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Operation Emotion

Novel By: Star4668

Cal Charleston was a doctor who was called into a strange case involving a woman who lost all emotion. They wished to turn her into a weapon used for the military. As much as Cal despised working in the project, he wanted to help prove the woman wasn't just a shell. As bad as it seemed for Cal, what would happen if he fell for her? View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Cal Charleston stood at five foot eleven. Quite a tall guy. On the outside, he looked very thoughtful and intellectual. But on the inside, his thoughts were all a jumble of memories and opinions. Cal was a doctor at age twenty-five. He was the kind of you may see on Gray's Anatomy. Light brown hair, eyes that were green, but not green enough to call green. Usually tan from falling asleep on his back porch.

Cal was a man of many passions. Usually, he'd walk his dog. Other times, he'd be asleep. He had a lot of excitement in life indeed.

He had been working at a hospital until he was called into an unknown project.

"Why do you need me here?" Cal asked one of the many scientists. He still was in the dark about the project, besides, he wasn't the smartest doctor, why did they need him?

The room resembled something of a laboratory. Soundproof walls surrounded them, white floors, metal tables. A large number of men and women scuttling around in white coats. Cal felt extremely out of place.

"You'll see in a moment, Doctor," he smirked at Cal and stepped aside to talk to some other scientists.

Well he sure seemed like a real ass. Cal, not being the loudest guy in a bunch didn't say anything, but wallowed in his bitter thoughts.

Someone tapped Cal on the shoulder. He turned. An innocent looking woman looked up at him. Cal's palms started to sweat; she was a very beautiful woman. "Hello," Cal smiled at her.

She had medium black hair, light blue eyes, and perfect light skin, not counting a scar that ran from the side of her ear all the way up her hairline. Oddly enough, she looked normal, wearing a T-shirt and yoga pants.

The woman didn't respond, she just stared blankly up at Cal, her clear eyes not blinking.

"Um, so you here for the project?" Cal said a little nervous, this woman had the weirdest behavior. He thought if he talked more casually, she'd respond.

"Cal my boy!" Someone from behind him boomed. Cal jumped and spun around, these people weren't very normal. It was the same man Cal pronounced an ass. "I see you have met Danielle. Cute piece of ass, eh?"

Cal was shocked, could this man talk about her like that with her standing so close? Danielle had no protest to the man's words.

"Uh, sir? Are you sure you can talk about her like that?" He was a little shocked about his bold words. Usually they never came out.

"Oh, don't worry. Danielle is the project," the man grinned and held his hand for Cal to shake. His grip was too tight, like he was trying to show Cal who was boss, "I'm Professor Wilder, by the way."

"Do you mean," Cal pulled his hand back, "Danielle is a robot?"


"Is there any part of her that is robotic?"

"Not at all."

Then sir," Cal knit his eyebrows, "How is she relevant to this project you're performing?"

Professor Wilder crossed his arms and smirked at Cal again, "Like I said, Danielle is the project. You see," Wilder put one hand on Danielle's head. She didn't react. "Danielle was in a terrible car crash, she almost died. Parts of her brain were severely damaged and couldn't be salvaged. We replaced the areas lost brain with, new brain."

Cal blinked, still not understanding. Danielle seemed so robotic, if they replaced sections of the brain, shouldn't she be at least somewhat normal?

"Cal, let me put this in easier words for you to understand," Wilder grabbed Cal's shoulders roughly and laughed.

Asshole, Cal seethed. He may not have been a scientist, but Cal was still a doctor, "I think I'd understand in any terms."

"Well, Danielle is one hundred percent flesh and bone. We only performed surgery on her brain. Physically, she is just like me and you. The sections of the brain we had to fix were her thought processers. Her brain only had the survival cells left over. She knows how to live and function, but she doesn't have any opinions."

"Well, shouldn't she, if you replaced them?"

"No. See, we replaced them with animal cells. Survival skills of animals, like instincts," Wilder studied. "Cal, we need a doctor to take care of her in case she hurts herself. She may think of herself as an animal, but she still is human."

"Where is she being kept?" Cal questioned. He couldn't help but pity her. She didn't look to old. What a waste of a life. "Does she talk?"

"Danielle is being kept here, we will show you later. Well, we can't be sure if she can or not. Once, she has responded. She also knows her name."

Danielle's eyes snapped over to Wilder. She didn't look human; something in her eyes looked animal-like. They looked pleading, like she was begging for an assignment by Wilder.

"She'll do anything you tell her. Watch," Wilder glanced back at Cal and smirked again. "Danielle."

Danielle stopped moving, her eyes didn't blink as she watched Wilder.

"Danielle, go over to that scientist over there and kick him in the leg," Wilder cackled like an old lady.

Cal watched in horror as Danielle left Wilder and kicked the scientist across the room. He turned around, surprised. Danielle retreated back over to Wilder.

"Did you take the cells from a dog?" Danielle showed an extreme loyalty to Wilder.

"Nah, a bunch. I'm just figuring out what she can do," Wilder straightened out his lab coat, "But in the future we plan on selling her to the military. Imagine what she could do! She could become a spy or a soldier. Amazing, right?"

"Sure," Cal nodded. He didn't like any of this. Just because she had lost part of her brain, they didn't have to treat her like an animal.

"If any physical problems occur uncorrected, I will be blaming you, understand?" Wilder took off at a fast walking pace across the room. Danielle followed like a loyal puppy.

"Excuse me?" Cal half ran over Wilder.

"Yes, I am hiring you to keep watch over her. If anything goes wrong, you are responsible," Wilder kept walking, like he had somewhere important to be. Even if he was four inches shorter than Cal, his strides seemed longer.

Cal was speechless, he was a doctor not a... "You want me to be her babysitter?" Cal slouched over to get a better look from Wilder.

"I guess you could look at it that way," Wilder quietly chuckled, "But you need to understand, none of us can help her if she hurts herself. And besides, you're probably the youngest on the food chain here."

Cal frowned, "Do I have to get up in the middle of the night and drive all the way here?" The drive from his house to where they were keeping Danielle was a thirty minute drive at best.

"Oh don't worry," he gave Cal a slap on the back, "We have a room for you too if you don't want to drive during. You can stay at your home, but if you do get too lazy to drive, we have everything settled."

Thanks, sir. The last thing Cal wanted to do was do the job no one else wanted to do.

"But I have a dog," Cal protested, "I can't just leave him at home!"

"You can bring your dog to your room, but nowhere else. No accidents on the carpet either," Wilder snorted, like he was the funniest man on earth.

This project wasn't the first thing on Cal's To Do list, but the pay was much better than it was working at the hospital he usually worked at. "Fine."

"Good. Get your stuff, you start today," Wilder left a stunned Cal behind. How long was this project going to last?

Not too long, Cal wasn't sure he would be able to take it for very long.


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