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It's kind of a love story(2)

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Caylee is seventeen years old, the only girl in her family. A dancer, she hasn't dated any guys, hasn't been interested in a guy. Ashton is seventeen years old, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, he's a popular guy. Caylee's mom ships her and her brother off for the Summer and Ashton get stucks giving them a grandtour thinking they were little kids. He's shocked to see a beautiful girl his age. Caylee can't stand him off the back. Ashton tries to win her over. Will it work? What will happen? View table of contents...

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Caylee's Pov:
It is now November 9th, it has been two weeks since the whole incident. I have worked on my family relationships, I have worked on my friendship with Lauren being a great friend for her. Running out to get food when she has her cravings. Most importantly I have gotten back into dance, focusing on solely dance and school. Lauren is now twenty-one weeks pregnant, she's showing a bit more but she's glowing too. Lauren is loving this pregnancy, even if it is hard on her at school and she's missing out on dance. I woke up at seven and I get a text from Ashton: I got my phone back! Can I call? I didn't even text back I got up and Sam followed and we went outside in the backyard, I called him instead. "I'm sorry." I said "No I'm sorry. It's my fault." Ashton said "No, it's both of our faults." I said and he laughed "Are we good?" He asked "Yes. But let me warn you, it's Dance, family, then you." I said "Got it." Ashton said and I caught myself smiling at him. "I need to go actually, I have to get ready for dance." I said "Alright. Have a good day. I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." I said and we hung up. Honestly, no matter what we have gone through I have kept the promise ring on my finger the whole time.
I went back inside and I changed into my Dance shorts and my dance halter top with my dance sweatshirt on with my hair in a bun. I put on my acro toe shoes and I smiled. We did the class 8-12, and then I stayed worked on the dance from school, we have a dance show December 20th. I have a solo. I worked on that until 2, and then until four on my dance to Give Me Love. I met up with Lauren at Denny's "How was dance?" Lauren asked "Good, how was work?" I asked "Good. Not long enough." She said since she hit the 20th week mark they cut her 8-whenever hours into five hours a day so she can stay off of her feet more. "You will make it." I said and she smiled at me "I know. At least school isn't killing me yet." Lauren said and I smiled "Think we have two more months of Parenting Skills class." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
Today since I am ungrounded finally, I'm spending it at my mother's house. During the day Jon and I were shooting hoops and spending the day outside, then I went inside and played board games with Clarissa, Jon, mom and Alex. Caylee texted me a little bit. "How are things with your lover?" My mom asked "Good. Caylee and I are trying to patch things up." I said and she smiled at me. "Good, that is very good." My mom said and I smiled. I smiled at Emma who was sitting up all by herself. "What are you doing for Thanksgiving break?" My mom asked me "I'm spending it here. Remember?" I said "Making sure. They are coming here for dinner." My mom said and I smiled. "Christmas break will be spent with Jace." I said "That's good." My mom said and I smiled at her.
Caylee's Pov:
Jason's trip over here got canceled last month. He wasn't able to make it due to something. This is his last year in college, he's graduating this summer as well. Lauren and I were in our sweats and working on a homework assignment exchanging answers. Mom and the guys were out doing some errands and we didn't want to go. There was a knock on the door "I got it!" I said and Lauren rolled her eyes at me. I opened the door and saw Jason there "Jason!" I said wrapping my arms around him. I haven't seen him since Grandma's funeral in August. "Caylee. Is everyone home?" He asked "Nope, just me and Lauren." I said and he smiled at me. "I'm coming in anyways." He said and I smiled at him. He walked in and hugged Lauren "Long time no see." He said and Lauren smiled. "It's Sunday. How can you be here?" I asked "I have no classes tomorrow. I'm flying back out tomorrow." He said and I nodded "Why are you here?" I asked "I'm kind of not sure how to put it." Jason said "Tell me!" I said "I'm a dad. I'm not a dad-to-be, I'm an actual dad." Jason said "What?" I asked "my girlfriend Sophia was pregnant. We have been together since Freshmen in college, right? Well she had a baby girl in September." Jason said "And you just left them?" I asked "Nope, they're in the car." He said and I rolled my eyes.
Sophia came in with a carseat. Sophia is gorgeous, she's 5'5, skinny, curvy, green eyes and brown curly long hair. She has an olive complexion, she's beautiful. "Sophia!"I said and she smiled at me. "Hey Lauren." Sophia said and Lauren smiled. "Name?" I asked "Would you like to hold your niece instead of talking about her name?" Sophia asked and I nodded. I was handed a icy blue eyes brown hair baby girl, other than the eyes she was a spitting image of Sophia. "You are holding your niece Madison Grace." Sophia said and I smiled "We call her Maddie." Jason said "Would you like to hold her?" Jason asked Lauren "Yes please." Lauren said "What are you having?" Sophia asked "A Girl. Hope Lynn." Lauren said and Sophia smiled. "When was she born?" I asked "September 4th, she is two months old." Sophia said and I smiled.
When mom and them came home I knew my chances of holding Maddie was gone. "I have other big news." Jason said and we all looked at him "I'm transfering, my last semester will be at Stanford." Jason said "Yes!" I said and he smiled at me. "When are you moving?" I asked "During the winter break. Sophia is already done with her degree. So she is staying here. We have a small house two blocks away." Jason said "So we would appreciated a baby sitter. I have a job at the Nursing Home for nights." Sophia said "I'm all for it." I said and Jason smiled "We know we could count on you." Jason said and I nodded.
Ashton's Pov:
It's one am my time, ten pm Caylee's time and we are finally skyping. "What did you do?" I asked this was the first time I saw Caylee with black hair and a piercing. "You look beautiful." I said quickly before I got into trouble. "Thank you." Caylee said, she had just filled me in about Jason, Sophia, and her niece. "Where are they staying tonight?" I asked "Here, their house stuff is being turned on Monday, so Sophia and Maddie are here. Jason is here until tomorrow then he has to fly out." Caylee said and I smiled at her. I still couldn't get used to her black hair but I guess this was her way of dealing with what hapened and my way was getting drink so I preffer her way much better. "Are you ready for Christmas break?" I asked Caylee "Yes! I can't wait!" Caylee said "I will be there for your dance concert!" I said "Good! But with Christmas break it will be closer to February." Caylee said "You will do great!" I said and she smiled at me.
Caylee's Pov:
It's midnight and we are all woken up by Maddie crying. I put my glasses on and I went downstairs Sophia was feeding her now. "Sorry." Sophia said "It's okay." I said "How is Parenting Skills?" Sophia asked "Nothing like real life. But an easy A." I said and she smiled at me. After she fed Maddie "Would you like to rock her to sleep?" Sophia asked "I will watch you." I said and Sophia smiled. "Thanks for staying up with me though." Sophia said and I smiled "Jason doesn't get up?" I asked "Not when it's feeding." I heard a mumble and I smiled "he can't help, so I tell him to go back to bed." Sophia said "He changes her diapers." Sophia said and I smiled at her. "You should go back to bed Cay." Sophia said "I will. Goodnight. I love you." I said and "I love you too." Sophia said smiling at me.


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