this is a first for me

(This Book has been Completed and the sequel Scar Love 2 is out for any reading enjoyment) View table of contents...


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Chapter One (Part 1): First Impression

My sister (Sasha) is going to leave me alone with some author named Wilson Brookes. Today was the first day I was going to meet him. Apparently he is famous for his books in the romance department. Sadly I had never even cracked opened on of his books to actually know what kind of romance he actually writes about. My backpack sagged as I let my finger hover over the doorbell. The rain from the outside began to pour down harder. Sooner or later I would catch a cold from this stupid weather. His home was like a condo so at least I wasn't getting poured on at all. A loud thunder clapped outside making me jump. Heart racing like mad, I stared at the numbers on his door while my finger still hover near the doorbell chime. My own thoughts began to wonder though of the possibilities of what kind of guy he was.

"I bet he's some weird pervert who has a bunch dirty porn magazines stashed away. Or some weird rapist."

Before my finder could ring the bell he opened the door.

"I thought I heard a damn mouse. Your Sushi's brother, right?"

Suchi? Didn't he mean Sasha?

"If your meaning my sister SASHA, then yes, I am."

His dark green eyes stared at me for a minute before he turned around to head back inside. What no, "okay then or welcome to my home?" This guy was a giant prick.

"Put your crap in the room down the hall."

My body twitched at the coldness in his voice. Did he not like me or something? While I got a tighter pull on my backpack I looked inside to see a very weird setting. It was like his whole room was from some designer home magazine. His living had the whole warm and cozy look while his kitchen had the lets keep it serious and clean like a prison. THe fire crackled as he sat down on the black leather couch. He wore clothing that was for winter instead of the summer. Why? It was the middle of June. As I passed him I couldn't help, but take a full eye view. He was handsome at least. Large frame, big hands, and he was taller than me. Slouching I went down the hall depressed from the acknowledgment of his tallness.He had at least drank his milk when he was younger. As soon as I entered to the room he spoke about I realized quickly why he wore those clothes. This entire room was icy to the touch. He had personally put an air conditioner in this room. Even though the parts of this house were from a designer home magazine this one wasn't. The room was just a plain blue color. Everywhere was just this plain blue color!? My teeth chattered making me even colder. I guess it went well with the air conditioner making it become a winter wonderland.

"If it's too cold for you why don't you put on some more clothes? You look like your half dress anyway."

I jumped for I didn't know he was behind me at. My ears grew hot at his words.

"Excuse me for looking like I'm half dressed! it's the middle of June! You should put on appropriate clothes for the bloody month!"

I turned to bark at him some only receiving a very scary scowl to look upon instead.

"THe only reason your staying here is for me to help you in your school work and to get you into a college. Once your in a college your out of here for good."

My hands curled into a tight fist at my sides.

"Well at least we're on the same page as that. You don't like me and I don't like you either, but until I'm in college we have to deal with each other. So until then I'm calling a truce."

As I stuck my hand out to receive his, but he slapped it away. He wasn't going to accept a truce?

"I don't make truces. I win the fucking war."

He had to be joking. Right? His eyes never left mine making me feel the intense stare of those green pools. He was very serious in his words. Shit! I'm in hell then!

"Fine whatever. I'll just stay out of your way. Now can you leave?"

"The fact I was going to have undress then redress made me very uncomfortable. I mean we're both men, but I just didn't like the feeling of undressing in front of him. My body felt like it was being ripped apart with his starring too.

"What are you a girl? God, Sushi owes me for letting in such a brat."

As he closed the door behind him I went to peel off my shirt. He needed to know that my sister's name was Sasha not Sushi! She wasn't some foreign food!

"It's SASHA!"

He reopened the door a little to see me and my bare chest exposed. His stare embarrassed me for he was silent at first. HIs face appeared shock, then he eased it into a smile. What the hell?

"You have a scar on your side. How did that happen brat?"

Flustered I sat and grabbed the icy pillow that was near the headboard. It's softness and coldness made my body pulse. Also the fact he was still starring didn't help. I was getting nervous around a GUY!? What was wrong with me!?

"When I was ten I rescued a dog that was about to get hit. In the process the car hit me instead. I was in a coma for about a week and woke up to this scar. Apparently a rock in the road did it.."

My eyes glanced at him as he leaned against the doorframe. What was he waiting on? His eyes felt like they were picking apart my body.

"I see. Makes since. You're a brat who causes trouble for others."

What did that asshole say!?

"Damn it! Just leave me alone! I told you what happened and you say shit that's completely not true!"

He loosened up on his leaning against the wall and began to walk over next to me what was going on was I going to get hurt now? Did I piss him off too much now? His hand grabbed my chin making my eyes look into his They were so green it looked as if I was starring at the morning dew on grass.

"You open your mouth too much."

Quickly he pressed his lips against mine. WHAT THE HELL!? As he let go of my chin I backed up allo the way to the headboard shaking the bed in the proccess. I was scared shitless of him now. I might have been a sight to lat at, but this ugy just, and that was my...first kiss. My cheeks were red as my eyes continued to stare at him.

"I'm glad that shut your mouth. See ya."

He was going to leave just like that? WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?



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