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No girl can resist a bad boy, and Violet Reynolds is no exception. So when bad-boy Harper comes into town, Violet assumes he is just like all the others; sexy, mysterious, and full of adventure.

...But little does Violet realize that with every moment she spends with Harper, she gets one step closer to being stolen....forever. View table of contents...



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Chapter One
The Trouble with Bad Boys

As Natalie's blue Honda pulls into the gas station, the only thing my ears register is the thumping bass of the car next to us. Both Natalie and Lindsey turn their faces towards the flashy car, their voices becoming muffled as they wrench their doors open and head into the gas station. Somehow I'm the one who gets left in the car, stuck to my own devices as I wait for them to return with cigarettes and diet Coke.

I can't help but glance over at the obnoxious car next to me, my eyes narrowing in on the driver as he steps out of the car. A half-smoked cigarette hangs from the edges of his lips, its ash nearly a half-inch long and ready to be flicked off the end. Straggly black hair falls haphazardly into a pair of haunting gray eyes. He halfheartedly pushes his hair to the side as he struts his way into the gas station. His swagger is powerful, every one of his footsteps radiating a type of confidence that says, "I really just don't give a fuck."

He opens the door just as Natalie and Lindsey are coming out, his lean build moving to the side with ease. His masculine jaw tightens as he struggles to keep his cigarette afloat and I subconsciously lick my lips with desire.

No Violet, I remind myself crudely. Bad boys are no longer on the list.

Natalie and Lindsey clamber into the car, their giggles barely suppressed as the poor Honda peels away from the run-down Shell station. Lindsey immediately begins to pack her cigarettes, and I roll my eyes. Apparently having a college boyfriend means having to start smoking too.

"…what a fuckin' hottie!" Natalie squeals and fans herself.

Lindsey nods as she lights up her cigarette, manually cracking open her window an inch before taking her first puff.

"Oh gawd yes," she mutters. "And that's the guy's house we're going to. Talk about luck-key."

My eyes widen at Lindsey's statement.

"Whoa, whoa," I interject and wedge my way toward the front of the car. "You both told me this was a relaxed high school party with friends."

Natalie bites her lip and gives Lindsey a fleeting look.

"Well…it will have high school kids attending," Lindsey says matter-of-factly. "And just as an FYI, that guy who opened the door for us - Harper - he's a senior too."

I snort in disbelief. "Right. And he got held back how many times?"

Lindsey ignores my question as she takes a long drag of her cigarette. The smell makes my nose scrunch up in disgust and I lean away from the smoke, fighting down the urge to cough. A myriad of traffic lights fly by us as we make our way to the other edge of town. I should have known this wasn't going to be some innocent high school party. After all, only the crazy college parties happen in this part of town. Yet, for some reason I just went along with it. Maybe it was because my boyfriend of sixteen months broke up with me two weekends ago. Maybe it was because I secretly wanted to have a few drinks. Hell, maybe it was just because I was a reckless teenager and wanted to make out with the first guy I saw.

Or maybe it's a combination of all three.

I pinch the bridge of my nose and sigh. "Ok - so how do you know this guy - this Harper - again?"

Lindsey's curly brown hair bounces around her shoulders as she cranes her face back to look at me. Her shimmery silver eye shadow glistens against the traffic lights and her wide brown eyes look at me in disbelief.

"Violet. You have literally just encountered one of the sexiest men on this planet. He's a transfer from the public school and this is his 'kick-off' party for the start of the school year. A lot of the 'public' seniors are going but obviously he wanted a few of the hottest girls from his new school to be there too."

The thought of this Harper character attending our private, prestigious school has a small grin tugging at my lips. He won't last a week. Natalie fidgets in the front seat, her fingers balancing the steering wheel while she feebly attempts to pull down the hem of her skirt.

"Ok, uhm I hope he isn't expecting playboy bunny status," she says timidly, "because I definitely don't have the body to pull that off."

I give Natalie a reassuring pat on the shoulder, whispering for her not to worry. Of the three of us, Natalie has always been the one who is most insecure of her more….curvy form. All through grade school she was picked on for being too fat, and even though she has slimmed down a bit, her self-confidence is still lower than anyone I know.

"Don't worry," Lindsey says with a shrug. "Violet will make up for both of us. She has enough hotness to bring any guy to his knees, including that sexy Harper."

Natalie nods her head in agreement and both of them glance back at me with envy. A small blush creeps into my cheeks as they survey the length of my body. I didn't even get super slutty tonight; I kept it simple. Low-cut tank top, jeans with slits under the butt, and a cute pair of sandals that I bought at the mall last weekend.

"You guys are sweet," I say with a nervous chuckle. "But then again, you both have always been my biggest fans. I swear no one else thinks I'm as hot as you two do."

Lindsey turns back to the front and scoffs under her breath. Natalie just laughs and shakes her head.

"Vi, every guy in school drools over you. You're blonde, dazzling blue eyes, perfect curves, insanely smart, funny….every guy wants to fuck you and every girl wishes she was you."

My blush deepens and creeps down to my neck. "Ok ok, stop," I chuckle.

Lindsey tosses her cigarette out the window and I watch as its fiery remains flicker into the wind. The traffic lights are becoming fewer and farther in between and large stretches of cornfields come into view. A sudden chill dances down my spine as the business of town moves into the shadows of the night.

"Who knows?" Lindsay says as she cranks up the stereo. "Maybe Harper will be the one guy who can resist you…"


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