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Two twin sisters Lyndsey and Erica are trying to find out what theirs dreams are since they’re going to be entering the real world soon. Since tomorrow being their first day of being a senior at Granville Central High School in North Carolina. They’re also trying to deal with their father who has just left their mom and their siblings. So now Lyndsey and Erica’s mom has entered a depressed mood, and they got to take care of their little siblings while having the fact that they still have theirs own life. Will they give up their dreams for their family? ( I just started writing stories again, so hope you like it :) View table of contents...


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Lyndsey and Erica are cooking and cleaning for their family's Christmas tradition but Lyndsey begged to have it at her house. When I say family I mean the whole gang. The girls are now six months pregnant, and with twins so they're huge. "Picked out any names yet?" Erica asked while putting the cookies in the oven. "Yup. You?" "Yeah, what are they?" Lyndsey pulled out a piece of paper and found a pink pen and wrote: Ericka Lynn Wakefield.Austin Jake Wakefield. "Aw, I liked how you spelled that name, differently." Erica said. Now she found a purple pen and wrote: Lindsey Nicole Wakefield. Jake came in and pulled out the blue pen and wrote: Aint thought of it yet.. But going for Cameron (Cam) Jay Wakefield. "Aw, I like both of them." Lyndsey and Blake said, Lyndsey tore off what Erica and Jake wrote and put it in her pocket. Erica did the same. "I like Brent or Kevin. Or Bruce." "I like Josh" Jake said. "Me too." Lyndsey added. "Joshua Cameron Wakefield" "Be back at three, we got to get ready." They left, Erica waddle out though. Lyndsey loves her hair being down to her feet, but Blake keeps telling her to cut it. She brushed all that hair, and curled it. She left it down, found a red dress that still fit her. And then she put on her Christmas-y toe socks. Blake wore blue jeans, and a Red polo. Erica came in wearing the same outfit as Lyndsey. Jake wore a green polo. The door bell rang. "I'll get it; you go finish getting Amber ready." Erica and her put Amber in a pretty Christmas dress put a green bow in her head. "Hard to believe she is six months old." "I know." "Lynds!" Izzy ran up to her. They enjoyed their dinner and quality time together.
Okay now I'm going to change up the story, it will be in Lyndsey point of view for a twist that the story needs.
New year eve. Lyndsey's house. 8:00 pm
"Babe, time to get ready, my mom is waiting at her house." Blake said to me. "Well it's hard to be almost seven months pregnant and getting two people dress." I added, I was talking about Amber. I waddled down the hall with Amber in my arms, and her daddy took her from me. I smiled a big smile. He was so great to me, and he does well with Amber. "Babe, come on!" I walked out the door and tried clearing my head. His mother met me at the door, and said with her why-did-he-married-you-and-not-Abby-tone "How are my soon to be grandkids?" I faked a smile "Good" Amber put her arms out for me to take her, but his mom Kate took her from me "Nobody in your state should be holding another baby." I rolled my eyes, when she wasn't looking. Thank God, Erica came in the door at that time, "Lynds!" she said. We talked by our eyes, see how good she is to me? I love this girl. "Erica!" Jake kissed his mother cheek and walked Erica in. She is so much nicer to her than she is to me! Yes, last year and when I talk I use proper grammar, but I got to talk like a girly girl. "I'm sorry; she was never like this to Abby." "It's okay. She likes Abby better." You see, Abby had everything handed to her, everyone loves her. "Baby, can we leave at ten? I'm getting tired." "Sure." You see we moved to Roxboro, North Carolina. While our parents still lives in Butner, North Carolina. Did you think that I'll have three young kids before I was twenty? Me either. But you see Amber is Blake and Abby's. She got him drunk, and then they you know. But Blake got custody of her, and Abby isn't supposed to see her, but we let her once. And trust me that isn't going to happen again. "Mom, Lyndsey don't feel good, so we're going to head out." "If she is sick, then Amber doesn't need to be near her." "No, it's just carrying twins, can wear someone out, and I've over done it today." "Mom, let us go" Blake said bitterly. "I don't feel good either, so Jake can we go?" "They walked off. "That woman is not coming anywhere near these kids." I said harshly, while rubbing my swollen belly. "Honey, calm down. It not good for them." I calmed down. When we got home, I put Amber in her long nightgown, gave her the bottle, and put on QDR 94.7 the radio station, she loves country. Probably because that is all I play.
The next day Blake kissed me good-bye, I was cleaning up the house, which was already spotless. I looked at my long hair, I loved it. But he was right; I can't possibly take care of the long hair and the babies. So I called my momma "Momma, can you come and Watch Amber?" "I'm already at your house. So yeah." I handed her Amber and droved to my favorite hair salon. The dude who cut and dyed my hair last year recognize me. He said "missy, you grew out your hair!" "Yeah, can you cut it to the knees?" He did as he was told. "Thanks." I made it home in no time. I didn't feel to good so I sat down. Next thing I know I was cramping bad, my stomach was hurting really bad it felt like a 500lbs guy was sitting on me. This was not normal, my face grew white pale. I yelled for my mom. She can running in "This is not good!" "ERICA!!!! GET OVER HERE NOW!" Erica came in and I saw the horror on her face, she ran to get the girls and put them in the van, and she help mom lift me up and next thing I know, I blacked out. I wake up to here the doctor say "She almost lost them; they think they're ready to come, but they have to wait." He was telling Blake that I guess. Blake looked at me and kissed me. "Mrs. Wakefield, you are not going to be put in complete bed rest. You're only aloud up to go use the bathroom, and to take a shower, that is it." I nod and fall back asleep. I wake up to see the whole crew here. "Lynds!" Izzy stated she kissed my cheek. "Momma, what happened?" I asked meekly. "You're babies where trying to come out early. And it was killing you and them." "But you're better now."


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