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Two twin sisters Lyndsey and Erica are trying to find out what theirs dreams are since they’re going to be entering the real world soon. Since tomorrow being their first day of being a senior at Granville Central High School in North Carolina. They’re also trying to deal with their father who has just left their mom and their siblings. So now Lyndsey and Erica’s mom has entered a depressed mood, and they got to take care of their little siblings while having the fact that they still have theirs own life. Will they give up their dreams for their family? ( I just started writing stories again, so hope you like it :) View table of contents...


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February 14th Lyndsey's room. 2:00 am
I feel them kick, and then my fifth contraction in like seven minutes. So they will be out by eight pm tonight. I flinch, there goes another one. "Blake, it's time. I'm in labor." We made it to the ER and the nurse said I wasn't ready yet, so just walk it off. We made it outside and my water broke so I screamed at the top of my lungs. The doctors came out, and said "Nurse, you idiot, she was ready! Her water just broke so we have to take her in as soon as possible." "I'm sorry. I'm new at this she said." I don't care! I'm in pain, and I want them out of me. "It's going to be okay" Blake said in my ears. We got me in the room thingy. And he said "push on the count of three 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1...2…3 push! One more time, I see it head. I did the best pushed I had, and I heard a baby cry I laid my head back and sighed. "This one is the girl." "One more to go" and I did it. They cleaned them up and handed them to me, my baby girl was in my right arm, and my son was in my left arm. "Erica, is in labor now to, it's 7:00 am." I smiled. "She looks just like you." I looked in their eyes, and they had my Icy Blue eyes, my daughter has my strawberry blonde hair but his curls. And my son has his dark brown hair and my straight hair. The nurse came in and asked their names: "My baby girl is E-r-i-c-k-a L-y-n-n W-a-k-e-f-i-e-l-d" she wrote that down. "Such a pretty name, for a pretty little girl." "My baby boy: A-u-s-t-i-n J-a-k-e W-a-k-e-f-i-e-l-d" They put Erica in the bed next to me. "So?" I asked. "They have our eyes, Lindsey has my color hair, and Josh has Jake's hair." "Oh yeah her hair is curly." Their whole family soon came in. The boy's family was coming later on. Izzy climbed up in Lyndsey's bed and hugged her. "Who is he?" she asked pointing at the boy, "Austin." "He is so cute." Their mother said. "Can I hold him?" She asked. Lyndsey handed him to her. Nicole came over to the other side. "What is her name?" "Ericka" "Sounds different that the way we say Erica" "Wanna hold her?" she nodded. Lyndsey help her support Ericka. Brad walked over to Erica's bed. "What is his name?" "Josh, wanna hold him?" he nodded Brad is now holding his nephew while Jake is holding his daughter Lindsey. I quickly see Izzy staring at me. So I quickly tickled her. "Baby girl? Can I hold Ericka now?" Daddy asked me. Hope quickly walked over to Erica and said "Up?" Gosh she is growing up quick. Amber is in my lap again, I think she missed it. The girls dozed off, and as soon as Lyndsey woke up she knew Blake's mom was coming. So she quickly asked the nurse: "Can my kids go in the nursery? So they can go sleep?" "I was waiting for you to wake up. But yes." So I kissed my kids head and they went away, even though I knew it wasn't forever it sure felt like it. Amber was still beside me in the bed. But my parents and the kids left, I put my hand on her curly hair and laughed. Erica looked over and saw that the kids weren't there. "Nursery?" "Yeah." Next thing I know Blake's mom comes in "Where my grand kids?" She eyed me up and down and then rolled her eyes. "They're sleeping." I said aloud and then mumbled "They would die if they see your face. And also you're not aloud to see them." "What dear?" she asked. I smiled sweetly. "Erica what are their names? I hope her name is: Caitlin?" "Well this big boy over here is: Joshua Cameron Wakefield" "Cute name, now my granddaughter?" "UH. Lindsey Nicole…" "What?!" "Yeah, I like that name momma." Jake said coming in he picked up Lindsey and kissed her cheek. "Well Blakey, come call in the nurse so I can see my other grandkids." "No!" I screamed. Blake glared at me, Erica smiled. "Why not dear?" she asked sweetly looking startled. "You haven't liked me since the beginning and I'm supposed to let you see my kids? When you treat me like I'm dirt, and that you're better than I am?" "No way, not as long as I'm still their mother, you're not having anything to do with any of my kids." I said boldly. Erica had to bit her lip from giggling. "Well then!" "Their names are Ericka and Austin, momma. You can go look through the glass windows and that is it, I agree with Lyndsey on this one." Kate walked away throwing a fit. Lyndsey and Erica high five each other. Blake looked at Lyndsey and said "Baby, I'm so sorry about this." "It's okay, but as soon as she is gone, tell the nurse to bring them back in." He kissed her cheek and she went to sleep. She woke up to her momma holding both of her kids. "Lyndsey, this little princess here is going to have all those boys chasing after her, so make sure you and Blake are ready." I smiled, 'Oh yeah Amber too, but y'all got her to deal with before Erica." "Thanks, momma." "I love that name, and the way you spelled it." "Me too momma." "Girls, while y'all are both awake she looked at both of her oldest daughter. Your father and I have something we need to tell you." She handed the babies over to me. "Y'all aren't splitting up again are you?" "No, we're having another baby!" "What?" "At your age?!" "Girls, I'm only 34. My clock doesn't run out until I'm almost 40." "How far along are you?" Blake asked. "Three months." "I just thought you were getting fat" Jake said, Erica slapped him. "Well momma I'm happy for you." The girls smiled at each others. What is she thinking? Hope isn't enough for her? When we're 19! And Brad is 16, Nick is 14, Nicole is 12, Izzy is 4, Hope is 1. Isn't that enough?
Feburary 17th. Hostipal room. 6:00 am.
Yes, I can go home now with my two new babies and Amber. I got dress in my old favorite ripped Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, and a pink Hollister Cami and the Hoodie Blake gave me awhile ago. Erica was in sweats, pink long sleeve shirt, and we wore our rainbows... When I got home, I gave Ericka and Austin the grand tour.
The months and years went by quick, taking care of these twins were a hand full, and then to top it off, their mom had another boy and girl named Bruce and Brittany. Now it has been two years, they are at Brad's graduation.
June 17th, GranvilleCentralHigh School . 2:00 pm
I haven't told Blake this yet, but I'm 3 weeks pregnant. Well anyways today is the day my little brother graduate. I'm dress in a summery dress, with white leggings, my strawberry blonde hair is now down to my feet again, I brush it and leave it down. I get my little three years old Amber dress in a yellow summery dress, brushes her mid back length curly brown hair and puts it in a pony tail. In comes Ericka who is now two! I put her in a pink summery dress, and brush her knee length curly strawberry blonde hair. "Mommy, am I pretty?" She asked me. I nodded and kissed her cheeks. Blake came in wearing a fancy suit, and Austin who looks like Blake did as a two years old wearing the same suit but for little kids. "Blake and kids… I'm pregnant..." He picked me up and throws me into a hug and spun me around, he kissed me. The kids smiled. I put Amber in her booster seat, then Ericka, and finally Austin, he opened my car door, and I got in. We see Erica and them leave as well. Josh looks just like Jake did, and Lindsey her hair is down to her mid back. We met them all at Granville Central high school… Hard to believe we went here not to long ago. We see Brad in his graduation coat, as I put the twins in the stroller and Blake lifts Amber up. "Sis." He said coolly and hugged me, Nick who is now sixteen himself and as tall as dad, leaned over and hugged me, then high five Austin. Wow, Nicole is going to be a sophomore this fall, I remember walking her out to the bus stop for her first day of middle school. She wore a cute baby blue summery dress, with her knee length blonde hair flying behind her as she came running to steal Lindsey from Erica who is four months pregnant herself. She walked over to me with Lindsey in her arms and said all happily "Hi!" my beautiful six years old Izzy came walking over with Hope beside her, Her hair is now as long as mine, her eyes sparkles when she sees me. Mom and dad came over with Bruce and Brittany in their arms. You see they are only nine months younger than Austin and them. We sat down, and Izzy is right beside me, "I miss you Lyndseyloo." "Bella, Ssh!" Momma said, I smiled. Amber decided to go to Nick, so he let her sit on his lap. Don't tell him this, but Amber adores him. Ericka sits in my lap, while Austin is on his daddy shoulder. Man is he a good father. I see Nicole walks over holding Lindsey; she was flirting with a junior! Hard to believe she wouldn't date boys for one year. She sat down beside Izzy, and smiles at me. "I heard that Ericka and Austin are going to be big siblings." I nodded and smile, it came to the time for the dude to say "Bradley Summerland." Brad walks up takes the diploma and smiles at us. Now he asked for Brad to come up and give the speech "I'm going to say these few words that my big sister said a few years ago when she was standing in this same spot: We are here to celebrate the mark of our freedom, we made it through twelve years of school, and we're now ready to show what we learn out in the real world. And I couldn't have done it without the support you guys. And my family, mainly my two big sisters, they were my role model my whole life. I never would have made it this far without them. Heck how do you think I passed this year? I needed Lyndsey's help a lot. We're going to go full speed ahead as soon as this ceremony is over but we're not going to forgot all those things that y'all crammed in our heads over these years." He smiled at the crowd and winked at me, I had to wipe away the tears running down my cheek. I hugged Ericka tight. Brad made his way through the crowds and I handed Ericka over to Blake, and he hugged me tight. "Lynds, I'm going to do what you always wanted to do. I'm going to Yale this fall, and I'm studying to be a lawyer." He beamed at that. "No!" Nicole screamed, she hugged him tight like she did so many years before. "Who is going to beat all those guys up? Who is going to be here for me?" "I pulled her over to me, and I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her close. "I'm here for you Brad; I'm always going to be. When you need me call me." "Thanks, sis… where is Austin?" I pointed to Blake he left to go steal him from Blake. "You never left the state though," she sobbed. 'It's going to be okay, He won't forget us." I said, and to myself I added I hope. Izzy hugged my knees, hard to believe that my sweet Izzy isn't three anymore. I take Hope and spin her around. Brad decided to go out to eat with the whole family instead of going to the graduation party. Katie, his long crush since he was young tagged along with us; I've always liked her. "Y'all I got something to say." "We do." Katie corrected him. "I asked her to married me, and she said yes!" He pulls her into a hug and we smile at him. Before I know it, Izzy is going to be graduating I thought to myself. I put my hand on my belly to keep this one in as long as I can. "Y'all Blake and I are having another kid." They all smiled. Ah, this is the family I loved all my life. Lindsey went up to Brad and kissed his cheek and then she sat in Katie lap. Erica said "Lindsey and Jake say bye! We need to head off. But we love y'all." They said bye. I look at my cell phone and its 9:00 pm, ah we never hang anymore. "Mommy, can I spend the night with Erica?" Hope asked. She nodded, so did Erica. They packed her bag, and they drove off. I ask Blake "Can Nikki and Izzy stay a week?" He nods, "Momma, can Izzy and Nikki stay a week with us? I'm going to need their help." They smiled at momma, "Jay?" My daddy nodded. The girls screamed. It was almost eleven before we got out of their. The kids were asleep on the way home. I just stayed up talking to Blake and Nicole the whole time. Ah, this summer is going to be the best yet. I can just feel it now.


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