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Summer Romance: In Two Minds

Novel By: stuckinthemoment

Bailey has always had a crush on the heart-throd Chase Kenton. But in recent events, shes started looking at the younger brother, Liam, in a very different light. But Bailey is about to find herself in very deep water with these boys. Can Bailey get things back on course, or is her summer doomed by these hotties? View table of contents...


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Note form the Author:
I relaise this chapter is very long. This is my first post on Booksie. And I have been writing this story for a while, so I didn't realize it would be this long. I promise the next chapters are not this long, at all! I am really sorry about the length of this chapter.
But I really hope you read it anyway, I promise you, you wont be dissapointed ;)

Chapter One

Chase looked at me like I was a million dollars. "Bailey, you have the most beautiful smile, yanoo." He didn't even acknowledge the most popular girl in school, Eve, was sitting right next to him, beaming at him with her beautiful smile.
"Awh, Chase, thank you! But it's not as nice as yours, you know that!" I giggled back. Trying to act like a girl was proving very hard for someone who grew up around boys.
"So, Chase," chimed Eve "what are your plans over the summer?" Chase didn't even turn his head.
"Spending it at the water park with Bailey, if she doesn't mind?" This really was too good to be true!
"Well, we both work there silly, it would be hard not to spend time with each other!" I thought I'd take the coy road, but I couldn't stop to huge grin on my face.
"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe."
"Chase? Why are you singing Call Me Maybe?" This was odd. Is he trying to serenade me? Surely not.
"Before you came into my life I missed you so bad, I missed you so bad, I missed you so so bad..."

I jolted upright and groaned. It had all been a dream. All of it. Well, not the bit about Chase and me working at the water park together, that was true. I looked over at my alarm clock and switched it off, now hating the song for ruining the best dream of my life. It was 6:30a.m. The first day of summer, and I'd waited all year for it. I work for my dad at his local water park called 'The Water Whole' with Chase, the love of my life. I run my hand through my knotted hair, and crawl out of bed with absolutely no enthusiasm, considering this was the first day of summer.
"Bailey! Bailey!" my sister calls from downstairs. How is she already awake? "Bailey you best be awake!"
"Yes, Georgey, I'm awake!" I yelled back down to her. "Are you making breakfast?" I could smell bacon and eggs coming from downstairs.
"Yes, why, do you want some?"
Our conversation was giving me a headache, I didn't like to be yelled at at 6:30a.m in the morning.
"I'm coming down now!"
"I'M COMING DOWN NOW YOU IDIOT!" As you can see, I don't have the best temper in the morning. I dragged myself down the stairs and collapsed onto the kitchen barstool.
"Has dad already left?" I asked. I already knew the answer. Dad always leaves early on the first day of summer because he wants to 'set up'. Me and Georgey never really understand this, because it's just like any other day, but with more people present. But he just says he wants to make sure everything's perfect so people get a good first impression. This always makes me laugh, because everyone goes to the Water Whole during summer. It's the place to go.
"Yep. Didn't even bother to wake us and say bye. That man stresses far too much."
I'll say.
"Do you know what time he went?" I also know the answer to that question: 5:00a.m.
Told you.
"Where's Kyle?" I asked. Kyle was my brother, and Chases' best friend.
"He went with dad for some reason, who knows." She shrugged her shoulders.
"Oh, that's strange." Usually Kyle was last to wake up, only rolling out of bed 10 minutes before we leave.
"Do you know dads hired a new girl from your school to work there this summer?" he says, changing topic. Georgey looked me up and down to see how I reacted to this. She knew a new girl would mean Chase's attention wouldn't be on me, (not that it ever is, he only thinks of me as his kid sister) but on this new girl, because dad would never hire an ugly looking girl.
"Are you being serious? How do you know?!" My voice started to get shaky.
"Logan just rang and asked if we could pick her up, her names Eve, or something? Anyway, dad didn't want to tell us because he thinks we'd, well, you'd freak out and beg him not to hire her."
I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Eve. Eve was working for my dad. The Eve. The most popular girl in school, and my main competition for Chase.
"Oh my God! I'm going to kill him! Eve! Eve Kamlingston! Out of everyone in the whole wide world, why her?! She's going to ruin everything between me and Chase!" I was so angry, I hadn't even realised I'd actually cut myself with my fingernail because I was clenching my fist so hard.
"Calm down Bailey!" Georgey said, desperately trying not to laugh. "We'll just station her as far away from Chase as possible, problem solved!"
Yeah, right, like that was going to work!
"That's not good enough! She'll be standing there, her amazing figure teasing Chase all day, glistening in the sun, teasing Chase!" I moaned.
"Oh don't be silly! Anyway, I don't understand why you don't go for Liam, he's far better than Chase, much sweeter. And he would look after you."
Here we go. Georgey hates seeing me chase after Chase (how ironic) day in and day out. And she hates being the one I cry to at night because I saw him with another girl at the movies, or chatting up another girl at the Water Whole. And she hated the way he treated me, as though I was a baby, and nothing more.
"Don't start Georgey. You can't help who you love."
"You don't love him Bailey, you're 16."
"There's no age limit on love." Ha, she had no come back for that, she never does. As suspected, she simply rolled her eyes and shoved some bacon onto my plate, followed by two poached eggs and a slice of fried bread.
"Hurry up and eat that scrog, then get ready and we're going. We need to pick Eve up at 7:30!"
"I don't want to pick Eve up, I don't even want to see her, I was looking forward to a whole summer of no Eve!" Eve usually goes to her beach house all summer with her family and a few friends, so I have the pleasure of having Chase all to myself, sort of. But with Eve working at the water park with us all summer, that's not going to happen. Chase will be all over Eve, and he won't even know I'm there. "Can't we just say we forgot?" I begged her.
"No, dad will kill us. Go and get ready, now, or we'll be late and the boys will take the good jobs!"
She was right. It was always a race to get to the water park because there were 2 good jobs: sitting on the big chair and telling people when to go down the slide (dad hired professional people for that, but there was always one short, so one of us got to do it), and the best job, walking around the water park with someone and make sure everything okay. You even get to have a splash in the pool to cool down when my dad's not around! The other jobs were things like litter picking (which you also got to do with someone but the whole concept of having litter picking makes you not want to talk), working on the till in the shops and handing out rubber rings to people. My plan had been simple: get there early, take the 'Doss Job' (what we all call it when you just walk around the pool), make sure Georgey, Logan or Liam didn't take it, leaving only Chase left to take it. This didn't look hopeful because newbie's always get the Doss Job, simply so they can see the whole water park, and whoever is with them can explain how everything works. Chase will obviously jump at the chance to take Eve round the water park, leaving me alone, my plan deflated.
"Georgey?" I shouted down to her. "Can I borrow your yellow Hollister shorts to put over my bikini bottoms?" This would come to a shock to her.
"You're wearing a bikini?!" She bellowed over the music.
"But, you always wear a swimming costume!"
"Well, my boobs have come in, and my costume makes me look podgy!"
"Well why do you want my shorts?"
"Because I don't like my butt, and Eve has a great butt, which will put my butt to shame!" Honestly, you'd think she'd understand.
"Fine, you can wear them!"
Yaaay, score! I rush into her room and grabbed the yellow shorts out her draw. I loved these shorts, they weren't long, but they were good enough to cover my butt, and they would add a stylish catch to my blue polka-dot bikini top. I walk back to my room, slip on my outfit and checked myself out. Damn, why didn't I wear a bikini more often? Next stage: hair. My hair was nothing special, a little bellow my shoulders. But there was one thing about it that worked in my favour, and that is the fact it's at its best when natural, which works because I don't have to worry about what it looks like when drying at the water park. So I grabbed my curling mouse, scrunched it in and vuala, hair is done. Next step: make-up. Well, just water proof mascara really. "Georgey, I'm ready!" I said.
"Okay, one second!"
Typical, huh? She moans at me to get ready, and she's running late!
"How do you think I look?" She asks as she strolls into my room. If I look anything like my sister when I'm older, I won't need shorts to cover my butt and I won't be in any sort competition with people like Eve for a guys attention. Georgey had long, blonde hair, natural like mine, that sits mid way on her stomach. Her cheek bones are perfect, her eyes are big and dough like, and her lips are perfectly round. She also has a figure that any girl would kill for; her boobs aren't too big, she has the right amount of curves and her butt is fantastic. Her golden brown tan is achieved simply because we are out in the sun all day.
"You look hot, Georgey! All for Logan, I'm guessing?" I grinned at her.
Logan was Chase's older brother, the same age as Georgey. Her and Logan have been childhood sweethearts since I can remember, but they've never officially dated, which is as stressful for me Chase and Liam as it's is for them two, because they're always asking us for details on each other.
"No!" She growled, but she couldn't disguise her grin.
"Liar!" I explained.
Georgey simply giggled.
"Come on scrog, we best go pick up the Eve." I coughed as she turned to walk out my room. "What?" She asked.
I rolled my eyes and gestured to my new wardrobe.
"Do I look okay?" I asked hopefully.
She smiled at me and rolled her eyes back.
"You look nice, I've told you over and over before to ditch the one piece for a bikini, but you never listened to me!" She had, all the time. She hated my costume, said it made me look like a baby, and that Chase would never look twice if I were wearing that disgusting one piece. But I never listened. I was always too conscious to wear a bikini because one time when I was little, my mum brought me one, and I wore it when we went round to Chases house for a BBQ with the family (our families are very close). Anyway, we were all playing in the pool when Chase started pointing at me. Turns out my bikini had fallen down and I was exposed to everyone. It has to of been the most embarrassing moment of my life, and ever since then, I've never worn a bikini. But now I think I'm old enough to know if my nipple is on full display, and like Georgey always says, I can't wear that costume all my life.
"You're sure I look okay? Because my whole life depends on it!"
Georgey just laughed and walked downstairs. I grabbed my towel, sunglasses, sun cream and my phone and dashed after her. I throw my stuff in her trunk, hop in the passenger's seat of her pick-up truck, and directed her the Eve's house. Eve lives in a huge house with electric gates and a sign that says 'Beware of the dog'. It should say beware-of-the-bitch-that-lives-here-she-will-steal-your-man, in my opinion anyway. Eve is already waiting by the gates with her hands on her hips and her towel draped over one shoulder. She was wearing a T-shirt and some shorts, but you could clearly see the bikini top under the T-shirt, which I'm positive she intends to take off when we get to the water park, and also her shorts (which are not as nice as mine, may I point out.) Eve waved to me and my sister, opened the door and sat next to me. She slammed the door shut, put her seatbelt on, and face me. "Hey Bailey!" She beamed at me with her fake smile. Her hazel eyes glistened in the sun and at the excitement of working with Chase all the summer, im sure. She then turned her attention to my sister, who was wearing her sun glasses, so Eve couldn't see her daggers. Well that's what I like to think anyway. "Hi, I don't think we've ever met. My names Eve." Eve stuck her hand toward my sister, still beaming.
"Hi, I'm Baileys older sister, Georgina, but most people call me Georgey." My sister shuck her hand, still giving her the daggers under her sunglasses.
"I can't tell you how excited I am to work for your farther this summer! It's going to be a blast, isn't it?" She said.
"Yes, it's a great job, isn't it Bailey?" Georgey said. I thought I detected a hint of sarcasm directed at Eve.
"Yeah, it's the best. Are you only working here this summer?" I said.
"Yes, next summer I'm off to New York, so I wanted to earn some spending money." She said in that high pitched voice that would haunt me all summer.
"That sounds great!" Georgey said, trying to create a more relaxed tone than mine. For the rest of the journey, Eve talked about her trip to New York next year and how, and I quote, 'super excited' she is.
Ten minutes later, we arrived at the Water Whole to find the boys car was already here.
"Damn!" Georgey shouted, clearly annoyed because she wanted to improve her tan but sitting on the big seat and doing nothing but soak up the sun whilst telling people when to go down the slide. I felt the same, because I knew Chase would take the Doss Job, and I knew Eve would be put down for it too, by my dad. Thanks a bunch dad, I thought to myself, and made a mental note to have a chat with him at the dinner table tonight.
"Why? What's wrong?" Eve said, looking around confused.
"The boys are here first, so they'll have the good jobs. But you get the Doss Job for today, because you need to be shown the ropes." I said, with absolutely no enthusiasm.
"Oh, what's the Doss Job?" Her voice was starting to annoy me already.
"It's exactly what it says on the tin, you do nothing but walk around the water park all day, and if my dad's nowhere to be seen, you can even go for a swim. And you get to do it with another person." My sister said, clearly annoyed too.
The boys never get there before us, they must have gotten up really early this morning. I looked at my watch. 8:00a.m. So that gives me around an hour to sit and chat with everyone, because the park doesn't open until 9:30a.m. Me, Georgey and Eve entered the park, clocked in, showed Eve her locker, loaded up and went to the job hut. The boys were all standing there in their swim shorts laughing. Liam spotted us first, ran over to me and scooped me into his arms. Liam and me were best friends. He was tall, dark and handsome. Literally. He has naturally olive skin as it is, and working at the park gives him that extra golden brown look. His hair is a dark brown colour, pratically black. His eyes were a piercing dark green colour. When we were kids, we had an argument over the fact I should play with barbies because I was a girl. To me, that was the biggest insult when I was younger, to be called a girl, because I always wanted to be one of the guys. My family lives behind the Kenton's, and I was always jumping over the fence with my brother, and sometimes even without him, to play with the brothers. Liam was the one I played with most, because he's my age, whereas Chase, Kyle and Logan are older. Chase and Logan would sometimes say I couldn't play with them because I would get hurt, at which point I would run to their mum saying it wasn't fair. Liam would usually come after me and say that he would play with me, and Chase and Logan were just being mean. But one day, Chase and Liam were playing with their new car set, and I jumped over the fence to play with them too, when Liam told me I couldn't play with them because cars weren't for girls, barbies were. So I picked up a little toy car and through it at his face. Amazingly it hit him, which was surprising because my aim has never been good, despite growing up around boys. Anyway, he had to go to hospital to have the wheel removed, which had buried itself in his cheek. You can still see the scar on his right cheek.
"Liam!" I giggled, trying to act girly. " Liam put me down!" I didn't have to fake laughing though, because Liam through me over his shoulder and tickled my feet. "Liam don't! Liam!" Great, thanks to Liam, my sexy entrance plan has just gone down the tube. Liam eventually put me down, and everyone was just staring at us.
"Whoa" Liam said as he lifted me off his shoulder and put me down.
"What?" I said oblivious to the fact he was referring to my bikini.
"Nice bikini." He said, pointing at me with his man hands. I looked down at myself, and realised this probably wasn't the best thing to do.
"Oh, this old thing?" I said, trying to act cool and collected.
"Can we stop staring at Baileys boobs and discuss where you girls are going to work?" Chase said, much to my disappointment. My brother shifted on his heels to show he wasn't comfortable with the situation. However the thing that annoyed me most about him saying this was the way Eve reacted. She laughed in a mocking way, put her arm on Chase's and told him to 'stop being a meanie'. I just laughed it off what he said, but inside, I was really hurt. My plan to get Chase to realise I was a girl, and not a little kid, wasn't working. I looked over at Liam and he waved his hand at them as if to say don't listen to them and winked at me.
"Eve, you'll be with me on the Doss Job" Chase said with a smile on his face.
"Okay, that's great! What's the Doss Job?" Eve said, laughing.
"Eve I told you what it was not 10 minutes ago." Georgey said. She didn't like Eve already, I could tell, and I knew it wasn't just because she was in the way of me and Chase, but because she is fake. Georgey hates fake people.
"Oh right yeah, silly me, I forgot!" She said, directly to Georgey, her eyes set in a way that said don't mess with me bitch.
"That's alright, I'm sure it's a lot to take in" Georgey replied, this time not trying to hide her sarcasm, meeting Eve's eyes with equal amount of hatred.
"Awkward." Liam said, swinging back and forth on his heels.
"Erm, yeah, well, Georgey if you want the lifeguard position today, I don't mind doing the rubber rings." Logan said to my sister.
"Really?" Georgey said, her eyes glistening. "Thanks Logan, that's really sweet!
She is so in love with him. I caught her eye and gave her the 'well played, real subtle look' and she just gave me the daggers. "Kyle, what are you doing then? I thought that was the whole reason you left early, to get a good job?"
She had a god point, why had Kyle left early?
"I'm working in the shops today, I didn't want to work in the sun, so I decided to come here early to get the best shop, bikini shop!" My brother high fived Chase and winked at him. Boys. Chase and Kyle were only two years older than me and Liam, whereas Logan and my sister were 5, meaning they were 20.
"So, what am I doing?" I asked cautiously.
"Litter picking with me" Liam grinned.
This made me laugh. I was happy doing litter picking if it was with Liam. He makes it fun because he just takes life as one big joke.
"Great, that's fine with me!" Just that second my dad came round the corner.
"Hey guys! I see you've all met Eve! Be nice, she's part of the family now!" My dad liked to think of us all as 'one big family' at the Water Whole, which in some sense, we were. We bickered like one, that was for sure. "Have you all sorted your positions?" Dad asked.
"Yep, we have dad. Oh and by the way, give us a heads up next time you hire someone will you?" My sister asked, not even looking at Eve. I wish I had my sisters confidence sometimes.
"Georgina, don't be rude. Now, off you go, go have some fun before we open, you have just under an hour!" Dad always let us go on the rides before we opened, to test them and have some fun. Liam and Kyle ran straight for the biggest ride, Demented. Dad told Eve he wanted to talk with her for a little, explain things to her, and Jay and Georgey went off into their own little world. Which left me and Chase.
"Where do you want to go then kiddo?" Chase asked me. Was this really happening? Was Chase going to stay with me for a whole hour? Where's the most romantic ride in the park, I thought to myself.
"The rapids?" I said, smiling.
"Sure, whatever you want!" Chase said, resting his hand on my back. "Let's go!" He took my hand and started running to the rapids. I couldn't believe this was happening, usually him, Kyle and Liam had races on the slides to see who was the best every morning, but Chase was choosing to stay with me! Me! We got to the rapids, and Chase chose a double ring (not two singles, one double!). "After you, my lady." He gestured to the ring with his hands and chuckled.
"Why thank you, kind sir." I joked back. I got in the front and he jumped in the back.
"I must say, you do look smoking in that bikini Bailey. A major improvement on that costume." Chase said, in his charming voice. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Chase Kenton was complimenting me! Flirting with me!
"I know right, that costume was horrid." I giggled. Thank god he couldn't see my face, because I couldn't hide the stupid smile on my face even if I tried.
"Yeah, it sure was. Now you just need to take those shorts off."
I just laughed at this, I didn't really know what to say to this. "So what do you think of Eve?" I asked.
"I think she's a real laugh, good to talk to, and fit. Real fit." Chase said.
Eheh, wrong answer!
"Do you two get along at all? I thought I sensed some tension between the two of you this morning at the job hut." Chase asked.
"We don't really speak. She looks down on me at school, really." That was the truth, 110%. Eve was horrible to me at school. She even through at volleyball at my face in P.E once. But I lost my train of thought when Chase started winding a strand of my hair around his finger and caressing my back.
"Hmmm," he mumbled "you have lovely hair, Bailey. I could play with it all day." He said dreamily.
Was this really happening? I pinched myself a little just to make sure i wasn't having a dream again. Nope this was really happening. Chase was fiddling with my hair!
"Well, what can I say." I wanted to play it cool, like I knew how amazing I was. How hard could that be anyway, have you seen me? Hmm.
Chase just laughed. "And you're funny, you know how to take a joke, most girls would have crumbled from the things me and my brothers have said to you over the years, but not you. You've just gotten stronger." He said.
"Well I had to, otherwise you would have all made my life hell." I joked.
"I know. I'm sorry if I've ever over stepped the line. It's just with my brothers always making jabs at me-" Urm, I'm not sure that's entirely true, whenever I've been there, he's always the one making the jabs, it's usually Liam that's on the receiving end, but I let that slide, this moment was too good to be true! "I get snappy. You know I've never meant it when I call you a guy, don't you?"
Actually, I didn't. He rarely insulted me, (probably because my brother didn't like things being said about his little sister and told him to keep a lid on it when it came to saying mean things to me) but when he did it was because I wound him up or sided with Liam in an argument they had, and he'd always call me a guy in a girl's body. Don't get me wrong, I loved being one of the guys, and hated when they called me a girl, but not Chase. It was different when he said I wasn't a girl because that meant he would never love me because, durh, he wasn't gay. But I played along anyway. "Of course I do Chase," I turned around to look him in the eye. "Of course I do." I repeated.
His hand that was fiddling with my hair remained there, but his other hand cupped my face and stroked my chin. "You have lovely eyes, Bailey."
I shuddered under his touch, and under his spell. I looked him straight in those gorgeous, deep blue eyes and smiled. Looking at Chase was like looking at a Greek God. His bone structure was so perfect he could easily be a model if he wanted, which he probably did. His wavy brown hair was in tip top condition, and he had a little stubble on his chin. Sexy. His body matched his face. Perfectly ripped and toned. I shuddered again, just thinking about his body. And then...
"Hey guys, wha'cha doing?" Liam loomed over us with my brother, who looked at his feet uneasily.
Remind me to kill Liam with my litter picker later.
"Just talking. Who won the race down the slide?" Chase slowly removed his hand from my chin and untangled his fingers out my hair. Then he slid out the ring and disappeared in the water. And then the next thing I knew, two large hands grasped my feet and pulled me under. I squealed as Chase dragged me under and trashed about. I surfaced straight away and then was dragged back under. I surfaced again and braced myself for another attack. Nothing.
"Boo!" Two hands grasped my back and made me jump out my skin.
"Liam!" I growled. Chase was standing next to my brother, rubbing his hair with a towel. He looked down at me and winked.
"Yeah. Who did you think it was? Chase?" He said cheekily.
I was going to murder him. "Yes," I said huskily. "Well it was supposed to be him, you goof!" I splashed Liam and headed for the steps. My brother and Chase had already ran for the water slides.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, slightly hurt. Liam had issues with Chase. Issues being he hated him. Everything Liam had or did, chase had to have it better, or do it better. Because of this, he was mummy's and daddy's favourite. So when I said it was supposed to be Chase who I was playing with, he got jealous.
"You know what I mean, it was supposed to be Chase who flirted with me, not you!" I said, a touch of sympathy in my voice because I knew what it was like not to be the favourite. When my mum was pregnant with me, she suffered all sorts of problems, and when I was born, she died the next day. My dad has never really been able to look at me and not see the person who killed the love of his life. So I know how Liam feels to not get any attention off his mum and dad.
"I know, sorry," He looked up at me. For some reason Liam could read me like a book. And when he looked into my eyes I knew he was thinking about my mum. "So, what happened with you and Chase just? I looked over and saw you two were having a bit of a moment!" He grinned at me. Liam didn't like the fact I had a thing for Chase, and he didn't understand it, but he accepted it, sort of. Liam was my spy, he would always text me and tell me when Chase had a girl round and that sort of stuff. The kind of thing a best friend does.
But now I was mad at him. "Yes, we were! Until you and my brother came over! 'Hey guys, wha'cha doing?' Seriously!" I yelled at him. I tried to keep a straight face, but it's hard to stay angry at someone like Liam, who was standing there dripping wet and topless.
"Your brother saw Chase touching your hair, he freaked out and said he wanted to come over and see what was going on. I figured if I said something it would be less awkward than if your brother said something." He said, looking me square in the eye.
Now I felt bad. "Oh, right. Thanks, then." I smiled at him and bent down the water and splashed him, catching him right in the chest.
He grinned at me and pushed me into the water. I should have seen that one coming. I swam over to the steps and Liam reached his hand out to me. I grabbed it and yanked him into the water, rushing up the steps before he could grab my ankles. He surfaced and grinned at me, brushing the hair from his face. Whoa, I nearly fell into the rapids at the sight of him, his body glistening in the sun.
"I should have seen that one coming. We've all taught you well over the years I see." Liam said, taking all for steps at a time. I looked down at his powerful legs as he pushed himself up four steps. Again, whoa.
"Yep, I had to learn, otherwise I would have been road-kill." I said, my voice a little shaky.
Liam shoulder barged me and pointed towards the wave pool opposite the rapids. "Chase and Kyle have turned the waves on, let's go!" He grabbed my hand and started running for the wave pool.
I ran to his side, I didn't like being pulled anywhere. We raced each other to the pool, he beat me, but only by a little.
"Your getting quick Bails!" My brother hollered from the life-guard post.
I smiled at him. "I know right, got to be to keep up with Liam. But I could easily take the rest of you." I squeezed Liam's hand to let him know this was my apology for the Chase jab earlier. He squeezed it back to say thanks.
Chase didn't look happy. "Oh yeah, wanna bet?"
Oops, I forgot about Chase. He didn't like Liam being accused of being better than him, so this was a huge insult. "Erm," I didn't know what else to say. I didn't want to anger Chase anymore, but I had to save face now I'd said it. "Yeah, what's the stakes?" Oh God, I could never win this.
"Loser has to dive off Top Rock." Chase grinned at me. Top Rock was the highest dive point in the water park. And boy was it high. Some of the cliffs down at the Bay weren't as high as this baby. Hardly anyone jumped off it when the park was open, only idiots who wanted gain some street cred. So Liam was highly experienced in jumping off this.
I swallowed. "Deal." I felt Liam tense a little before I let his hand go and walked over to the life guard post to shake on it.
My brother stepped in the way. "No way! Bailey, you can't win!" He generally sounded concerned. Awh.
"Well she said she could take any of us Kyle, why not let her prove it." Chase chuckled.
My brother turned around and actually squared up to Chase, a little. "My sister is not jumping of Top Rock. No way." What the hell is wrong with this day?! Next thing I know, a giant cookie will roll into the water park!
"Bailey?" Chase looked past my brother and at me.
I didn't really want to jump off Top Rock, but I didn't want to admit that, especially not to Chase. "I said deal, didn't I?" I smiled at my brother, who just gave me daggers and moved out my way.
"Excellent!" Chase led me to a straight strip of ground, around 100 meters long.
Fantastic. I was going to have to jump off Top Rock, because there was no way out of this. If I won, Chase would never be able to live it down, and he would hate me, but if I lost, then I'd have to jump off Top Rock. I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut, frankly.
"What's going on?" My sister and Logan wandered over, curious to why we had all huddled.
"Bailey and Chase are having a race - loser jumps off Top Rock." My brother said in a sour tone. What was up with him today?
My sisters mouth hit the floor. "You are not jumping off Top Rock Bailey!"
I rolled my eyes at her. "No, because I'm going to win."
"Ppft, good luck with that." Chase snorted.
I eyed him. He actually looked kind of nervous. My plan had been to let him win, and just jump off Top Rock, but heck, I hated loosing, another perk of growing up with boys. "I don't need the luck, you will though." I readied myself for the race.
Logan stepped in-between us. "First to cross the cones wins."
"Wait, wh-" I began to ask him, but then I saw Liam was putting cones out 100 meters away. I thought he put my cone a little closer, but I couldn't be sure. "Oh."
"On you marks. Get set. Go!"
We both got a good start, and we were neck and neck for about 70 meters, but then I started to pull ahead, and then a bit more, and more, and next thing I know, I've crossed the cone. I looked behind me to see Chase cross the cones after me. He looked mad.
"Whoooooa!" Liam came over to me, holding his hand up for me to high five. "Nice one Bails!"
I high fived him, adrenalin pumping through me. Only then did I realise what this meant for me and Chase: he would hate me and dote off Eve and never want to speak to me again. I looked over at him, and he was receiving jabs to the stomach from Logan and Kyle. My sister looked over to me and grinned, but shuck her head at the same time.
"So, you got beat by a girl, how does this feel Mr Kenton?" Liam said in a TV presenter voice, and held an imaginary micro phone to his mouth.
I laughed with everyone else, but I really wish Liam never did this.
Chase looked at Liam like he wanted to kill him. "Harhar, hilarious. So we gonna do this or not?" He gestured to Top Rock.
"You don't have too, it was only a silly bet!" I jumped in, hoping this would make him forgive me a little more.
"No no, a bets a bet right? I would have made you do it, so it's only fair I should too." Chase said.
"Let's go then!" Liam smirked. He dashed over to the area and positioned himself so he could see Chase.
"I'm sorry." I whispered to Chase as we walked over.
"What for?"
"For not letting you win." I bit my lip.
Chase let out a deep laugh. "Don't be Bailey, you're quick, what's to be sorry for?" He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.
Whoa, my body shuddered under in touch again. We got to Top Rock and Chase climbed up. He went right to the edge and saluted all of us looking up at him. I heard Liam and Kyle laughing behind me but I couldn't turn around. I was under Chases spell. He was truly a beautiful person. His strong biceps tensed as he stepped off the rock, his stomach glistening in the sunlight, the water running down him. He smacked the water and managed to splash us all. Around 40 seconds passed and Chase still hadn't swam to the surface.
"Where is he?!" I panicked.
"Relax, he'll be fine." Liam said.
I didn't even listen to Liam. I dived into the water and opened my eyes. The chlorine stung like a bitch, but I shuck that off, I had a terrible feeling Chase was in trouble.
The next thing I knew, a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me to a little air whole under Top Rock that I never even knew was there.
"What the hell?" I said, coughing. I rubbed my eyes from the chlorine and let them adjust to the darkness. "Chase?"
"Yeah?" He mumbled.
"What, what the hell is going on?" I was slightly annoyed with him for making me worry he had drowned.
"I'm trying to make the feel nervous that I have actually drowned. I knew you'd be the first to jump in, so I figured I'd let you in on the plan." He laughed at his idea of scaring me half to death.
"You idiot! I was really worried!" But I laughed too. It was a good idea. "Wouldn't they have seen me swimming here though?"
"No, your bubbles would have covered you from when you jumped in. How'd you think I got here?" He said, proud of himself for thinking this through.
Just then, I heard someone jump into the water. Two people. Three people. Then: Bailey! Liam. Chase! Logan. Bailey, Chase! Kyle.
"We should go back, besides they'll know we're playing a prank on them." I was about to swim under when Chase caught me arm.
"I know, but I like being here. With you, it's nice." He scouted over to me a bit more and put his hand on mine. "Cosy." He smiled at me.
"Bailey!" Liam hollered. I could tell he was freaking out.
"How nice of my brother to care about me." Chase said, sarcastically.
"Bailey!" Liam was really starting to panic now. "For God's sake Bailey, where the heck are ya'll!"
"I should go, Chase, it's not fair." My head was saying one thing, but my heart was saying you idiot! I took a big breathe and swam away from Chase. When I surfaced, Liam and Kyle immidiently grabbed one arm each and dragged me to the side.
"Bailey! Bailey, can you hear me?! Bailey!" Liam yelled down my ear.
"Yes you blithering idiot I can hear you! I'm fine!"
Kyle and Logan had gone back for Chase, but he shuck them off laughing.
"You pair had us worried sick, you know that!" Georgey cried.
I looked at Chase and laughed. He winked at me and stuck his fist out. I pounded it and giggled. Then I looked at Liam.
"Will you relax Liam! We wanted to freak you out, it's no biggie!" I patted his shoulder and stood up.
"No biggie?! Bailey I thought you had drowned."
"Why are you over reacting so much Liam?" Chase asked, smirking. "She was with me. She was fine."
"Well you're both okay, that the main thing, right?" My sister said.
"Exactly! What time is it, anyway" I asked, desperately wanting to change the subject.
"9.00a.m, so we have half an hour. Who fancy's jut chilling in the staff hut?" Kyle said.
We all agreed and made our way to the staff hut. For the rest of the half hour we chatted, laughed, joked and acted like our normal dysfunctional family.


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