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Unwanted Protector

Novel By: swords edge

life is hard for trailer trash Grace who's mother had never been able to hold a job, or a descent boyfriend.but everthing siprels even more out of control for her when she saves guy named James from to other men who wanted to kill him. after she helped him and brought him to his friends place she thinks that shew will never see him again, but then after the christmas break he shows up at her school and tells her that he's a gang leader who is sworn to be her body guard until his dept is payed 10fold.
so now Grace is being protected by a powerful gang leader,
as if high school wasn't hard enough, now she has to worry about the rival gangs coming after her because of her protector that she didn't want in the first place! the worst part is she might be falling for him, and he might feel the same way.

this is my very first book i ever wrote, i finished it a few years back and will edit it soon. so be warned, my grammer back then was bad. but it's a good story! View table of contents...


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Chapter one

Grace walked down the dark streets of New Orleans L.A.

Being 17 and walking down the smoky streets of the 8th dangerous city in the US at 7 pm you would guess she was crazy. Well your quit far from it, in truth she knew what she was doing. You see her mother, her and her little sister, who just turned 2, lived in a trashy trailer in side an old trailer park because her mother couldn't hold a job or she was found smoking on the business property and was fired. Graces mom was lazy and didn't like to do things that could be done by some one else. This is way Graces father left her mother when grace was 14.

A month latter he lost the battle for Graces custody and so he only got to see her twice a month. And the month after her mom won custody she found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl and that Graces father was the same dad but he got no custody of her ether, so Grace was stuck with her lazy mother, who choose the worst boy friends by the way, and baby Ethel, who was a perfect angel if she got a 2 hour nap every day, and so this explains why she was walking out this late at night.

Because her mother didn't think it was important to pick grace up from her job which was probably the only thing that kept them form being kicked out of their trash trailer.

She didn't usely walk home this late usely her shift ended at 5:30 but they had to extend her hours because some one was fired, but she was ok with it because she was paid over time.

The street lamps flickered over head pulling Grace from her daze. She realized that she had walked into a dark alley way. the flickering light was the light bulb of the only lamp in the alley going out.

"oh come on!" she breathed pulling out her pepper spray and tap recorder from her back pack.

She had a tap recorder because of the gang fights that happened around here. She recorded police sirens and a friend cop of hers yelling "police! Freeze!" she hoped that if she passed a gang fight that she might be shot in she could play that and they would all scatter so she could pass without harm and she was about to need it, though she did not know this at the time.

The sharp sound of gun shots split through the cold night air. The faint sound of guys yelling seemed to be coming closer to grace.

Another gun shot cracked. Grace, being a very smart girl, quickly ran to the nearest opening and hid behind the wall. She fumbled with her recorder turning it to full blast, which was very loud and would sound like the real thing.

The shouts came closer until they where in the alley grace was just in. she could make out the voices now. There were three of them all male and young sounding. Two sounded very angry and the third seemed to taunt them on even though he sounded tired.

"come on James! Is that all you got?" that was one of the angry voices, "Ya!" the other angry guy chanted, " after we shot your arm a mile back we where sure you were done! But no, you kept goin'!" that was the first angry guy again.

"Ya!" the other one chimed in, "you just keep goin'! but you got to be careful Jamesy cause we about to ruin your street cred!"

grace realized that the guy that was running from them had just fallen and was faintly moaning. "you know what Jamesy? We ain't goin' kill you, we goin' to gut you then kill you, I mean the boss had somethin' different in mind which was much worse. So consider this a favor," the first one whispered just loud enough so grace could hear. She was shacking now because of what she was about to do, and she was shacking even more because she knew what might happen if It didn't work. But she didn't care she couldn't stand the feeling of not helping when she could. She pressed play on her recorder.

The sound of sirens blared through the night, it was faint at first but it got louder and louder, then the sound of a cop yelling "police!" came and then they guys really scrammed but not with out a few last words to their "friend" James she could hear it loud and clear, " we will let the police finish our job," and then they where running down the alley. As soon as she was sure they where gone she turned off her tape and ran into the alley. There she saw the body of James laying in a puddle. He was wearing a fur rimmed dark brown hoody and dark blue jeans. He was struggling to crawl to a near by dumpster but he had no luck. Grace now saw that he was bleeding from a gun shot in his left arm a left lag.

"oh my gosh! Are you ok!?" she asked running to him, she knew it was a stupid question but it just slipped out.

He looked up at her, some blood from the corner of his mouth trickled to the ground.

"oh man…" she sighed sliding of her back pack searching for her home made first aid kit.

why she had one is a long story short, she toke first aid care class after her older brother got into a BIG fight at school a few years back and she nursed him for a week until he could get out of bed, and since then she carried first aid kits with her when ever she was going some where. And now she thanked Eric for getting her to take that class as she rummaged through her kit.

she pulled out bandages and some pain killer. She dug through her back pack again for her water bottle and opened the lid hoping that the water didn't freeze form the December air. She poured a little out to test it before she placed it next to her so she could help the guy named James sit slightly. She thought he looked around her age 17 or 18 probably still in school.

She handed him the pills and water bottle seeing that he could still use his arms, but she saw that they shock violently. As soon as he toke the pills she pulled the water away from him so she could bandage his lag and arm.

she worked fast so she could stop the bleeding. She worked fast on his arm so she could get his jacket on so he wouldn't freeze.

"I'm going to call 911," she said quietly. James grabbed her arm before she could pull out her cell phone He shook his head. "fine, any other ideas? Do you have a car or any friends near by that can help you?" she asked franticly, the shock of her just saving a gangster from rivals with guns was starting to sink in. James closed his eyes smiling, Grace had a feeling he knew this.

"I have friends that own this clothes washing store a few blocks down the street," he said smoothly his voice was like melting chocolate. He opened his eyes again and looked grace in the eye. She nearly fainted at the sight of his dark brown eyes that seemed to be spotted with lighter brown, to grace they looked like the most beautiful pear of eyes in the entire world and they seemed to mach the color of his ear long hair that spiked a little at the ends and seemed to spike backwards.

Aw man… she thought looking away so she could put her stuff back into her back pack, why do the hot ones always have to be gangsters or the bad boys?

"alright," she said standing up, "give me your good arm so I can help you up," she said getting a little annoyed not at him but at her watch which said it was 6 past 8. James lifted his right arm and grace toke it. she pulled him to his feet and helped him balance one his one good lag. As soon as she got him like that she asked which direction they had to go in and he pointed to their right. The started to walk slowly through the cold winter night.

Grace said nothing and kept a straight face not allowing James to read anything even though he looked greatly troubled by something. the wind picked up blowing graces shoulder length light brown hair a little around her face, she looked at James and saw he was shivering. She walked him to a bench and sat him down.

"here," she said pulling off her long brown winter jacket that she knew would fit him because it was 3 sizes to big for her. she draped it over his shoulders. She then got him standing before he could protest and started walking again. "and don't you dare tell me you don't need it because I can see you shivering, and yes I'm freezing cold but I don't care," she said as he opened his mouth. He looked at her surprised.

"fine can I at lest have your name?" he asked looking at her. she looked back at him then forward again.

"my name is Grace Homer," she said coldly as she shivered a little under her pink thin strapped shirt. James looked at the ground frowning, grace barely heard him mumble, "of course it is…"

the walked on for a few more minutes before James spoke.

"the shop is just up ahead the people there are friends of mine and will take me off your hands, I will try to make contact with you when I get better so I can give you an reward," he said walking a little faster eager to get to his friends. grace was stunned, she didn't want a reward for saving some one, she just thought it could pass by as an unnoticed deed.

"no, I will not take any reward from you. just think of my as nothing after this and we will call it even," she said now at the door of his friends shop. He looked at her shocked but she was to busy opening the door and getting him inside to notice.

The workers came rushing over to grace to help.

She noticed as one man rapped his arm around James's that the workers there were all Mexican, and most of them still spoke only Spanish.

James and grace locked eyes one last time before he was dragged upstairs.

She stood there for a moment more before she slipped out the door unnoticed by the workers.


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