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Life is as complicated

By: tashmimranyaalam

Chapter 1, emma gets into an aciident and she needa to find teh cause with her friend.



            “Peux-tu travailler dessus pendant que j'arrive,  J'arrive, ne t'en fais pas. De rien, Merci” I said and hung up. I have to go to the filming centre; I have to finish the act for the movie, which is French. I am half French and half American.

 Another call. “Hello? Oh it’s you Kristen! After a long time! Do you know what Andrew did to me and made me do?” We kept on talking; you know how talks go when best friends haven’t talked for a time. I went in a taxi. Then everything happened so quickly. That man, dark haired, his eyes black wanting to kill.

            Last thing I saw was some people from 911. Everything became dark.  Blackness was sinking in to me. I could hear an ambulance and a siren. Everything started to fade away, going away a long distance. I was getting numb all over. I could hear someone saying “stay with me.” But that was a mile away and the sound was like someone screaming from 1 mile, 5 miles, 100 miles until I could hear no more.

I felt alone, alone in the blackness all alone for hours, days, weeks, years………   going to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which none can solve, because they were so tiny. I was breaking into pieces. I remembered Kristen, Andrew, Robert, mom, dad photos of them shattering into pieces and lost from me forever. I began to cry, really hard, I was getting sick. I wish mom was here, she could give me some medicine and take care of me. I wish Andrew was here, he would visit me, stay by my side, cheer me up, show me my favourite smile of his which made me happy as soon as I see it……….

                The darkness was lifting up, I could see the sun after living in Pluto for a thousand years without sun and seeing the brightness, I ran to it. Then suddenly, the dark-haired man with killing black eyes……I shut my eyes tight and opened them to believe that the man is gone, and I am having a nightmare……..

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