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Two twin sisters Lyndsey and Erica are trying to find out what theirs dreams are since they’re going to be entering the real world soon. Since tomorrow being their first day of being a senior at Granville Central High School in North Carolina. They’re also trying to deal with their father who has just left their mom and their siblings. So now Lyndsey and Erica’s mom has entered a depressed mood, and they got to take care of their little siblings while having the fact that they still have theirs own life. Will they give up their dreams for their family? ( I just started writing stories again, so hope you like it :) View table of contents...


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I woke up to the sound of Blake slamming his drawers. Must be time for work. I was thinking about what Brad said yesterday, and I did want to go to college, but then Ericka and Austin happened, but I did do the online courses. Blake just now noticed that I'm up, he has on his jeans, and I see that he now has an eight pack, his abs are tan. His baby blue eyes sparkled at me. He lies on the bed beside me, and he kisses me. His soft lip feels like they belong there. Probably because we're 20 and 21 now, and dated since we were 17, so it should feels like that now. "Lyndsey, I'm hungry…" I kiss him back and walk to the kitchen, my right hand is position on my stomach, and I can almost feel it moves. I slowly make my way to the light switch and I flip it. I walk to the pan, and I start making pancakes. He comes in and wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me around, I flip the pancakes with him like that and then he kisses me. Little Amber comes walking out holding her special teddy bear. Blake swats down and holds his arms out for her; she comes running into his embrace. He throws her up in the air, and kisses her. I smile my famous smile and laughs. Blake put her on his knee and started eating his pancakes and he put Amber in her chair. She started eating; Izzy and Ericka came out next. Izzy was dress in short shorts and a pink limited too tee. She dresses Ericka up in a two piece outfit. I smile at her, as she came to get their plates. Nicole came out next carrying Austin who wore jeans shorts and a baggy tee shirt. Nicole is 5"2 now. She's wearing a short demin skirt with white leggings and a pink Abercrombie & Fitch tee. She hugs me, "Thanks for letting us stay. Mom has been crying since Brad doesn't want them at the wedding." "Who?" "Momma and daddy." I bite my lip trying to stop myself from laughing. Blake kissed the girls head and me on the lips. And the day began…
August 15th. Doctor office. 9:00 am
I'm in the doctor office to find out what my sis is having. Since I'm only three months it's to early to tell. She made me come; I was more than willing to watch the kids. "Mrs. Wakefield. You are having a healthy baby girl." She smiles at me. We hugged. "Lyndsey..." she began as we left. I looked at her. "I want you to name her." "Emma Lynn." "Love it." We drove away in silent. I was beginning to think Brad is leaving in two weeks! I have my hand over my stomach and Erica at my feet crying and the door bell rings I go to answer it and its Brad! "Lyndseyloo!" he hugged me. "What are you doing here?" "My wife and I are going to the new apartments early so we can get the feel of the place earlier. "Now?" He nodded. "Kids, come here! You're uncle/brother needs you." You see I was keeping the girls again, this time Hope was included. "I'm leaving today." He said looking into their eyes. Nicole ran up to him and hugged him, she started to cry. "Nikki, I'm always a phone call away, or a text, or IM, and a letter. I'm always going to be here for you." He patted her hair down. "I'll miss you, Brad." She kissed his cheek. Izzy hugged his waist, he lifted her up "I'll miss you Izzy-Bitty, don't ever forget how much." I smiled at them. He said the good-byes to the kids. "I already went to Erica's." "Lyndseyloo, I got to go now, we need to leave." I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. "Bradyloo, I'm going to miss you so much. I love you." "Lyndseyloo, same here. Tell me what you're having when you find out." I nodded, and smiled. It broke my heart to see him walk away. But we all watched him get in the driver's seat and drove away; it felt like he took a part of me. And I got to go through this with all of my kids? I'm going to be a wreck then. I smile at the girls, Nicole picked up Austin and Ericka, and Izzy grabbed Amber's hand. So then we got in our car and drove to Toys "R" Us. "Y'all can each get one item." I told the little ones, "I'll go with Austin, and we'll meet here in about half an hour?" Nicole asked I nodded. Izzy and Amber went straight to the dolls. Ugh! So many memories coming here with Izzy. Hope followed them I picked up Ericka and we walked over. Ah, these cabbage patch kids are still around? I still have one from when I was four! Izzy found a brown hair, blue eye girl with the name Stacy it has her birthday 9/12. Amber found the build-a-bear section in this store. So did Hope and Ericka. I grabbed their hands and we walked over there. Amber found a tiger, with pink fur. She stuffed it out and did what you were suppose to and then she found the perfect outfit it was a two piece bathing suit, with sun-glasses and a hat. She named it Love. Hope found a doggie and picked out a pretty dress and shoes. She named it Heaven. Ericka found a monkey, got it in a summery dress, fancy shoes, a cell phone, she named it Dream. We walked over to the counter and paid for it. The total came up $120! For stuff animals! We met Nicole and Austin at the section, and he has a fake tool set. We went to the cash registered and paid for his and Izzy's at least this total came up $35. We were in the mall, so I pulled Nicole to the side and said "Don't tell momma but here is $200 go to A&F buy me a pair of jeans, and purple baby tee. And spend the rest for you. I'm taking the kids to play ground, place so they can play." "Meet us there in two hours." "By the way you can go to Hollister and American Eagle." "Okay, thanks. Why do you need it?" "After I have this baby, I'm going to wear it home." She waved and off we went. I took the kids to the famous "play time palace" I see my seven months pregnant sister walking over to me. So yes, I should be finding out the sex of my baby soon, since I'm two months behind her. She slowly sits down and looked at me and smiled. "How come you're still so much littler than me?" "I ham clueless." We laughed like we did when we were younger. I mean we may still be close but not as close as when we were younger.
That night after I've tucked the little ones in bed, Izzy, Nikki, Blake, and I are sitting on the porch, and Erica and Jake are cutting through the grass. We sit down; the girls are on the steps looking at us. "Y'all want to hear a story?" I ask. They nodded. Erica looked in my eyes she knew what story I was talking about "No!" I smiled and began. "Erica and I we're six, so Brad was three I think. We were trying to play dress up and in came Brad who thinks he knows it all, he asked if he could play we turned him down, he got mad pushed me in a mud puddle when we went to model out side. Mom was taking care of Nick, so she didn't see it. But brad found a pair of scissors and cut Erica long feet length hair crocked. We screamed like bloody murder, momma came running out with Nick in his diaper and gasp at Erica hair which was mid back length in some places. And Brad stuck the scissors in my back pocket. After putting gum in my hair." They laughed. "Is that why you came to school with a new hair cut?" Jake asked his wife. She turned beat red. "Tell them about our family vacation before your senior year." Nicole said "We went to the beach, us girls went tanning expect Izzy who was building a sand castle. And Nick and Brad put crabs on us! We didn't know it. So after we got done tanning we were beat red expect for one little section on our back, Izzy saw it and busted out laughing at us. Nicole looked at backs and started laughing we looked at each other backs, busted out laughing then took off to get the boys back, but instead they grabbed us and dumped us in the water!" The boys laughed, "All right girls, bed time!" It was two am! "At least we're off tomorrow." Nicole and Izzy and Hope goes back home tomorrow since school is in a week.
Doctor's office. October 28th. 2:30
Erica and I are in the doctor office to find out what I'm having! The doctor came in took my weight and stuff. "You're baby is healthy but she is going to be a little one just like you." I nodded and then it dawned on me a girl! We walked off I drove home, since Erica is due any day now. We waited until I was seven months to find out. "Dream Love Wakefield." Erica stated. I love that name so much! Two weeks later we're all gathered around the hospital room. Erica is holding the new addition: eight pounds nine ounces, 15 inches long, curly blonde hair, icy blue eyes, Emma Lynn.
Now it's my turn to be in the delivery room, eighteen hours of labor for a four pounds, five ounces, 6 inches long, straight brown hair, icy blue eyes, Dream Love. She was so tiny! Nicole is holding her in her arms, looking up with those pretty blue eyes.
June 15th. Nick's graduation. GranvilleCentralHigh School. 2:00 pm
We're at this school again, for another sibling graduation. We're now twenty-two. The girls are now eight months old. He did the same speech I made, and Blake, and then his owns. Brad was here, and Katie is eight months pregnant!
August 28th.Austin and Ericka first day of school.
I'm at home with my three years old Dream, and one years old Emmy. Hope is a second grader this year, so is Amber my baby girl. Izzy is now a sixth grader! Brad and Katie are at their last year of Yale, with three years old and one year old. Brittany and Bruce began school today too. My little sister Nicole is a senior! Ah, I'm getting old; I'm twenty-three going on twenty four! By the way, Emmy which is Emmalin Nicole is my last kid. There's Amber, Austin, Ericka, Dream, and Emmy. Five kids are enough for me. I pick Emmy up and kiss her cheek. "Mommy!" Dream came running up to me. "Auntie Erica and Emma, and Lilly, and Justin are here." Yes Erica has twins again who is one as well. So we all have five. I greeted them at the door, "they should be here soon Auntie Lyndseyloo." Everyone calls me that. Erica hair is shoulder length again, mine is knee length. Nicole is knee length same as Izzy, Amber curly golden hair is mid-back. Ericka is knee length, Dream is mid-back, and Emmy is knee length.
While I'm waiting for my kids to come home, I open up my UN touched lab-top. I get an IM as soon as I open it. It's from my long lost friend Cyndi. We hardly talked since graduation day. I wonder how she is doing. I should just open it.
Cyndi girl: Lynds!
Lyndseyboo: Hey
Cyndi girl: What have you done with your life?
Lyndseyboo: being a stay at home mom of five kids. Graduated college.
Cyndi girl: five kids? Wow.
Lyndseyboo: yeah. Amber who is eight, Ericka and Austin are five, Dream is three, and Emmy is one.
Cyndi girl: aw, I married Brent, we have four kids. Jake is seven, Brittany five, Erica three, and Lyndsey is one. We live in Roxboro now.
Lyndseyboo: We do too!
Cyndi girl: we gotta get together
Lyndseyboo: my family, yours, Erica's, and Steph's.
Cyndi girl: your house this Friday?
Lyndseyboo: sure!
Lyndseyboo has signed off!
Then signed back on after the kids got home. And Stephanie, her other best friend is on!
Lyndseyboo: Hey!
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: hey!
Lyndseyboo: Want to come meet my kids? And Erica's? This Friday at my house? We live in Roxboro
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: Yes! We do too!
Lyndseyboo: Kids? Hubby?
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: I married Kevin, we have five kids.
Lyndseyboo: me too! My kids are Amber who is eight, Ericka and Austin are five, Dream is three, and Emmy is one.
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: I remember Amber! Well mine are: Emma and Emmy who are seven, Katie is five, Lindsey is three, and Ericka is one.
Lyndseyboo: AW! <3!
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: I know, they all have long curly golden hair, and my baby blue eyes.
Lyndseyboo: all girls wish I was like that.
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: wow, one boy, who I bet is Blake's favorite.
Lyndseyboo: he doesn't tell me, but I know he adores him a little more.
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby: Well My baby girl is crying so I'll talk it over with the hubby and let you know
Lyndseyboo: bye!
Steph <3 her life and kids, and hubby has signed out
Lyndseyboo has signed out.
Yes! I thought. I've missed talking to them, and hanging out with them like we have done since day care. I guess it is true we do lose contact with people after high school. Oh my, then is Erica next? Blake walks into the room, kisses me softly. And looked at me with his what-wrong-Lynds look on his face. "I talked to Stephanie and Cyndi today finally. And I realize we haven't talked since the wedding. I can't believe it been five going on six years ago." He nods and holds me tightly. I haven't put on but five pounds after four kids! So I can still wear the same clothes as before. I take his hand and we go to Emmy's room to tuck her in. I read her a princess story, we kiss her good night. Then moves onto to Dream. She wants her daddy to read, so he does. We tuck her in kiss her on the cheek and wait. I go tuck and read Ericka a story, he does Austin. I kiss her then go kisses Austin's forehead. Amber comes down not long after I have my arms out and sits beside me, so I brush her hair and braid it in two. She hugs and kisses me good night, then moves onto her daddy. She goes on up to bed, so it's just us two. He leans in to kiss me; we snuggle together and watch TV. Then he goes to the room to bed, I pull my lab-top out. Yes! Brad and Nick are on!
I send out a chat invite: Welcome to Lyndseyboo chat!
Sexy Brad has entered the chat
Nick dude has entered the chat
Lyndseyboo: Hey!
Sexy Brad: hey sissy!
Nick dude: Lynds! Brad! Y'all never said college was easy
Sexy Brad: must have slipped my mind
Lyndseyboo: lol
Nick dude: How are the kids, how old are they again?
Lyndseyboo: Amber who is eight, Ericka and Austin are five, Dream is three, and Emmy is one.
Nick dude: Oh yeah, how was their first day of K?
Sexy Brad: yeah, tell us. Katie says hi
Lyndseyboo: Ericka hates it. She rather be home with her mommy and the girls. Austin loves it; he already has tons of friends
Sexy Brad: He sounds just like I did.
Nick dude: too bad, I thought Ericka would have loved it.
Lyndseyboo: me too. Anyways Erica is online, send her an invite?
Nick dude: sure, and Nikki!
Erica Baby has entered the chat
Princess Nikki has entered the chat
Princess Nikki: Brad and Nick!
Erica baby: Hey y'all
Sexy Brad: You got a boyfriend yet? Miss sixteen years old.
Nick dude: hard to believe little Nikki is that old
Princess Nikki: Yeah, and Hey!
Erica baby: how is the kids brad?
Lyndseyboo: I forgot to ask that
Sexy Brad: good… Kelly is walking now, Kevin loves preschool
Princess Nikki: any girlfriend for you, Nick?
Erica baby: yeah, tell us
Lyndseyboo: tell us details, if you do!
Nick dude: Not a girlfriend but a fiancé. She is from NYC. She has four siblings, her dad is dead, and mom is re-married. Her name is Alexa.
Lyndseyboo: aw!
Sexy Brad: Do momma and dad know?
Nick dude: not yet. Nikki don't go telling them.
Princess Nikki: I won't. Momma just yelled up that it's my bedtime.
Nick dude: Night sissy
Sexy Brad: good night, Nikki. Katie says she loves you
Lyndseyboo: Night Nikki-boo
Erica baby: Love you Nikki girl
Lyndseyboo: ah! Its 11:30 I got to go too, love y'all.
Princess Nikki has signed off
Nick dude: bye Lynds
Sexy Brad: bye Lyndseyloo
Erica baby: bye!
Lyndseyboo has signed off
Erica baby has singed off
Sexy Brad has singed off
Nick dude has singed off
I slowly walk down the hallway to my room, sure enough Blake is sleeping, I slowly go grab one of his old football shirts, slip it on and my short gym shorts. I climb into bed, and slowly try to sleep. Two hours later I hear Emmy cry through the baby monitor, so I get up. She is sweating, so she got to have a fever. I pick her up, she laid her head on my shoulder, I go grab the baby temperature thingy and take her temperature "103.4" I yell "Blake get up!" He comes running in, looks at my hollow face, grabs the thing, and my cell phone. I dialed momma's number "Momma, I know it's one am. But Emmy has a temperature of 103.4 what do I do?" "Take her to the hospital; I'm on my way to the house. Call Erica to watch the kids for now, I'll be there when I can." So I do as I was told, she rushes over in sweats, kisses my cheek and we take off. The nurse sees that she is burning up, but now she is coughing badly. She calls for the doctors, they come rushing out and take Emmy from my arms. I start to cry, Blake holds me to his chest, and I cry. Two hours later the doctor who took her from me came up to us and said "It's a miracle that she is still alive. She has Swine Flu, and for a baby at her age it normally kills them by now. She also has a bad build up of fluids and junk in her lungs, we got to do surgery on that right away, and hope for the best that she pulls through the night." I look like crap right now. Another doctor came out and pulled him to the side, the doctor who was talking to us left and this guy comes up "We found out that she has a tumor in her brain. We got to do what we can about that, lucky for her and us we caught it early off." He nods at Blake and walks off. I looked in Blake eyes to see that he has two tears escape his eyes. I start crying all over again, why does this has to happen to my Emmy? The youngest of them all, I can't lose her. Six am comes around and she is in recovery. I'm next to her in the bed, she looks at me and smiles "Mommy, I'm gonna be all right." I smile at her. Erica comes in hugs me and smile at Emmy "Hey Emmy girly. We miss you." She smiles and drift into a sleep. Her heart rate slows down, I look it starts to beep. The doctors came rushing in, we got pushed out, I'm crying as hard as ever now. She holds me tight like when we were little. She got brought back, but she went into a coma. I'm by her beside, as soon as I can. Before I know it Blake is here with the kids. Amber goes over to Emmy and brushes her hair "Emmy, I love you, please wake up and get better so we can play again." She goes over beside me and sits down. Austin walks over to the bed "Emmy, I didn't mean to fuss at you yesterday, I just didn't want to play, but when you're better we can play after school, I promise." He climbs into Blake's lap. "Emmy-boo wake up. I need you, I love you. You can always play with my dolls if you wake up." Erica said softly. "Emmy, I need my little sissy, without you here. I'm the youngest again." Dream said. Momma comes in, kisses the top of my head. "How is she?" She hasn't even moved an inch.
The weeks go by and Emmy is still in a coma, the date with the friends got canceled. Lyndsey is always by her side. Christmas in one week now!
"Mrs. Wakefield, I think you need to go home for one night." The nurses said "And miss it if she wakes up?" Blake walks in "I think she isn't waking up. I think we waited long enough" "You're saying we should give up hope? And end it for her?" He asks, she nods "I'm not giving up on my little girl." I say. She goes out of the room. 'Lynds, it's okay." I shake my head.
I did go home for Christmas day, we're all around the room, I mean my whole family. Including Nick's wife. We're talking and laughing. "Momma?" I hear a familiar voice say I look over to the bed and sure enough Emmy icy blue eyes are staring at me. I smiled huge walks over to the bed and hug her. "Emmy is up!" Lindsey says as she watches me, everyone looks and smiles. Blake kisses her cheek, so does the kids. My momma looked so proud of me. Jake told the nurse, and the doctor came in "Emily how are you feeling?" "Good!" "Mrs. Wakefield and Mr. Wakefield, she is out of the woods, we would like to keep her one more night and if everything is fine then she can go home." I smile at him, and hug Blake. I look at him "Call your momma, she needs to meet them." Everyone But Katie and Alexa gasped at me. 'What?" I asked. "You told her she wasn't able to see any of her grandkids, ever. And now you're going to let her?" "She needs to be here, seeing Emmy like that made me realize she couldn't have died without seeing her other grandma." Blake pulled out his cell phone; he hasn't talked to her since that day either "Momma?" "Yes, I'm fine." "Lyndsey wants to talk to you." He hands the phone to me. "Kate, come to our house tomorrow for a Christmas dinner, you need to meet and re-meet your five grandkids from me." She screamed to the people in the other phone. I laughed. We hang up and I kiss Blake, then Emmy.
The next day I made all of Kate and his dad's Billy favorite for dinner. Did I forget to say Blake now has a Fifteen years old sister name Hailey? And a thirteen years old sister name Brittany? They all arrived. We greet them; His mom actually kisses my cheek! We all talk about the years. "Amber!" I yell up the stairs, she walks in wearing jeans and a tee shirt with a picture of her and Emmy from the zoo on it. "Amber this is your grandma Kate, Grandpa Billy, Auntie Hailey and Brittany." "Amber is now a second grader, and she is eight." I tell them. She hugs them and smiles. "My has she grown!" She walks over to me and sits down. "Austin!" he walks down in a matching outfit as his dad. "This is your only grandson from us, who is now six." He smiles and hugs them. "Ericka..." "She is his twin." She smiles and hugs them. "Dream…." She came in. "This is our second youngest who is three and a half. She grins and hugs them. I go get Emmy and bring her in "Emmy is the youngest at one." She smiles. And then she clings to me.


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