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Forbidden is The Best Kind Of Love

Novel By: SynethGurl

My name is Raven and I am in love with my teacher?!?! :O
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Submitted:Jun 1, 2011    Reads: 1,107    Comments: 10    Likes: 1   

My name is Raven, I Have black puffy hair with red extensions. I'm a normal teenager I guess, I mean if you can consider a teenager that listens to werid guys named Shaggy 2 dope and Violent J from Insane Clown Posse and Boondoxs
Normal then yes i am.

This story begins obviously at school whereeveryone is different you got your preps, emos , hardcore goths, geeks, and your computer nerds. Today was just like every other day I was suppose to meet my friend Jennifer at our usual table.


Thats Jennifer she's bubbly preppy/ emo the kind of true friend you want watching your back

Don't let her good baby doll looks and petite figure fool you she is a hardcore bitch

kicked my ass in kindergarten for stealing her poptarts i got the scar to prove it! Anyways

Back to reality I was walking into the hall of Lincoln Park heading to the cafe', I turn up my ipod to ignore the rest of the world

at Lincoln all they ever did was make fun of me highschool is cruel and Lincoln might look nice and kind from the outside

but inside its just like every other highschool you see in those 80's flicks.

Finally getting to the cafe i sit in the corner away from everyone else, I look at my watch 7:30 Jennifer's bus won't get herefor aanother 15 mins I have enough time to do homework. Taking out my Civic's book I look over my notes and the worksheet I was suppose to do its not like i'm failing i'm a striaght A student.

I answer the last two questions that i had left and shut the book just in time to cause there was Jennifer walking toward me. She waves at me smiling.

"Hey Raaaaaven!" she screeches very loudly I couldn't help myself i laughed.

"Hey Sugar Tits"I say as werid as that sounds its her nickname for a reason

"I wish you would stop reminding me of that Raven it happened once and it was the 10th grade let it go" She says pouting.

"Hey I didn't let Alex suck sugar off my tits did I ?" I ask

(Alex is this disgusting nerd who Jennifer let suck sugar off her tits just for him to write a report

for her english class don't get me wrong she isn't a slut but she'll do anything to get what she wants. )

she shakes her head but lets it go.

I look at my watch again 7:55 we have exactly 10 minutes to get to our class.

"Jennifer lets go we have 10 minutes and I don't want to be late for class"

"Yeah Mr.Willis would kill you for being late AGAIN!"

Rolling my eyes i pick up my Alice and Wonderland book bagand swing it on to my left shoulder.

Jennifer and I walk up the stairs to the third floor pass the special Ed kids to the classroom next store and take out seats just when Mr.Willis was taking attendence.


Thats Mr.Wllis I know what you thinking HE'S GORGEOUS! Your totally correct

Everyone drools over him but me truth be told i can care less about him.

"Ms. Raven" he calls out

"Here!" I saywhile i take out my notebook and begin to draw.

He finished Role Call and begins his class.


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