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Novel By: swimFire

For IcyDibs402/ Shortie's challenge.
Um...comments and 'Likes' much appreciated, you read my stuff I'll read yours :)

So the plot I was given to work with was "a dog causes two people to meet."
So let's see how this goes. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 27, 2009    Reads: 370    Comments: 42    Likes: 13   

"It's so…Disturbia like."Olivia said, flopping onto Rachel's bed. "I mean, how creepy is that?" She looked at a bruise on her knee. "Did you have any idea?"
"No, Olivia." Rachel repeated, for what seemed like the tenth time the last two minutes. "I had no idea my neighbor was a murderer."
"Now if only you had been under house arrest and you and some hot guy had been spying on him the whole time.." Olivia said. "Like, it's like theymade Disturbia based off of your life story, which hadn't even happened yet!"
"I don't plan to punch out my Spanish teacher though." Rachel pointed out.
"That's creepy, O." Kristen sighed. "That's just bizarre."
"Maybe some hot guy will move in."
"Olivia! Stop hitting on my neighbors!" Rachel begged.
"The ones that don't even live there yet." Kristen added.
"I'm sure no one will want to move in there." Rachel said. "I mean, if people had been murdered in my house, I'm not sure I'd want to live here."
"Well, if people were killed in your house, you'd have killed them. You've lived here the entire time the house has been standing." Olivia pointed out. Rachel threw a pillow at her.
"You're both twisted."
"What did I do?" Kristen protested.
"If you want a good example of 'twisted,' you can go look at your murderer neighbor over there." Olivia protested.
"He's in jail, I don't plan to go look at him." Rachel said.
Olivia was staring out the window. "I really hope a hot guy moves in over there."
"I'm sure no one's going to want to live there."
"Haven't we been over this already?" Kristen said. "Let's go for a walk."
"No, I'll have to take Melissa with." Rachel sighed.
"What?" Melissa came into Rachel's room.
"Nothing. Go away." Rachel demanded. "Stupid little sister."
"Why would we have to take her?" Olivia asked.
"Because I apparently don't spend enough time with my sister." Rachel said, not realizing that Melissa was now sitting on her bed next to Olivia. "And I refuse to go for a walk with her. I'd be walking her, not Ginger."
"Even if we all went? We'd still have to take her?" Kristen clarified.
"Can we ask?"
"I guess." Rachel relented.
Ten minutes later and one almost-screaming-match, Rachel, Olivia, Kristen, and Rachel's miniature pinscher Ginger were successfully out of the house, without Melissa.
"Can we go walk past your neighbor's house? Pleasepleaseplease!?" Olivia begged. "I can't believe your neighbor's a murderer!"
"You're twisted. You're going to be the next neighborhood murderer." Kristen teased.
"I most certainly am not! I'm as repulsed by that thought as you are!"
"Who said I was repulsed? Maybe I'm extremely intrigued." Kristen said, pulling Ginger out of the middle of the road. "Let's try to not get hit by a car, there." She said, as a little red car drove past, followed by a moving truck.
"Where are there houses for sale in my neighborhood?" Rachel said thoughtfully. "The only one I can think of is…"
"Did you see that guy in the backseat?" Olivia screeched. "He was hot!"
"Hun, you're screaming." Kristen said, but she was standing on her tiptoes, watching the little red car drive down the road.
"Oh my God." Rachel said, suddenly walking faster. "Wait, guys, I have to see this."
"'Wait,' she says, as she walks faster." Kristen pointed out.
"Shut up, shut up, come on!" Rachel was jogging now.
"Rachel! You're sprinting! Not all of us did cross country freshman year!" Olivia complained.
"And not all of us are walking a blind min pin!" Kristen added. "Come on, Ginger."
"Come on! Come on!" Rachel was jumping up and down. "I…oh my God, guys, you're going slow on purpose now."
"No. I'm walking a blind dog. I'm watching out for six feet, and I have enough problems watching my own two." Kristen said.
"Give me the dog. Let's go." Rachel demanded. "Come on."
"Rachel…" Olivia complained.
"Olivia, there will be a hot guy there."
"Ok. Come on, Kristen, let's go." Olivia was suddenly all ready. Kristen handed the leash to Rachel, who scooped Ginger up and started awkwardly jogging along the side of the road.
"You need sidewalks." Kristen complained.
"That's what you get when you live in unincorporated areas." Rachel said over her shoulder. "No sidewalks..."
"Murderers."Olivia supplied
"I was going to say legal bonfires, actually." Rachel said. "Okay, and we're walking, and we're walking…" She slowed down. "Look natural."
"Put the dog down, that might help." Kristen said.
"Yeah, that might help a lot." Olivia said. The three girls stopped, took a few deep breaths tomake sure they were 'natural' looking, then slowly proceeded down the street.
"So what are we looking for, exactly?" Kristen asked.
"Wait, wait… Look at the moving truck."
"Um… It's got Iowa plates?"
"Yeah, yeah. Look where it's parked."
"The grass."
Rachel sighed impatiently. "Come on, guys. Look. Think."
"Ginger, tell me what you see." Kristen said with a straight face.
"Kristen! Seriously! Look! At! The! Truck!"
"Um…rented from Allied, got Iowa plates, lovely parking job there, all in the grass…Oh. Oh."
"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Rachel clarified.
"I believe so."
"Tell me!" Olivia whined.
"Look." Rachel and Kristen said at the same time.
"We were just talking about it."
"No sidewalks."
"Getting there, getting there."
"The Academy Is…." Rachel said.
"Academy is what?" Olivia said blankly.
"The Academy Is. Complete with a dot dot dot at the end."
"I believe that's called an ellipsis." Rachel said.
"Whatever." Kristen rolled her eyes.
"What is it though?" Olivia said.
"They're a band." Rachel said.
"Oh. Okay. Um… Are…"
"Look at where the truck's parked." Kristen said.
"In the grass, didn't we decide that already?"
"But look who's grass."
"Is that…Are you sure?"
"Yes, yes I am. Ginger!" Kristen pulled the dog out of the middle of the road. "I know you're blind, but come on!"
"Okay, look natural." Rachel repeated one last time. "Let's do this."
And, that said, three girls and a blind dog walked past a murderer's house, with a moving truck and a little red car parked in front.


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