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Troublesome Foursome

By: Sweetchick1998

Chapter 1, Promises, lies, secrets, the truth?... Are they all best kept to thy self? Sometimes we go along telling the smallest of lies, when in the end it won\'t just be the truth being told. Well in my life, I\'ll blow your mind with the secrets I with-hold! I\'m Tarrah, and this is my life... Secret with in secrets, lies told with in lies... Bad? Good? Guess you\'ll just have to find out!

With her hair pulled aside to the left, resting in the crook of her neck and shoulder, she could see the two men argumenting. Tarrah knew peeking around the shelve on the 13th aisle, with her friends snickering and trailing behind her, wasn't a good way to spend her Saturday. Ofcourse it wouldn't be, right... "What are they doing? More blow than kiss?" Tarrah couldn't help but roll her eyes at Britney's comment, though it wasn't a surprise comment coming from her, the three girls behind Tarrah just giggled like little fish. "Seriously, why would two dangerous looking men me blowing each other? The way you think... Only you Brit." "Maybe this isn't safe guys, maybe we should just leave..." "Seriously Rhi, stop being such a wuss. Were just looking to see if they'll cause any trouble." Tammy, the 'nerd' in this group 5... "I'm not, and then what do you call four girls watching two men, ready to lunge at each other, without them even knowing?" "It's called being anywhere but in a conversation with y-," "Hey! C'mon guys just be quiet huh? Look they're leaving!" The four girls stood watched the two men disappear behind the big black doors at the back of the aisle. "One, two... Three! Let's go!" Tarrah, Britney, Rhiley and Rowling, trailed behind each other: pink panthering out of the door. Suddenly they all walked into each others back, staggering back with their hands on their foreheads and noses. "What the hell Ta-," "Shh! Listen..." With the three girls throwing Tarrah glances with the 'what?!-' look on their faces, before hearing the sound of silent whisper. "... I don't care what you so with the body, I just suggest you get rid of it!" Oh my gosh! "Body? Are they talking about a person's body? Cause if they are we better-" "Who's there?" Shit... "Nicely done Row!" Britney was that type of girl that could never keep her mouth shut, no matter the situation! "What are you girls doing here?!" Looking at each other once more before staring frightfully at the two men before them. "Run!" Tarrah shouted, spinning on their heels, with the two men on their tail, Tarrah couldn't help but think about what trouble they were getting in today. But, trouble was these girls's second names... They weren't called the Troublesome Foursome for nothing!

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