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Just Like Old Times

Novel By: SunnyDelight

Three families, three friendships, three kids, three months, six adults, one cabin. Five years ago three families moved to three different states, the Carson’s went to Iowa, the Jackson’s went to North Carolina, and the Aarons when to California, the families vowed they wouldn’t lose touch but one day led to the next and after about a year they broke their vow. Now five years later, the three families decide to spend the summer at their old vacation spot, a old lake with a cabin looking over it, so when the friends reunite? Will it be like old times? Will the kids, now young adults, still be as comfortable around each other? And can love and friendship last five years?

Dayton: Being the most popular boy in the school is how he rolls, Dayton cant be tamed when it comes to girls, sports, and parties but when he parents tell him he has to spend the summer at their old lake house they bought with their old friends he cant help but hate them all, he thinks his summer is over and he will not be happy about spending it with two dorky kids he used to be friends with.

Lucile: A glass of Ice tea and a good romance novel and Lucy is set, Her summer plans consisted of a pool, her best friend, Jamie, and a fabulous tan but when her parents tell her about the lake she cant help but be excited about seeing her old friends, she only hopes they are just the same as they were before.

Noah: His old ratty guitar and picture of her is all that keeps him around his old run down Iowa town, his summer was suppose to him in a bus riding around America with his small time band but when his parents let him know about the cabin he hides how excited he really is, seeing Lucile and Dayton would be like old times, or so he thought.
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Chapter one

After a hundred miles of seeing nothing but tobacco and dirt I started to get anxious, I started to think to much about Noah and Dayton. I know five years has changed them both but I can only hope for the better. So once we passed the sign that says 'Carrington lake 7 miles' I couldn't help but get butterflies in my tummy. I looked down at my watermelon painted nails that were clutching the edge of my light purple denim shorts and hoped they wouldn't think that I changed to much. Five years ago I was chubby, with long frizzy blonde hair and a simple look to my face, I glanced in the mirror and sighed. I was a small as a stick now, thanks to puberty and softball, I was still as short, maybe reaching 5'3 now, if that. And my hair was insanely curly and it only hit my shoulders. I grew into my looks, now I could even admit I was a pretty seventeen year old, however I didn't flaunt it like most would.

"Look Luce you can see the cabin!" My mom reached back and patted my leg, her long hot pink nails scratched my leg lightly but I didn't tell her. I scooted across the back seat of our Chevy Malibu and looked to where she was pointed, I smiled remembering all the summers I spent in that cabin, now however it was rundown and unused, no one had taken care of it since we left. I felt a ping in my chest when I saw how abounded it looked.

"We should have came back." I told my parents, I reached down and shoved my Ipod and my book in my over the shoulder purse and pushed on my Nike tennis shoes. I could feel dad turn down the old dirt lane, the mail box was now pushed over and beat up. I sighed, making a mental note to fix it.

"Look everyone is already here!" My mom cooed as we pulled up and parked in our normal parking spot. We got the middle tree over looking the lake. I looked out the window, not getting out just yet and I only saw Dayton, he was know wearing a polo shirt instead of his old basketball t-shirts and athletic shorts that his mom used to make him wear. I looked around, trying to find Noah but I didn't see him anywhere.

"Lets go baby!" My mom opened up her door and stepped out, she was wearing her favorite heels which made her about five inches taller than my dad. The Aaron's, Dayton's family, ran up and hugged us first, Lea kissed me all over my cheeks and wiggled me around. I couldn't help but feel like I was back home.

"You grew up!" Dan laughed and traded spots with his wife, hugging me and kissing my cheeks. He patted down some curls that were flying in the wind and pinched my ear, like he always used to.

"So did you old man." I joked and patted his hair, which was starting to grey. The Carsons waved at us, they were unpacking and moving there things into to the house. Mia had her brown hair all cut off and spiked up while Greg looked exactly the same. I noticed Dayton never turned around and said hi to me. So I started walking his way when I heard the familiar battle cry that always gave me shivers.

"NOAH!" I screamed and took a running leap into his opened arms. He didn't look the same at all. His once short brown hair was long and in dread locks, he was taller and much tanner. He was all in all a extreme hottie. He licked the side of my face, making me almost cry with happiness, he hadn't changed a bit.

"I missed you so much Lulu!" He used to nick name and crushed me to his chest, he had the body of a swimmer and it felt good agents me. He wiggled me more into his chest and my feet were still off the ground.

"Im so happy to see you!" I hugged myself closer and we just stayed like that for a while, that is until I heard Dayton clear his throat. Noah set me down but kept his arm securely around me. I looked at Dayton and he was also very good looking, he was a jock now and you could defiantly tell he wasn't the same old dorky kid he used to be. His once glasses covered eyes were hidden by blue covered contacts, his eyes used to be the prettiest green.

"What's up man!" Noah walked closer, opening his arms up for a hug but Dayton rolled his eyes and turned around and walked away. I looked at Noah with a sad expression on my face.

"I guess we aren't good enough for him anymore." I sighed and walked back into Noah's arms, I smiled, knowing we would stick together this summer, no matter what.


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