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Love Me Like Our Worlds Gunna End

Novel By: SunnyDelight

For Fancy true love was only a idea, never a reality. She didnt have the best role modles either, her mom and dad were married for a year, long enough to produce Fancy then they split and her mom never remarried and her dad couldnt stop. Then the summer she turns 18 her plan was to fall head over heels in love, but her plans get crushes when her dad askes her and her half sister to spend the summer with im and his crew on his ship, Diamond in the Rough, looking to ship wrecks with lost treasure. There first stop..The Titanic, however when a storm threatends everyones life on the ship Fancy and her half sister and her old bubby get thurst back in time, they wake up on the deck of the Titanic, in 1912. View table of contents...


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One thing I hate about boats is that they sink, Plop right into the bottom of the ocean to never resurface. There are many great ships that have sunk, Andria Doria for example, and RMS Rhone, and no one can forget the infamous Titanic. So when my dad pressured me to spend the summer along his ship, Diamond in the Rough, I wasn't to keen on the idea of dieing in a ship wreck in the middle of some freezing cold ocean. My sister however was more than excited to go, we were more soppiest than salt and pepper her and I were. She was brunette, I was blonde, she had brown eyes, I had blue, she loved outside, I always got burnt, she doesn't believe in true love, I cant stop trying to find mine. There is a reason we are so different though, we have different moms, same dad but insanely different moms. Martha's mom was a author that lived in the big city, they spent there days reading books and going on City adventures all year while my mother and I lived in a two story farm house in the small town of Greenville in farm country Illinois. My mom worked at a small bakery about seven miles from where we lived and I spent my days sitting on a old rickety porch trying to knock some sense in my redneck best friend.

"Holy crap Fancy do you have enough junk?" Nick, my dads newest project, grabbed the last of my bags and hauled them onto the deck of the giant white ship. Nick was a few years older than me, I think he was twenty or twenty one, and he was a tall blonde handsome Russian that loved the ocean but couldn't join the navy because he shattered his knee cap in twelfth grade when he slid into a base playing baseball in P.E, I remember it was the worst scream I had ever heard. So now he got a job on the ship and seemed pretty happy.

"It isn't junk." I stuck my tongue out and my friend and he rolled his eyes and lugged my bags to my room, or whatever its called when your on a ship. After Nick showed me to my room he tipped his hat to me and ran back up the stares to get back to his job, whatever that was. Martha wasn't here yet so we couldn't sail off into the sunset quite yet.

"So clean." I muttered to myself. Everything was so white, so plain. I opened up the first suit case I found and started tossing my clothes around, making the room look like someone actually lived in it instead of it just being a temporary bed that I slept in.

"You make a mess everywhere you go don't you?" Jumping have way out of my skin I turned around, I was breathing heavy and my hand was over my heart. I glared daggers at my dad who was standing in the doorway with a bright yellow cap covering up his balding head and he wore the same yellow color shirt with DTR on it. He looked nothing like a sailor, which I half expected everyone to be dressed like.

"I guess its just something you'll have to get used to." I smiled at him and tied my long blonde curls into a pony tale with a light pink ribbon that matched my socks. I decided to just wear a T shirt with my school name on it and a pair of mid thigh jean shorts and my Nike tennis shoes.

"I guess so." Dad smiled at me and took another step into my room, pushing around my clothes that were by now everywhere. The bed just had a grey wool blanket on it and white sheets and pillows so that was so boring, I would some how find some dye on the ship to living up the sheets.

"Martha here yet?" I asked him while I started to unpack some more of my stuff, this time I actually put it in drawers that were made into the wall.

"She just arrived." Dad told me, I looked out my room and seen Martha trying to flirt with Nick while he tried to carry her bags down to her room too. I chuckled when I saw him roll his eyes at her. She was boy crazy that's for sure.

"Fancy!" She yelled and took a running leap to me.


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