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It's kind of a love story(2)

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Caylee is seventeen years old, the only girl in her family. A dancer, she hasn't dated any guys, hasn't been interested in a guy. Ashton is seventeen years old, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, he's a popular guy. Caylee's mom ships her and her brother off for the Summer and Ashton get stucks giving them a grandtour thinking they were little kids. He's shocked to see a beautiful girl his age. Caylee can't stand him off the back. Ashton tries to win her over. Will it work? What will happen? View table of contents...

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Caylee's Pov:
"You are going to Homecoming with Mackenzie?" I asked Ashton, we were on the phone later that night. I had Hannah on my hip because if I put the doll down it would begin to cry. I am not planning on being a mother anytime soon and I feel bad for Lauren."Yes I am, is that a problem?" Ashton said on the other end of the phone. Yes it's a problem! You jerk! She likes you still! "Um maybe, just a little bit." I said instead I just kept that thought in my mind, he didn't need to know what I was thinking. I set the doll down in the bed next to Sassy who darted away from the doll, it scared her to death."Why is it a problem baby?" Ashton asked, I could tell he was getting upset at me now. I plopped myself down on the bed and I started twirling my hair. Why is it a problem? Could it be because I know she still has a thing for you? Could it be because I'm afraid she's going to kiss you? That I know you might still like her? That I'm all away on the other side of the country and I can't go with you? "I just have a bad feeling about it baby, that's all." I said and then thought "nice save Caylee." "Don't you trust me?" Ashton asked, of course I trust you! It's her that I don't trust! "Yes I do." I said finally realizing I was fighting with myself. "Alright good, I have to go baby. I love you though." Ashton said "I love you too." I said and we hung up.
Lauren came in from work and she had Dylan on her hip and she laid him in the playpen "I do not want a son. He already peed on me." Lauren said and I bit down on my lip so I wouldn't laugh at her. "How was work?" I asked her "horrible." Lauren said and I giggled at her. "It's not funny!" Lauren said and then she realized I wasn't in my normal mood. "Did you have a fight with your lover?" Lauren asked me and I stared at her, she is good. "Yes. He's taking Mackenzie to the dance." I said "Cay, the dance is next month. You could be asked out yourself. What are you going to do fly down there just for the dance?" Lauren asked and I looked at her, that wasn't a bad idea at all. "No!" She said and I just stared at her. "Mom!" I said and she came in "I wonder when you would ask about Ashton's Homecoming. We can look up the tickets and you can stay at Aunt Penny's." My mom said and I smiled. Lauren even smiled at me "I knew all along. I had to keep it a secret." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
Ashton's Pov:
I got a phone call from Caylee again, we were in a middle of a disagreement so I wasn't so sure about answering her call but I didn't want to make matters worse. "Hello?" I asked dreading her response "baby, what would you say if I told you I could come to your Homecoming with you?" Caylee asked me and I sat up in my bed, I couldn't believe my ears. "Are you serious?" I asked her trying to keep my cool and not get so excited, that was gay. "Yes I'm serious baby!" Caylee said and I smiled at the phone "I will talk to my principal and see. I'm sure you can baby. You would be here for a weekend?" I asked already trying to figure out what would be done "Yes baby." Caylee said and I smiled at myself. "Okay great!" Caylee said and we quickly hung up so I could go to bed since it was eleven o'clock my time.
I got to school in a hurry the following morning and I went to my Principal's office and he was just walking in when I went there. "How can I help you Ashton?" He asked me "I have a question." I said and he nodded, why else would I be in his office before school? "I was wondering if non-students could come to the Homecoming?" I asked "Yes they." He said and I nodded "Thanks." I said and I went into my homeroom, Caylee wouldn't be up until about eight o'clock so I had plenty of time to sit in my homeroom. Mackenzie walked in "Hey Kenz." I said "Hey, so I guess you don't need me to go with you?" She asked me and I shook my head no "Cool." Mackenzie said and I smiled at her, I only hope she understand.
Caylee's Pov:
It's now October 10th, I was missing dance tonight, tomorrow, and all weekend. Something Madam Casey didn't approve of. My plane leaves tonight at five our time. I will be returning Sunday night and I will be back at school on Monday. The only down part is I have to take my "baby" with me since it is still a school assignment. Lauren was seventeen weeks pregnant now, she was starting to gain more weight, and she is showing a little bit more. She is still able to use the "I just pig out all weekend because I'm dateless line." But when she starts to get more rounded like she is that line isn't going to work much longer. I loaded up my duffel bag and I hugged everybody good-bye. I took myself to the airport and parked my Lexus and then I went in, they questioned me with the baby doll but they let me go with her. I wasn't to fond of carrying Hannah with me anyways. I arrived in West Palm Beach at one our time and four Florida's time. Ashton was at the airport waiting for me. He was going to drop me off at Aunt Penny's before he had to go to school. I was going to the big game tonight and then the Dance tomorrow.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee ran up to Ashton with her duffel bag and her class assignment doll in her hand. Caylee dropped both things on the floor and she wrapped her arms around Ashton's neck and he wrapped her arms around her waist. "I missed you." Caylee whispered in Ashton's ears, "I missed you too." Ashton said kissing her lips. They let go of each other and Ashton took Caylee's duffel bag and then she picked up the doll. "Our daughter is beautiful." Ashton said and Caylee rolled her eyes. Ashton led her to his car and she put the fake carseat in the back and she snuggled up to Ashton. "When do you go to school?" Caylee asked "I have to be there at eight. So we have three hours." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. They pulled up to their favorite diner and Ashton and Caylee went into Denny's with the fake baby doll.
"Alexa and Olivia and the gang are all excited to see you tonight at the game." Ashton said and Caylee smiled. "I'm excited. I mean my Homecoming is next weekend, Lauren and I are just going to the game." Caylee said and Ashton smiled "how is Lauren?" He asked "Lauren is okay. She's starting to show and she's worried to death about that." Caylee said and Ashton nodded. Ashton felt bad for Lauren but he just still couldn't believe his girlfriend was sitting across from him. "How long do you have to have Hannah for?" Ashton asked "I give Hannah back January 14th." Caylee said "Are you going to cry?" Ashton asked "From having her since September probably. We have had some good times." Caylee said giggling and Ashton smiled at her. "I bet. She's going to the game, right?" Ashton asked "Nope. Aunt Penny volunteered to let Bailey take care of her for me." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. Around seven Ashton drove up to Caylee's Aunt house and he got out and opened the door for her "Remember the game starts at six." Ashton said, he wasn't able to swing by to pick her up because he has to warm up. "No worries. I'm texing Alexa now, she promised to be by here." Caylee said kissing Ashton on the lips "have a good day at school. I will see you tonight." Caylee said "I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said and she watched Ashton drive off and smiled.
Ashton's Pov:
I didn't like leaving Caylee at her Aunt's house, I didn't care for the fact that I wouldn't see her until tonight after the game. But I love teasing Caylee about Hannah, I laughed inside when I saw that she had to bring Hannah with her on the trip. "Yo dude! You ready?!" Zach asked me and I nodded "Good! Can't wait to win!" He said "Yeah man!" I said they had me out of my trance about Caylee. "Just because your girl is in town doesn't mean you can slack off tonight." Zach said "Yeah Ash, you have to make Caylee proud." Mackenzie said, and I nodded. I wasn't so sure about the girls seeing each other tonight or tomorrow. "Let's go to class. The quicker we attend our classes the quicker the day will go by." I said and they all nodded. Nobody was in the mood to focus in class today.
Caylee's Pov:
I walked up the steps and Aunt Penny smiled at me as soon as I got up at the front door because she had the door open already. "I'm working on getting Jake and Bay ready for school." Aunt Penny said "I can help." I said and she smiled at me "Bay is in her room." Aunt Penny said and I nodded, Bailey is in Kidnergarten she is five and Jacob is in the third grade and he is nine. After both of the kids were dressed I walked them to school, they lived a block from school and they made it on time. I went back to Aunt Penny's house and she smiled at me and hugged me. Little Riley, my buddy saw me and ran up to me. "I can't believe Miss Riley here is walking and talking some!" I said and Aunt Penny smiled at me "Trust me Cay, it's hard on me. My little girl is not a little girl anymore!" She said and Riley giggled, Riley is now fourteen months old and she is already talking about being potty trained.


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