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It's kind of a love story(2)

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Chapter 1, Caylee is seventeen years old, the only girl in her family. A dancer, she hasn\'t dated any guys, hasn\'t been interested in a guy. Ashton is seventeen years old, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, he\'s a popular guy. Caylee\'s mom ships her and her brother off for the Summer and Ashton get stucks giving them a grandtour thinking they were little kids. He\'s shocked to see a beautiful girl his age. Caylee can\'t stand him off the back. Ashton tries to win her over. Will it work? What will happen?


Caylee's Pov:
     "Caylee I can't believe we just took our last final for the year!" My best friend Lauren was saying as we were walking to our lockers to clean them out and then we wouldn't return to these halls until the fall. We will be returning as Seniors in high school. I smiled at Lauren pulling my butt length wavy brown hair into a pony-tail "I know. This will be a great summer." I said and Caylee smiled at me, my icy blues eyes twinkling as we loaded up our backpacks. My full name is Caylee Marie Blevins and I live in Modesto, Calfornia and I go to school at Beyer High school where I have atteneded the past three years now. I live with my mom and step-dad, two siblings and then three half-siblings. My dad passed away in a motorcycle accident years ago. I'm seventeen going on eighteen in August, Jason is twenty years old, Liam is sixteen years old, my dad died ten years ago. My step-dad Jack and my mom Karen have three kids together, Bryson is eight, Sean is six, and Landon is four years old. Yes out of five kids I am the only girl in the family besides my mom.
     But since I'm the only girl my dad made sure I took dance since I was two so I could do a lot of girly things and I have been doing dance ever since. "Ready to head on?" I asked and Lauren smiled at me, I grabbed my bag and shut my locker and walked out to my car. To buy my love my step-dad bought me a 2010 Lexus HS, it was a beautiful bright red car. Liam was waiting for me, we car pool even though he does have his license and car now. I hugged Lauren "Hopefully we can make plans before you head out to New York." I said hugging her "Yeah. I will text you." She said and I smiled. I put my bag in the trunk and checked my texts: Mom: Can you pick up Bryson, Sea, and Landon? I got in the car and smiled at Liam "We're going back to Elementary school." I said and he smiled at me. 
     After driving to their school and picking them up we went home and I carried my bags up into my room and then coming back down and rubbing our German Shepherd's back, Sam she's two years old. "Caylee, we're having a family meeting." My mom said softly "Okay mom." I said and when I walked into the room Sam followed me and I smiled. I normally go to dance camp each year to get away and to learn new dance techinques. I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. She has brown hair and baby blue eyes, we got our icy blue eyes from our dad. From the time I was born to six we lived in Huston, Texas and then Six to nine was Denver, Colorado and then we moved here and I became friends with Lauren the first day in school. "We all know that summer has began today."My mom said and we nodded
     "Liam and Caylee, I think it would be a great idea if you spend the whole summer with your Grandma Mary." My mom said, Grandma Mary who our dad's mother we haven't seen her since his funeral ten years ago. "What?!" Liam and I said at the same time "You leave tomorrow night, you need to get to know that side of your family." My mom said "Why?!" I asked "I know you're worried about Dance. But your dance camp is in August before school starts so you will still make it to dance." My mom said "You can't do this." I said "I can, I am your mother." She said "This is unfair." I said "I agree." Liam said. "You are excused. No ifs ands or butts about this." My mother said and I called Lauren when I got to my room "I'm going to West Palm Beach, Florida." I said "That's awesome!" Lauren said "All summer for a family I don't even know." I said. "When do you leave?" Lauren asked "Tomorrow night." I said "I'm coming over tomorrow." Lauren said and we hung up.
        I didn't come out of my room all night, this was not happening. My mother just cannot ship Liam and I to family across the country just so she can be with her new family. I don't date because I dance all the time but I still have friends and parties to attend and I don't want to miss it by being on the East Coast. I stayed on my laptop with my headphones in all night. I finally fell asleep with Sam at my side, I was going to leave Sam, my dog for the whole summer. I woke up to Sam licking me and I smiled "Morning Sam I will let you out." I said and I put my glasses on, I'm the perfect girl but I wear contacts, I'm skinny, 5'4, tan since I'm in Califorina. I got out of bed and walked to the backdoor and I let Sam out and I sat on the porch and yawned. Landon came out and he hugged me, he's my little buddy "I'm going to miss you sissy." He said "I'm going to miss you too." I said and he smiled at me.
      My phone went off, Lauren: Hey, are you up? I want to spend all day! me: I'm up. Lauren: I will be there in twenty! "Sam let's go!" I yelled and she ran up and went to the door and I lifted Landon up and we walked in my mom was up now, it was eight o'clock "morning Cay." She said and I nodded going to my room I wasn't on speaking terms with her. I know I was acting like a spoiled brat but this is my last summer left as a high school student and I had plans. I got in the shower and took a quick shower and then slipped on my favorite denim shorts and a cute tank top and I braided my hair into a fish-braid and put my contacts in and did my make up. "Lauren is here!" My mom yelled and I went down and smiled at Lauren and my mom "I hope you don't mind? Lauren is here to help me pack." I said "Not at all, Lauren is always welcome." My mom said and we smiled at her.
       Lauren, Sam, and I walked up to my room and Sam laid on my bed and Lauren rubbed her "Are you upset?" Lauren asked "A little, I calmed down." I said and she smiled at me "Do you have a suitcase?" Lauren asked and I pulled my suitcase out of my closet "Let's pack." Lauren said and I smiled at her, we spent all morning packing what I will need and then we put my suitcase by my door, my suitcase and backpack was ready. Lauren is also in dance with me, that's part of the reason we became friends so well. "Let's spend the rest of the time at the mall." Lauren said "I agree." I said and she giggled at me, "Mom we're going to the mall." I said "Have fun, be home by four." My mom said "Yes mom." I said and    Lauren smiled at me "My car or yours?" Lauren  asked "Mine." I said and she giggled as we got into my car. "I can't believe you won't be in dance with me." Lauren said "it's going to be weird and you're never here in July anyways you're always in New York." I said and Lauren smiled "Will you be home on your birthday?" Lauren asked "I'm not sure." I said my birthday is August 15th, "I hope you are!" Lauren said and I smiled at her as we pulled into the parking lot.
Ashton's Pov:
        "Ashton it's the last day!" My best friend Zach said and I nodded at him "looking forward to the summer, no school!" I said and Zach nodded, we were walking to my car to go to my house. I live in West Palm Beach Florida. After I drop Zach off after we agreed to meet at the bonfire on the beach I pulled up to my house and walked up. I am the average hunk of a guy, 6'2, baby blue eyes and brown hair, I'm well built and very tan. I walk into my house with my backpack and I go to my room and put it away. My German Shepherd puppy Hoss meets me and he wags his tail at me and I smiled at him. "Ashton are you home?" My Aunt asked me, I don't live with my parents I live with my Aunt and Uncle, my mom is in rehab somewhere and my dad left before I was born.
      "Yes Aunt Alice." I said, Aunt Alice is in her late 40's, our neighbor is Mary Blevins a very good woman. "I'm home." I yelled coming down the stairs and Aunt Alice smiled at me, they have a daughter Savannah who's sixteen. I will be eightenn July 20th, "Yes ma'am?" I asked "Mary stopped by today." Aunt Alice said "Does she want me to mow her lawn?" I asked "Actually on Friday she wants you to give her two grandchildren a grand tour around town. They will be staying here this summer." She said, great I'm stucking touring two low lifes around town. "Okay." I said and then she smiled at me "Can I hang out with my friends tonight?" I asked "of course." She said and I smiled., 
       I met up with the normal group around eight and they were all passing beers around "Why so down man?" Zach asked "I'm stuck showing around two kids West Palm on Friday."  I said "Yikes." He said "Yeah man." I said not pleased about it but I know Mary is a good woman and I know she is going to pay me for it. I half-listen as my friends talk about what they are going to do during this summer, as I watch the water. My girlfriend of the school year and I broke up yesterday so I'm kind of down. I leave around eleven and I make it home before my curfew, Hoss and I go to my room and I put my headphones in and I begin playing my heavy rock, tomorrow is my last day of freedom for the summer and it has only just begun. I woke up at five and changed into my jogging shorts and T-shirt and put my armband on and plugged my ipod in and went on my jog with Hoss on the beach, today I was going to just be lazy, probably chill with some friends or something since tomorrow morning my summer will be ended.
       When Hoss and I walk up Mary is out working on her yard "Hello Ashton, how are you?" She asked and I smiled at her, I always had a soft spot for her, she lost her son ten years ago in a motorcycle accident. "I'm good, how are you?" I asked "I'm good." Mary said "I hope you don't mind giving my grandchildren a  tour tomorrow?" she asked "Not at all ma'am, I will be glad to do it." I said and she smiled at me "You're a good boy." Mary said and I smiled "Thank you ma'am. I need to head in. But if you need anything just let me know." I said and she smiled at me. I went back into the house and I did my chores before I took a shower and then headed to the mall and found my group of friends from school. I just float, I'm on the football team but I don't stick with the the popular kids or any groups from school. I just go because I have to and I still manage to make A's even if I don't pay attention, I would rather be drawing or kick-boxing. After another lame day I go home and I lay on my bed, in the morning I will be giving a tour to probably two spoiled little brats.

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