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Summer Of '40

Novel By: SunnyDelight

~“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”~

In the summer of 1940 Winnies parents moved her from the big city to some small town on the coast on North Carolina. While getting to know her new home for the next summer she starts to think that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, that maybe this summer would not be like all the other boring ones she has made it through. Then one night with all the bright lights and fun music, she sees a boy running around the carnival with a hand pull of cotton candy, and she cant help but think he might be the one to make her summer the best one she has ever had. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 17, 2011    Reads: 72    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

A/N: Hello Booksie!Iwant to thank everyone that is giving this novel a go!This is my first novel I've posted on Booksie and I would really love and apperciate if you would comment and tell me what you think of this novel and the good and the bad about it. Thank you so much and I hope you Enjoy :) ~SunnyDelight

Chapter one

3rd person Pov



A pretty, young, brown haired nurse walked down the silent halls of the third floor of the hospital, checking on all of the elderly patients. Her scrubs tonight were pink, with cute white bunnies on them, a symbol that summer is so close you can almost touch it. She peaked her head into every room, making sure she heard the familiar beep of the monitor. It was well past ten and all the old folks had been asleep since eight. Down the hall wal, maybe seven doors from where the nurse was, she could hear a simple old song being played. A quite jazz number that wasn't from this decade, or the last few. Looking on all the other people she finally got to the small room with a single old lady laying in a bed, a huge warm quilt covered up her small frail body. The nurse walked in, slightly closing the door hind her. The old woman looked over and put her crooked finger to her lips, telling the nurse to keep quite until the song was over. The woman's wrinkled face was turned up into a beautiful smile, you could tell she was remembering everything that happened while she was listening to this song. The last piano key played and the song shut off, leaving the two woman alone in the room, with nothing but there thoughts floating around them. The nurse picked up a photo on the woman's bedside table, two teenage kids smiled at each other, the boy was in a old letter jacket and the girl was in a pretty pokadotted dress, smiling up at the boy, as he smiled down at her.

"That was a lovely song." The young nurse sat down on the recliner that was beside the woman's bed. She smiled and handed the photo back to the woman who looked down at it and lightly ran her thumb over the mans face.

"That song was playing when we first danced." She smiled at the nurse who gave her fresh water every day. They hadn't gotten to the talking basis yet but that might change tonight, the nurse thought.

"Is he the man that always comes in a brings you flowers?" The nurse asked, every day at seven o'clock when visitors were allowed the same man would bring her a dozen pink roses and stay with her all day until the night nurse made him leave at eight.

"Yes, he gets so scared sometimes." She smiled again, her face, even though was withered with age, was beautiful.

"Im Francie by the way." The nurse held out her French tipped nailed hand for the woman to shake.

"Its lovely to meet you Francie, Im Winifred but I prefer Winnie." The two woman shook hands and sat in silence for a few moments.

"Would you mind telling me your and this mans story?" Francie asked sweetly and admired the photo again, she thought of her boyfriend who was just deployed, she missed him more than she had ever missed anything.

"I thought you would never ask." Winnie got that look in her old green eyes and looked at the wall smiling, thinking about where she should start.

"Well it all started on June 9th, 1940.....................


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