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It's kind of a love story(2)

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Caylee is seventeen years old, the only girl in her family. A dancer, she hasn't dated any guys, hasn't been interested in a guy. Ashton is seventeen years old, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, he's a popular guy. Caylee's mom ships her and her brother off for the Summer and Ashton get stucks giving them a grandtour thinking they were little kids. He's shocked to see a beautiful girl his age. Caylee can't stand him off the back. Ashton tries to win her over. Will it work? What will happen? View table of contents...

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Caylee's Pov:
Ashton, Kelsey, Lauren, and I are still sitting on the porch after Ashton had given me the Promise Ring and I kissed his lips softly. My mom and Jack weren't too happy about the promise ring because I have only dated Ashton and I should date other guys instead of just settling for Ashton. "Do you want to know about my last birthday with my dad?" I asked he died when I was 8 and it was after my birthday in September, September 31st to be exact. "We were in Coloardo still. Jason was ten, Liam was six. I was so excited, I wanted this beautiful leatorad for my birthday and it was also my dance receital. I was so excited. My dad took me to get ice cream, he was letting it be a daddy-daughter day. He smiled at me and kissed the top of my forehead saying how proud of me he was. That I was already an amazing dancer." I said beginning and taking a deep breath. "He told me on my birthday on the way to the building that I was going to go to Juillard. That it would be the greatest gift I could ever give him." I said and they smiled at me "I got what I wanted for my birthday, my dad took many pictures of my special day." I said and they smiled at me.
Asthon had to leave around ten so we ended up going to my room, Lauren had the bed and Kelsey and I had the air mattresses, Sam was with me and Sassy was with Kelsey. "Okay something is going on here." Kelsey said "What do you mean?"Lauren asked biting her lip "It's strange." Kelsey said and Lauren and I exchanged glances "That!" Kelsey said "Tell her." I said "Yes tell me." Kelsey said "I"m 9 weeks pregnant." Lauren said "That's why you weren't at dance." Kelsey said and Lauren nodded. "Is the father around?" Kelsey asked "No, that's why I'm here." Lauren said "You have me as well!" Kelsey said and Lauren smiled at Kelsey "Thanks." Lauren said "Good, no more keeping secrets together." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
On the way home I kept replaying Caylee's reaction about the ring and I couldn't help but smile at her. I will be home in 12 days but I will still enjoy the time I have left with her. I know until Saturday it's going to be hard to see Caylee so I'm going to just spend time with my family until then. I pulled up to the house and I got out and walked in and my dad and Sarah were in the living room "How did it go?" My dad asked "It went good. Dinner was good. Caylee loved the ring." I said "You must really love her." My dad said "I do, I mean we're going to be apart for a year but I'm crazy for her. It only took one summer to fall for Caylee." I said and my dad smiled at me. "I'm happy for you son. Bring Caylee over Sunday for dinner." My dad said "I will dad. Night." I said and I went up to my room.
On the 16th I spent the day with my Grandma on my dad's side with all of my siblings. "Where do you plan to go to college at?" My Grandma asked me "I want to go to Colubmia." I said "Columbia is a good college. What's in New York for you?" She asked me and I smiled at her "My girlfriend will be there in the fall." I said "What school is she trying to go to?" My Grandma asked me "Juillard." I said "So she's a dancer?" She asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "I want to meet her before you leave." Grandma said "Yes ma'am." I said and now Caylee has to meet my dad's wife and kids and now my Grandma. "Sunday she will be over at dad's." I said "Good because I'm going to be there too." Grandma said and I smiled. I haven't even asked Caylee yet. I sent her a text Me: Caylee, are you busy Sunday? Caylee:Nope, I'm free. Kelsey will be gone. Lauren will be working. Me: Want to meet my family? Caylee: Sure, I don't mind baby. Me: Good baby. I love you. Caylee: I love you too baby.
Caylee's Pov:
Today is my birthday party, I can't believe today is my birthday party and tomorrow I get to meet Ashton's family. I wore my favorite denim skirt with my beautiful silky blue tank top, my diamond earrings from Ashton, my diamond heart necklace my dad gave me, a cute bracelet and my promise ring. I curled my hair and I applied my make up. Three teenager girls trying to get ready for a party is tough to do. "I can't believe you're going home tonight." I told Kelsey "I'm going to miss you." Kelsey told both of us "We will miss you too." Lauren said "I will be back for the baby shower." Kelsey said and Lauren shook her head and rolled her eyes. "You look beautiful." Lauren said to me "Thank you. So do you." I said "I feel fat." Lauren said "Maybe because you're pregnant? And you're not fat." Kelsey said and I smiled. "Girls are you ready?" Jack asked I was having it at the beach "Yes." We said "We're not used to three girls in the house." He said and I giggled.
Ashton's Pov:
Tonight is Caylee's birthday party. I have a simple gift for her since I gave her the big gift on her birthday. I wore my jeans and a polo and had on the Black BOD spray and then I went downstairs. "Here." My dad said handing me the keys and I smiled. I got in the car and I turned the radio on to the country station since that was the only one I knew. I pulled up to her house and I smiled, I parked next to another car and I got out and I got Caylee's gift and I smiled when I walked to the back. "Ashton!" Caylee said when she saw me. I put my gift on the table with the rest of the gifts and I walked over to Caylee and I hugged her. "Ready to meet Jack's family?" Caylee asked "Sure." I said not really ready to meet more of her family. I already met all of her family on her dad's side. "What about your mom's family?" I asked "Most of them are in Texas or New York." Caylee said and I smiled at her. "I'm ready for this." I said and Caylee squeezed my hand.
Caylee's Pov:
I held Ashton's hand as I led him through the crowd and I smiled at Jack's parents "Grandma Laura, Grandpa Louis this is Ashton." I said "It's nice to meet you Ashton." They said and I smiled at them. I led him to Jack's brothers and sisters and then we went to the rest of the teenagers. Liam was hanging out with our cousins and I smiled at him. Kelsey and Lauren smiled at us when we walked to the group. "How does it feel to meet most of Caylee's family?" Lauren asked Ashton "Great." He said and I giggled. "That's okay, Caylee gets to meetmy family tomorrow." Ashton said and I smiled a him, I was nervous about meeting Ashton's family tomorrow. After dinner we had the cake and then it was time to open the gifts. I had plenty of good gifts, Ashton even got me another gift even though he shouldn't have.
The next morning I got up at seven and Lauren smiled at me "When do you work?" I asked "9-9." Lauren said "Yikes." I said "I know." Lauren said, Kelsey left last night after the party so it's just Lauren and me again. I wore my baby blue summer dress with my sandals and I applied my makeup and I smiled at Lauren when she got ressed in her work clothes. "Don't you look beautiful." I said "So do you." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "I can't believe school will be back before we know it." Lauren said "I know, and dance is going to begin for me. We are never going to see each other." I said "I know, but we will make it work." Lauren said and I smiled at her. When Lauren left for work I got in my car to get ready to go to Ashton's house.


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