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Child Sweethearts

Novel By: Star4668

Bailee Sams is just becoming a senior. Eighteen years old, she's nothing out of the norm. She has a normal family, regular school life and grades, a boyfriend, and a job.

Cooper Davidson is an old friend, used to be her neighbor. When she meets up with him six years later, it's a surprise to both of them when Bailee walks in to his homeroom English class.

Bailee only thought her old crush on him died long ago, but what happens when that crush rears it's ugly head? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 20, 2010    Reads: 1,684    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   


Only one week until school starts. Seven days.

School is the last thing on my mind, or what I wish were the last thing on my mind. But how can I possibly not worry about it when my senior year starts in less than ten days?

"Bailee, make me a sandwich!" Chris, my older brother says as he strides into the house, looking over at me in the kitchen fixing myself something to eat.

"Yeah right, Deadbeat," I snort at him, grinning in his direction. Even though Chris is twenty-five, he still lives with us. Which is fine since the last thing he's doing is laying around. Chris is working as a business intern, but it saving up for business school with part-time jobs.

"Oh make me one too," another voice calls out from behind Chris. It doesn't sound too farmiliar.

"Um," I say, turning to look at him. It takes me a couple seconds to figure out who I'm staring at.

"Cooper!" I cry running at him to give him a hug, "It's been forever, where've you been?"

Cooper, my old friend smiled back. I probably hadn't seen him since I was twelve. He was our neighbor before he moved out at eighteen. Mostly Chris's friend, since they were the same age, and I'm seven years behind.

"You're all grown up!" Cooper says stepping back pushing his light brown hair from his eyes, and notices that I'm not up to his bellybutton, like I was when he left, "and taller."

"Big girl's gonna be a senior," Chris chuckles and rubs my head hard, messing up my hair.

"Already?" Cooper looks genuinely surprised, like I'd be much younger. Not that I look eighteen. Being short, flat, and freckly, it's no wonder how I've been mistaken for a fourteen year old.

"Oh thanks," I say sarcastically, even though my head is up to his shoulder. Even though I'm eighteen, I'm nowhere near being called 'tall'. Being 5'5', I'm a little bit shorter than the others. Cooper, on the other hand has always been tall, but he probably grew one more inch since he was eighteen. "Where've you been anyway?"

Chris turned, finally paying attention to what we're talking about, "Yeah, you haven't brought any of that up."

"Wait, how'd you guys meet up?" I ask, feeling like the odd one out because of my height.

"We ran into each other at the grocery store," Cooper shrugs like it was no big deal, even though we haven't seen him for a long time, "I live temporarily here during the year because of my job, but when I get off during the summer I move back with some roomates. I just moved back yesterday."

"So what do you do now?" I ask walking back into the kitchen, looking for the food I had begun making. I turned back, seeing my sandwich in Chris's mouth. I glared at him and opened the refrigerator.

"Oh I work with some kids," he rolls his eyes and grins like it's the weirdest job in the world.

"You still playing those ladies?" Chris laughes at him and tosses his coat on the leather couch.

"Oh nah, I live with my girlfriend," Cooper cocks an eyebrow at him, "You?"

"As great as I was back in the day," Chis lies and throws himself on the couch and sighes like he's exhauseted.

"I don't think I would know," I grumble and grab my coat off the chair and pick up my purse from the counter and sling it over my arm. "Speaking of which, I'm going out with Brandon, I'll be back before eleven."

"Bring me popcorn," Chris calls from behind the couch as I pull my arms through the sleeves. Cooper shoots him a curious look, asking how he knew. He looks over at Cooper, "She goes every Friday."

"Well not today," I stick my touge out at Chris, "We're going out for his birthday, he'll be here soon."

"Isn't nineteen a bit old for you, eh?" Chris raises an eyebrow at me and props up his feet and grabs the remote.

"Well, I'm eighteen," I glare at him, losing the playfulness in my voice. I know he's not playing, "And you're not my mother."

Chris snorts bitterly at me, "Barely, you turned eighteen like two months ago, kid."

Standing up quickly I glare at him, ignoring Cooper, still sitting awkwardly on the side, "I don't need some adult still living with his mom tell me I'm a kid." Holding my bag tightly agaisnt my body I quickly leave, running out to the porch.

How can Chris just boss me around? He acts like he's my parent, even though he's living with his parents. It's not like I'm lazy; I have a job and do well in school. What does he expect me to do? Get wasted the second I'm not at home?

A honk behind me makes me jump and turn. Brandon's black convertable pulls up to my house.

"Hey!" I wave at him and run up to his car and jump in the passenger seat, "Happy birthday, baby."

"Happy birthday to me," he grins and looks at me, kissing me quickly before driving back down the driveway.


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