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a vampire romance

Novel By: suzyq2

another dream i've had that i thought people would enjoy reading. View table of contents...


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Just another dream. . .

Chapter 1

I run down the street. Panting and puffing, cause i'm a big girl. Praying to get to the school in time for my son's party. My sister had already taken my youngest and gone. She'd had no room in the car for me. So if i wanted to be there, i had to hot-foot it to the school.

Stopping to rest in front of the post office, i had to use my inhaler. Getting my breathing under control, i once again started running. Praying i'd get there in time. The school finally coming into sight, i tried to pour on some more speed. Hobbling as my hip and knees started to hurt unbearably. I stopped at the snack hut close to the school. Needing to sit for just a moment. Noone was around. They were all at the school. Trying to catch my breath, i searched my pockets for my inhaler. Then remembered that i'd forgotten it. I suddenly started coughing hard, fighting for breath. Once i got it under control, i was seeing black spots dancing in front of my eyes. Taking as deep a breath as i dared, i tried to steady myself. Then i heard a weird noise, which had me spooked. It was starting to get dark, and i had to hurry to see the last of the show. Standing, i started to step away from my seat when i was grabbed from behind. Before i could scream, i felt a
piercing pain in my neck.

Oh my gods it hurt so bad at first, like a super sized needle times two. Then it went numb, i started to feel like i was drifting on a cloud. My body was limp, very relaxed. I could feel a pull from deep inside, almost sensual in nature. I was dropped to the pavement, and everything was so fuzzy and dark. So tired. Next thing i know, someone was frocing something down my throat. It was tangy, yet had a metallic taste. I didn't want to swallow. But had to once my nose was held closed. I had to breathe. I swallowed and was released, but something was wrong with my eyes. I couldn't see anything. Only blur's. Apparently i passed out or something, for when i opened my eyes again i was in a hospital. I heard people talking. Saying i was lucky to have survived the attack. I didn't understand, what attack? Everything was so confused in my mind. The last thing i remembered was sitting at the snack shack.

Then someone entered the cubicle where i was laying. I looked at them and tried to ask what had happened. I couldn't speak, my throat hurt too bad. I reached up and felt my neck. It was thickly bandaged. I noticed that my arms were bandaged too, i felt along my head and found that it too was swathed with bandages. I started to panic, my breathing becoming eratic, pulse racing, setting the machines into a frenzy of beeping. The nurse whom had come in stepped to my side, trying to soothe me. When she couldn't, she got the doctor whom injected a syringe into the iv. I felt a slight burning, then started calming. I then noticed that i had two iv's. One was for blood. I looked at the doctor questioningly. Touched my throat and shook my head no. He seemed to understand what i meant and got me a pad of paper and a pen. I started writing as best i could. But he couldn't read it. I was thinking that was a switch, i usually couldn't read doctors writing.

I then heard a loud commotion outside the curtains encircling my cubicle. It was my two daughters arguing with the nursing staff. I caught the doctors attention. Signaling that i wanted my girls in here with me. The doctor went out and brought them both in. They raced over to me, one on either side of the bed. Hugging the stuffing out of me. Crying, saying they thought i was going to die. I pushed them back slightly. Showing them i wanted my phone by holding my hand to my ear as if it were one. Angel understood what i wanted and pulled hers out. I shook my head no, i couldn't use her full keyboard. She asked the doctor where my phone was. He pointed to my bag of belongings under the bed. Brandy pulled it out cause angel was too pregnant to bend over comfortably. She handed it to me and i slide it open. Typing out a message. Angel read it to the doctor. I asked what had happened. The doctor started explaining, that i had been found unconcious, and
bleeding badly from several w

That it looked as if i had been attacked by some sort of animal. Bite marks ripping and tearing flesh from my arms and neck. My neck being the worst wound. It looked as if i had bounced my head off of the pavement, causing a minor concussion. Someone had seen me laying there and called the ambulance. Whom called in lifelite. I was barely holding onto life. Bleeding badly from the wounds. By this time, the paramedics had bandaged me as best they could and started an saline drip. My family was standing there, scared that they were losing me. At this point angel took over the story. Sitting on the edge of my bed, holding me like she was afraid i was going somewhere. Brandy copying her on the other side of the bed. I was confused and astounded at what they were telling me.

Angel said that gabriel is the one whom had found me and called 911. Then he called her and told her that i was badly hurt. She had sent him to the store for some munchie's. It ended the show as she had screamed out in denial. Everyone had raced to the spot and couldn't believe their eyes. My brother-in-law then gathered some of his friends together to try to hunt down whatever had done this. The cops helping them in their endeavor's. I was speechless. Even if i could have talked, nothing would have come out. Noone ever seemed to want anything to do with me unless they needed me to do something for them. The doctor took over again.

Lifelite would only allow one person to accompany me on the flight. Angel won out. Apparently they needed someone i knew to calm me if i regained conciousness while in the air. The doctor said that my heart had arrested in flight. They revived me using the paddles. I thought to myself that it was a good thing i hadn't signed a DNR yet. The doctor finished up by saying that when i arrived, they started transfusing me. While also suturing my wounds. I lay there stunned, my mind unable to process everything. I started feeling dizzy and closed my eyes, falling to sleep almost instantly. My dreams chased themselves around in my head, of the attack, shadowy figures, and pain. I awoke screaming weakly.

When i opened my eyes. Someone was standing over me. I tried to scream again. A male voice started soothing me. Explaining that he was sorry for going to far in his feeding. I shook my head in confusion, figuring that i was still dreaming for his words made no sense to me. I reached for the control at my side, to turn on the lights above my bed. My heart pounding, i clicked the switch. All i could see in the sudden light was his chest and down. He was wearing jeans and some sort of sweater. I was frustrated, i for some reason needed to see his face. Apparently understanding what i was trying to do, he stepped closer to the light and my bed. My eyes grew large. He was gorgeous. Now i knew i was dreaming.

Thick, luxurious black hair. Almost black eyes. Lips that looked as if they would be heaven to kiss. Broad shoulders, narrowing down to a trim waist. He looked to be hispanic. And i couldn't help but to drool at the total package. He took my hand in his and knelt by the side of the bed. Telling me once again that he was so sorry, that he just couldn't seem to stop himself as he usually did. That he hadn't lost control like that since he'd first been turned. I was still dazed by how gorgeous he was. His words sinking into my brain slowly. Hearing a noise only he could hear, he stood and stepped back from me. Saying he'd be back soon to speak some more. So saying, he left.

A nurse entered the room as i looked around for where he'd gone. He'd disappeared, so i decided to keep what had happened to myself. She checked my vitals then asked me some questions, after handing me my phone so i could type out the answers. She was checking to make sure the concussion hadn't caused any problems. Then she asked if there was anything she could get me. I typed out that i'd like some diet coke and some pudding's. Lots of both cause i was so thirsty and hungry. She left to she what she could do. As the cafeteria was closed. Apparently my family had been talked into heading home. I then went online to check on my friends on moba. I had been offline for over 24 hours and was suffering withdrawls. My mail was flooded with letters asking if i was ok. What had happened. So i started answering them as fast as i could.

After finishing with the mail, i put up a blog, saying i'd be alright but offline for a few days while i recovered. I then shut off my phone so i could sleep some more. As i did so, the nurse returned with a couple of diet coke 1 liters and several little pudding cups in many flavors. I nodded my thanks and started drinking thirstily. Half the bottle later, i set it down and had to push the button for help. I needed to answer the call of nature and was too weak to make it myself. After finishing that, she helped me back into bed. I was so weak. I drifted back to sleep with her checking my vitals again.


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