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It's kind of a love story(2)

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Caylee is seventeen years old, the only girl in her family. A dancer, she hasn't dated any guys, hasn't been interested in a guy. Ashton is seventeen years old, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, he's a popular guy. Caylee's mom ships her and her brother off for the Summer and Ashton get stucks giving them a grandtour thinking they were little kids. He's shocked to see a beautiful girl his age. Caylee can't stand him off the back. Ashton tries to win her over. Will it work? What will happen? View table of contents...

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Caylee's Pov:
It's noon the following day, the day Ashton lands and the day I go to dance camp. I arrive at Dance Camp, I'm actually able to drive myself and I take my duffel bag and my suitcase and I go to the front desk and I go to check in "Hello Caylee." The one director said smiling at me "Hello." I said "Is Lauren coming also?" She asked "Actually Lauren isn't able to make it this year." I said "What a shame, she's a good dancer." She said and I smiled "You're in room 101." She said "Thank you." I said and I took my bag and I went to room 101 and I smiled I was the first one here. I claimed the top bunk and I made my bed and I put my suitcase under the bed and then more people started showing up. "Kayla?" I asked a girl, she was my height reddish hair, brown eyes "Caylee?!" She asked and I smiled, we have been in dance camp together since I moved here. The other arrived, we can have six to a room, I'm one, Cayla's two, Kelsey's three, Tori is four, Sarah is five, and then Jennifer is six. Kelsey is my second best friend, she lives in L.A
Ashton's Pov:
"Is there a car I can use?" I asked "Yeah we will leave my van and you can take them out to eat. Tony can show you around." Sarah said "Thanks." I said and they nodded at me. If I knew I would have been used then I would have stayed home. They left around three pm and I smiled at everybody "So what do you want to do?" I asked, Caylee was better with kids than I am. Man, Caylee is going to make a great mother one day, years from now. I know it's sad everything I do I turn it into something Caylee did or will do. When I know right now Caylee is at dance camp so she isn't even thinking about me. "TV!" They all said and that made it easier on me. I turned it on and it was on Nick and I smiled when they all wanted to watch it. I heard horror stories that most siblings won't always agree on something so quick. Bella sat in my lap and she curled up with me.
Caylee's Pov:
"Okay girls! Change into your dance clothes" The instructor said and we all nodded, I went into the bathroom and wore my black dance shorts and my dance bra top and I pulled my hair up into a bun. I put on my acro toe shoes and I left my phone under my pillow. "Your week will be jammed pack! Busy! Busy! Busy! All of you seniors probably have dreams of auditioning for Juillard! If you don't make it through this week then you won't make it through your audition. All week you will live, sleep, eat, and focus on just dance! Am I clear?" The insturctor asked "Yes ma'am!" We all said "Where are my acro dancers?!" She asked, Kelsey and I stood up "This is a disappointment! You guys will learn! You two move up front!" She barked and I looked at Kelsey. "Names?" She asked "Kelsey." Kelsey said "Caylee." I said "Kelsey show me what you have!" She barked and Kelsey did so "Okay Caylee. Go." She said. I did the back layout, back tuck, back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, two front aerial, hand spring, handstand, hand walking, kip up, round off, side aerial, and a valdez. "That is what I'm talking about!" She said.
We danced from 12:30-4:30 "Dinner break! And then we will work on the group perfomance 5:30-7:30, Jazz: 7:30-9:30!" She said and we all groaned. Kelsey smiled at me "Where is Lauren?" She asked we were going back to get our phones "Home, she couldn't make it this camp." I said "That sucks. At least we will all be at Juillard together." Kelsey said and I looked at her "maybe." I said and she nodded not wanting to push it.I looked at my text from Ashton: Bella love me! I'm baby-sitting this afternoon/night. I miss you. Hope dance camp is good. Me: It's the toughest this year. But I love it. Ashton: Good. I love you. Me: I love you too. "Who are you texting and smiling to?" Kelsey asked "My boyfriend." I admitted "You have a boyfriend?" Kelsey asked me and I smiled at her "I do." I said "Yay!" Kelsey said and I smiled at her. Lauren: How's camp? Me: It's weird. I miss you here! Lauren: Well I'm puking my guts out, I can't dance. Me: I know. I miss you. So does Kels.
After dinner we worked on the group perfomance which needs the work too, having two acro dancers and then the other one isn't good at it. We were working on the bridge Pyramid, and then the triple cartwheel. "We need to work harder." Kelsey said and the other one broke down into tears "Sally, you have to be stronger. You can't be a weak dancer." Kelsey said and I nodded in agreement "Watch." We said and we did a pitch tuck and swizzle "that's impossible." Sally said and Kelsey and I both shook our heads at her. After the group, we went to Jazz and Sally was a downer on that too. "I can't work with Sally all week." Kelsey siad "She has low self-esteem. " I said "No confidence in herself." Kelsey said agreeing with me. "Get some shut eye! You will be up jogging at five!" She yelled.
Ashton's Pov:
I ended up getting them ready for dinner at six, we ended up going to a pizza place because that was the only place Tony knew how to get to. I placed Bella on my hip and was wishing Caylee was here, I knew she would do better. "I'm glad we finally got to meet you." Chyenne said when we all sat down "I'm glad too." I said "Daddy really likes you." Lizzie said "I like him too, and I like you guys." I said and they smiled at me. We ordered and Bella made sure to sit by me "I think Belly likes you." Hope said "You think so?" I asked making her smile at me. We ordered a pizza that everybody agreed on, it took a while but we finally ordered it. "Can we go to the mall?" Lizzie asked "After dinner." I said "Alright!" They said and I got a phone call. "One second?" I asked them and they nodded "Hello?" I asked "Hey babe. I wanted to tell you that I missed you." Caylee said "I miss you to. I'm out with the kids, I will talk to you later. I love you." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and we hung up.
After the pizza finally came we all ate as much as we could, I left the tip and I held Bella and then I held Hope's hand and we got to the car. I put Hope in her booster seat, I had Bella in her car seat, Lizzie and Chyenne got in the back and Tony sat up front. We got on the highway and I followed the signs to the mall. I get them out and I put Bella in her stroller and Hope held onto the stroller, we went walking in the mall. Chyenne picked the first store and I saw Lauren. "Ashton!" Lauren said smiling at me "Is that your girlfriend?" Lizzie asked me "No, my girlfriend's best friend." I said and they smiled at me. "How are you?" I asked "I"m good." Lauren said "I can't believe you're here." Lauren said "Until the 27th." I said "Caylee is so happy. I meanI got one night with her, but she's thrilled." Lauren said "I know. I will see you around." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
When we got home I got Bella and Hope asleep in their beds, Lizzie and Chyenne still had longer, Tony was already in his room being a typical teenager. I got a text from Caylee: I'm crashing. Night love. I love you. Me: Night baby, I love you too. I sat on the couch watching some girly kid show until they started yawning "Night girls." I said "Night." They said and they went to bed. I went into the room and got on my laptop until my dad and Sarah came home and my dad came into my room "Do you fish?" My dad asked "Yeah." I said "Tomorrow, us guys." He said "Alright." I said "You will learn how to surf too." He said and I smiled "Alright dad. They did good." I said and he smiled at me. "Thanks, it means the world to us." He said "I know dad." I said and he went into his room.


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