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Two twin sisters Lyndsey and Erica are trying to find out what theirs dreams are since they’re going to be entering the real world soon. Since tomorrow being their first day of being a senior at Granville Central High School in North Carolina. They’re also trying to deal with their father who has just left their mom and their siblings. So now Lyndsey and Erica’s mom has entered a depressed mood, and they got to take care of their little siblings while having the fact that they still have theirs own life. Will they give up their dreams for their family? ( I just started writing stories again, so hope you like it :) View table of contents...


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"They all are so pretty. And Amber is so grown up now." Kate said. Amber smiles while trying to figure out who she is. "I can't believe this girl right here is the baby girl I saw that felt like yesterday." "I know what you mean; they are all growing up so fast. Like Emmy can talk more now." We smiled at each others. Mine was kind of forced. Okay, maybe I'm not over what she did. But I just wanted her to see my beautiful kids one time. Ah, they are right. Before I know it my little Emmy is going to be getting married.
December 30th. 2:00 am. Lyndsey's dream
"Momma, I'm gone!" Sixteen years old Ericka yelled down the hall. I come rushing up to her, seeing her wearing ripped blue jeans, a tank top, and her long curly strawberry blonde hair is down, Austin comes in the room with his skater hair dude, jeans and a Hollister Polo. My senior girl, Amber comes down in her cute short pink dress, with white leggings, rainbows. Dream is now 13, her mid-back length curly blonde hair is straightened, and she's wearing jeans, a pink Hollister baby tee. My now ten years old daughter Emmy came down in a blue jeans skirt, white leggings, purple shirt, and kids rainbows. "Ericka, when will you be back?" I asked her with a knowing look on my face. "Two hours, they just want me to show up, you know?" I shook my head no. Ericka and Amber are now the popular kids. Of course Amber would be, since her mom Abby was. She does know that Abby was her mom. She comes up to me "Momma, I want to go live with Abby." I looked shock; Blake comes in wraps his arms around me. "What is it Lynds?" "Amber wants to live with Abby..." I mumble. He looks shocked as well. The door bell rings, Dream answer it, in come Abby who looks just like she did back in high school. "I'm here for my daughter." "Who is your daughter?" "Amber." "No she isn't. She's my momma's and daddy's." "Yes, she is. She is only your daddy's. I had her." She rolled her eyes at me, and looked at Blake. "Blake, leave these dork, and come live with me and Amber." "Oh daddy, will you?" Amber asked smiling. He looks at me and goes over and kisses Abby! I scream as loud as I can………………….
"Lyndsey! Baby wake up!" Blake shakes my shoulders, I jerk up. I see that he is still here. I hug him and start to cry. "Blake, you're still here." "Of course, I will never leave you." So I broke down and told him all about my dream. He laughs, and smiles at me. I slap him, he laughs again. "Mommy?" Emmy said through the baby monitor. I get up, and goes to make sure Emmy didn't grow a few feet and become ten. I smile when I see her as I last saw her. She held her arms out to me. "Will I always be the baby?" "I don't know, I might have another one. Make it six." But really five. I kiss her forehead and start to sing. I have an amazing singing voice. She slowly goes back to sleep in my arm, I dance around the room. Do I really want another kid? By the time I go back in my room, Blake is already up for the day. I slip on the pair of pants that Nikki brought me three years ago. And my old pink baby tee. My long feet length hair is brushed and it will be down for the day. I see Blake come out of the bathroom, so I go up to him stands on my toes and kisses his lip softly. "We need to have a romance dinner. Tonight. Nicole is coming over after school to watch them," He smiles and kisses me. We walk out the room holding hands. Hard to believe we're twenty-four. Blake yells "Amber, Ericka, Austin time to get up!" I go over to the stove and start to make pancakes. I feel a tug so I look down; Dream was standing there with tears in her eyes. "What is it Dream Girly?" "Amber won't let me go in her room." She sobs; I pick her up and position her on my hip. I flip the pancakes and goes sit down, "Dreamy it will be okay, she's just growing up. You'll get like that will Emmy." She looks at me and hugs my neck. "I hear that Barney is on, how about you go watch it." She kisses my cheek and runs off to the TV. Ericka comes in, hands me her brush. "How do you want it?" "Like yours, momma." So I brush it, and then straighten it. Ah, they got it good. I had to pay to get curls. Amber comes in with her brush; I sit her down on the floor. "Am, how do you want it?" "Straight, but in a pony tail. Please." I smile and gets to work. My four out of five kids are sitting at the table eating; Blake comes in kisses my lips. "Your momma and I are going out. So Nicole is coming over and watching y'all." Amber smiles. She adores Nicole. "Isn't Nicole graduating this year?" Blake asks me. I go back to my mind and try to figure it out. She is. I nod. Oh my God, Izzy is eleven then! I text Nicole: Can you come over and watch the kids tonight? I need a romantic dinner with Blake, Please. I'll pay. I hit Send.
I walk them off to the bus stop. Kisses Blake good bye, and get to cleaning. I hear Emmy cry. So I get her out, get her dress. Brush and put up her hair. She wants up. So I put her on my hips and I go into Austin's room to clean. We get done and my phone goes off saying "New text message from: Princess Nikki!" I open up my phone: One new message from Nicole, read now? I clicked yes. Sure, I don't have no date tonight, and all I got is to study for my mid-terms, why now though? I've been offering for eight years. I hit the Reply Button: Because we need to talk, and I'm finally ready to leave Emmy. Thanks, be here at six? I hit Send. I go make them their lunches, and we eat. My mom can't believe I'm still a size zero after four kids. Erica comes over with Emma, Lily, and Justin. I smile as Emma hugs me and goes off with Dream. Lily and Emmy go off while playing with dolls, while Justin goes and plays with Austin's old toys. "I want another kid." I say as we sit on the screen in porch. "Why?" "I don't know. I just do, I want to make it five. And Emmy wants another sister; I just want one more baby." "I know what you mean. But I already gave child birth to five kids. And If I don't have to I won't." We giggled. Stephanie and her young kids comes up, they go to find their buddies. Cyndi comes up with her kids as well. "Steph and Cyndi!" we fill them in on what we were talking about. We all end up giggling and before we know it, all of our school age kids come running up. They take off different places in the house. "Well I hate to be a damper to this party, but Brent and I have a big date, my momma is watching the kids." We hug good-byes, and she gather up her kids. "I got to go to, we have a date too." Cyndi said laughing, off they went. Nicole pulls up she comes over and hugs me. "I can't believe you're 5'3." I say. "Well I'm only and inch shorter than you." We smiled and laughed. "Erica will you be here if Nikki needs you?" "Yes, where will you be?" "A date with my hubby." We smiled and giggled. I hug her and go off to get ready. I come out in pink short dress, white leggings, high heals, diamond earrings, and my hair is in the super curly mode. So it's down, and it's so cute! I walk down the stairs, slowly. I see Blake waiting there in his fancy suit. Nicole smiles and picks Emmy up. "Emmy and Dream goes to bed at 8, Ericka and Austin 8:30. Amber 9:00." I say he put his hand on the small of my back and leads me out the door. We get in the car; he leans over and kisses me. "Lyndsey, I forgot how pretty you really are." I smile at him, "You're looking sexy too."
We ate and now we're shoeless, walking on the beach "Blake, I want another kid." "You do? I thought Emmy was the last." "I did too, but I want one more. To make it five, I know Amber is the first, but I didn't have her. Amber and the twins are getting to the point where they don't need me anymore. I need one more person to take care of…" He cuts me off by kissing me. "Good, I kind of wanted to try again and to get a boy this time." I smile. We go to a hotel room and try. We leave it at twelve. Nicole is asleep on the couch; I go over and put $50 on her phone and goes to sleep. Two weeks later, it didn't work. So we tried again.
The weeks go by, and nothing happens. It's finally May, and she thinks this is it!
I don't feel too good, so I go and lay down. I end up throwing up before I could lay down. I go drink a ton of orange juice. Now I really got to pee. I go get out one of the many pregnancy tests we have. It comes out reading pregnant! I take three more; they all say I'm pregnant! I call the doctors and he says he can get me in today. So I go off. It's four pm, I'm cleaning the house. Emmy and Dream are watching Suite Life on Deck. The phone rings, Amber answers it "Hello?" "Yes, my mom is here." "I'll go get her." She steps away from the phone and yells "Momma, doctors!" I run and answer it "Hello?" "Yes," "yes!" "Thank you, thank you. I will." I hang up and pick Dream up and spin her around. "What is it mommy?" Ericka asks. Blake comes in the room and sees my smile, I run to him. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he lifts me off the ground we kiss. Amber and Ericka giggle. "Y'all, I'm pregnant!" The girls screamed their happy scream, Austin high fives Emmy. I smile and goes calls my momma. I hang up and I'm just glowing. "Momma, I hope you have a boy." Austin said. "No, another girl!" the girls giggled. "Mommy, I love you." Emmy said and hugged me. "Mommy, I love you." Dream said and kisses my cheek. "Momma we love you." Austin and Ericka said hugging me together. "Momma, I love you as well." Amber said hugging me. "And momma, I love you too." Blake said laughing his butt off. They all dog piled on their daddy. I just sit down on the couch and smiles.
June 13th. Nicole's Graduation day.12:00 pm Granville Central High school.
The whole gang is sitting on the bleachers, Momma and daddy, Izzy, Hope, Bruce, Brittany in one section. Brad and Katie, Kelly and Kevin, next to them. Nick, Alexa and baby Grace beside them. Erica, Jake, Josh, Lindsey, Emma, Lilly, and Kevin are next to them. Then it's me, Blake, Amber, Ericka, Austin, Dream, and Emmy. Emmy is in my lap and Dream is in his. Then both sets of grandparents. Then all of our aunts and uncles. They have been to every graduation. But we all think this is our grandmas and grandpas last one. What? They are seventy, and not in good health. They call all those people up now the principal we had so many years ago calls up "Nicole Angel Summerland" She walks up in her black graduation gown, and matching cap, she get her diploma and smiles she stick her tongue out for the picture we all took. He slowly called her to come give the speech; we're all the smart kids. "I know it's kind of a family tradition to say part of what my older sister Lyndsey said. But I'm not doing that. We're here today for our big "family" we have all been together since Pre-K, we're going to be scared out of our minds this fall. But ya'll prepared us, the best you could. We learned a lot. And we're finally ready to get on with our next chapter in life. I mean, my sister Lyndsey was my inspiration, but I couldn't make all those straight A's, and have the best of friends, and the best boyfriend. I struggled all of my high school, expect for this year. We're finally going to go out in the real world; ready to be who we wanted to be. Thank to all of y'all who has supported us for these 18 years." She looked in my eyes and smiled, I did to. Everyone clapped and cheered. We're now at the place where we grew up at. "Now that y'all are all here. I'm not going to college this year, I don't know what I'm doing but it not going to college, I need to take a year off. I will go or maybe do online" she stated. Her newly found boyfriend Adam held her tight. "Matter of fact, Momma and daddy, this will be my last days. I'm moving out." We all looked shocked. "Lynds, I'm doing what you and Erica always talked about, I'm going to go to New York to do my fashion stuff." I smile "As long as you'll be back here to see this one born." She hugs me, I will. "Not you too!" Izzy wined "I need at least Nicole. Everyone is leaving me." All of us older kids hugged her tight. She breaks free, and we all bust out laughing like the good 'ole days. I glance over to see momma and daddy smile their big I'm-proud-of-our-kids smile. "Nikki, we're okay with it, as long as you are." "I am, momma. I have been planning this all year long." Erica and I roll our eyes. Brad punches up jokingly. Nick punches Nikki lightly; Nikki hit Izzy in the head. We all started laughing again. "Momma, were you like this growing up?" Ericka asked me. "Baby, you would never have guess, but all of our 18 years here." We all ate, laughed, shared our memories. "Now, that Nikki is moving out. It leaves four kids here and us two adults." Momma said. "So?" "We're moving." "Where?" Brad asked. "Florida." "That is a far ways away!" "Yeah, well we're aloud to move." "When?" "July 5th is our last day." "That is in a month!" We quickly said our good-byes. I hugged Nicole. "Loved your long speech." "Thanks." "I can't believe it's finally time for you to leave." "I know, today feels like the day you told momma and them that you were pregnant." I giggled. My sweet little Nicole is going to be entering the real world soon. "Izzy, you'll always be my Izzy-bell" She smiled at me and came running up to me. "What about me?" Nicole joked. "And Miss Nicole. You'll always be my Princess Nikki." I kissed momma's cheek and walked to the car where my life is now. I wiped the tears that were falling down my face, but of course Erica happens to see them, she comes running up to me, she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight "Lynds, it's going to be okay, I'm going to miss her so much too, Nicole was my little sister that looked up to me, not you for once." I tried to smile, we hugged and then I climb into the car. "Mommy, I love you." Amber said to me, I smile. "I love you as well." Austin said. Everyone else agreed, even Blake. "I love all of y'all." I dozed off; being pregnant always makes me tired. I feel a hand on my shoulder "Baby, we're home, Emmy won't get out. She's waiting for you." I turn around and sure enough Emmy is crying in her car seat. I climb into the seat and take her out: "Emmy, mommy got you now. You're safe." She clung to my neck and wouldn't let go.
I'm now four months pregnant. They have been in school for a month. I can't believe Ericka and Austin are six going on seven, and Dream is five as of yesterday! Emmy is two. Amber is nine! My momma and dad and the kids did move to Florida. Nicole is in New York, with her new husband Adam. I can't believe it. I rub my belly and say "Baby, don't grow up so quick, like you're siblings are." I smile as I see Erica, Lilly, and Justin coming over. Erica hugs me and smile. "Emmy!" Lilly squealed as she saw Emmy come running up. They took off in her room. "Erica, come see the new baby's nursery." "But you don't know the sex yet." "It's a neutral color." I lead her to the empty room with white baby items, the walls we're lime green with orange dots on them. We sit in the room. This is the last empty room, my last baby. "Any babies name?" "Nope, you got any?" "Nope." I pull out a piece of paper and a pink pen I begin to write:
My baby's name:
Jessica Lynn Wakefield
Kevin Jay Wakefield
Tyler Adam Wakefield
(My favorite) Taylor Lynn Wakefield
(My favorite boy name) Edward Jay Wakefield (Eddie) (Ed)
She smiles at me and takes the pen from me:
Caitlin Nicole Wakefield
Cayla Lynn Wakefield
Carrie Lynn
Crystal Lynn or (Krystal)
Brooke Lynn
Brian Jay
Thomas Jay
Christian Jay
Christopher Jay
My favorite though is Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn, Christian Jay.
I smile and say "I do like Crystal Lynn and Brooke Lynn." "Same here." Emmy comes in "Emmy, do you like Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn better?" I ask her. "Crystal Lynn." She calls Lilly in. "Lilly, do you like Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn better?" "Crystal Lynn." Justin comes in "I like Brooke Lynn better." We smile. Ericka and Lindsey comes in, school must be over. "Do you like Brooke Lynn or Crystal Lynn better?" "Crystal Lynn" Ericka said. "Crystal Lynn." Austin and Josh came in "Brooke Lynn." They said together. Dream and Emma came in "Crystal Lynn." Dream said. "Brooke Lynn." "Momma, I like Crystal Lynn better." Amber said. We go into the kitchen and talk it over. Blake and Jake came in talking and laughing. "Blake if it's a girl, do you like "Crystal Lynn better or Brooke Lynn?" I ask him. "Crystal Lynn." "Jake?" I ask. "Brooke Lynn." "Let's see, eight people Like Crystal Lynn better." I hear my lab-top go off. I go look one new Chat room request, accept?
Sexy Brad: You know what you're having yet?
Nick Dude: yeah, do you?
Princess Nikki: tell us.
Lyndseyboo: next month.
Sexy Brad: Any names?
Lyndseyboo: if it's a girl do you like Crystal Lynn better or Brooke Lynn?
Sexy Brad: We like Crystal Lynn
Nick Dude: Baby grace said C.L She's learning to talk, and that's too much. Alexa and I love Crystal Lynn, but are you going to spell it like that or with a K?
Princess Nikki: Adam and I like Brooke Lynn, but not that he said it with a K, I like Krystal Lynn better.
Lyndseyboo: I do too. Since my name is spelled differently as well. For a boy: Edward Jay or Christian Jay?
Sexy Brad: Edward
Nick dude: Edward (Eddie)
Princess Nikki: Edward
Lyndseyboo: thanks, we send our love! And they're hungry, so I g2g, love y'all.
Lyndseyboo has signed off
"Edward Jay." Everyone but Erica said, "Y'all read my IM?" "Yup." I smile and go over and kiss Blake, "You do know I want a girl right?" He nod, "And I want another boy." "What if it's twins again?" Amber asked. "We haven't thought about that." I add quickly. "Then you would have seven kids, mommy!" Ericka added. I hope not.
Finally today is the day, I go find out the sex of my last baby. The doctor does my weight "Mrs. Wakefield, you're 120 pounds now. With twins you were 140ish." I smile. "I couldn't stay that weight when I was pregnant, and I sure didn't become a size zero again." "It took a lot of work, but I did it." "The baby is healthy." "Good, am I having a boy or girl?" "Tell Blake, I'm sorry…" "Why?" I asked eagerly "It's a girl!" "Yes!" "That will be four girls that I had and one boy. But five girls and one boy for the kids." "Any name yet?" "Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn?" I ask. "Crystal Lynn." I hugged her and waddled off. I pull out my cell phone and text everyone! It's a girl! I hit send. My phone vibrates: One new message from daddy, read now? I hit yes Congratz, What is her name? Reply? I clicked reply: Either Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn, which one do you like best? I hit send. One new message from Momma, read now? I hit yes. Yay! What is her name?" Reply? I hit yes: Either Crystal Lynn or Brooke Lynn, which one do you like better? I hit send. I drive home, Erica hugs me "yes!" we say and smile. One new message from daddy, read now? I hit yes: Crystal Lynn, but spelled like Krystal Lynn. One new message from momma, read now? I hit yes. Krystal Lynn. Izzy, Bruce, and Brittany said the same thing. I rub my belly and say "Well, missy you finally got a name Miss Krystal Lynn Wakefield." Blake comes in, and kisses me. "Krystal Lynn, will look just like her momma."
At nine month pregnant I still walk my walks with my good old Saint Bernard Sasha, Amber joins us this time "How old is Sasha?" "She was six weeks old for my sweet sixteen. So ten years." "How long do they live for?" "Ten years and up." "But, she's in good health." We walk. "Momma, I'm not your birth daughter am I?" she asks. "Why do you say that?" "All the kids look like you and daddy, and I only look like him." We sit down on the bench "We we're going to tell you when you were older, but no you're not." "Who am I, then?" "A woman, name Abby. You're dad's ex, before I came in the picture. She got him drunk and then that night you were created." "So I wasn't plan?" "Nobody was, only Krystal." "What is her name?" "Abby." "Do you have a picture?" I pull out my wallet and show her a picture of Abby, Erica, and I at the beach of our junior year. "I look just like her." "Yes, but I'm still you're momma." "I know, you always will be, she will just be a woman in my life, if I want her in it." I hug her tight. "Why didn't she marry daddy though?" "He fell in love with me, he didn't really love her, and he got custody of you, since she dropped you off at his house." ""Wow, Momma. I never want to meet her; you're the only momma I ever need." I smile, then my face goes white pale like a ghost. Uh, I just had my first contraction. "Amber, we need to get home." Of course since I'm going into labor the slow power walk is even slower. We made it home and I'm really close to having my water break, "Blake! It's time now!" He grabs my hand lifts me up and we rush to the car the kids' runs over to Erica's. After seventeen hours of labors, a lot of screaming. I hear my sweet baby cry. I get to hold her in the pink blanket. She has her daddy's dark brown curly hair and his baby blue eyes. Just like Amber. "Krystal Lynn Wakefield. I'm your mommy and this man right here is your daddy." He kisses me then takes her from me. "You're siblings are on the way." My kids comes in. "Momma, she looks just like I did." Amber said shocked. "Mommy, she is so pretty." The rest said. "Lynds, she is so little and yet so pretty." Erica said. Momma came in her face was horrified and happy. "What is it momma?" I ask dreading the answer. "You're grandma and grandpa on my side of the family died. Right when we got the news my grandbaby was born." A tear slips my eye, "Krystal looks just like Amber!" She takes her from me and twirls her curls. Daddy comes in with Bruce and his eyes sparkled when he saw her. Izzy climbed up in the bed with me, I kissed her cheek. "What do you go by in school?" "Izzy. But momma, daddy and they all still stay Bella or Bells." "Because I came up with the nick name Izzy. The second I saw you that is." The whole gang piled in now. Nikki is holding her as mom and them goes to the hotel. "She looks just like Amber, she is so beautiful. I hope my baby one day will look like this." "You're pregnant?" I ask. She just smiles at me. "Nikki!" I squealed.
The day I bring Krystal home is to take her to a funeral. Everyone is in Black, but afterwards in my house Brad said "We can't live in New Jersey anymore." "Why?" we ask, I'm holding my newest bundle of joy. "I can't miss her grow up anymore. We're moving in across the street." "I don't like New York as much as I thought I would, so we're moving on the other side of you." Nikki said. "We're living next to Brad." Nick said. We look at momma and them. "Fine, we hate Florida. Izzy sure does." "We're moving at the end of the street." I hand Blake Krystal and hugs my momma.
The years fly by so quick, before I know it, its Krystal's wedding day. The whole family is here. With all of their families. Amber has three kids, two girls who are six Lizzie and Izzy, a little boy who is two Christian. She married her high school sweet heart Kevin. Ericka has two twins girls name Lyndsey and Brooke who are two. She married Bradley who lived two towns over. Austin is single, but with a son who's one Blake. Dream is married, and has a nine month old name Angela and a husband who is Jacob. Emmy is married with two, two weeks old: Zoey and Maddie.
"Momma, do I look pretty?" Krystal asked in her long beautiful white dress, which sparkles. Her long curly brown hair was straight. "Yes, baby girl." I can't believe my baby girl is getting married. Nicole came in with her three kids Abby who is 14, Kimberly who is 8, Katie who is 4. Izzy comes in with her two kids Casey who is 6 and Ashley who is 3. We give my last daughter away today, and now it's time for me and Blake to finally relax. Or will we? "Mommy, Matt is leaving me and the girls." Emmy said. Here we go again, Emmy leans to my shoulder and starts crying. Ah, I'm never going to miss this. Those were the years!


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