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Goddess of Beauty

Novel By: Theheartseekshope

Major deities, Adrian and Klohe, although lovers, fight frequently about the mortals they are so fasinated by. Klohe, an artist, gives the world beauty. She often tampers with mortal's appearances to help them find love. Adrien, cynical and difficult, tries to talk her out of it and often creates problems for those he does not believe deserve the life they have.
Klohe sets her sites on Devon, an ugly girl with a bad life. Using her powers of persuasion on her lover she convinces him to fix her life for the better. As he does this she works her magic of beauty and art on Devon. View table of contents...


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Klohe sat upon the blanket of wildflowers enjoying the way they bent lightly in the breeze. She looked up and smiled as she saw her beautiful lover, Adrian, coming towards her. He was a large man, broad shouldered, a muscular torso and trimmed waist. His legs were muscled and toned, and were useful for more than just walking and running. As much beauty as she created in the world she did not think she could ever create something as wonderful and fantastic as Adrian. The wonderful life of eternity they were sharing together was an equally beautiful thing.

"How are you, my love?" Adrian asked as he planted a hungry kiss on her lips.

"Better now that you are here." Klohe smiled widely as he picked her up effortlessly and settled her on his lap. Laying her head on his shoulder she breathed in the scent of him. No smell, not even the tantilizing scent of jasmine could compare to him.

"How have you been occupying your time while I was away? Found another project have you?" He rested his chin on her head, enjoying the cloud-like perfection of her hair.

"Indeed I have. I will need your help with this one also." Klohe spoke seductively, knowing it was the only way to get what she wanted.

"Mortal's life should not be toyed with." He spoke firmly although his resolve was dissolving rapidly as she ran her fingers up his arm.

"It is for the greater good." She smiled internally as she knew she was driving him mad with her touch. "Look there," she said gestering towards the far end of the meadow. "That girl has suffered too much. She is only seven and deserves a better life. Her heart holds good intentions and a beauty that cannot be created or hidden."

"She is ugly." Adrian stated rudely. "Why doyou always find the ugly ones to take under your wing?"

"She is not ugly." Klohe defended her new found charge. "Well maybe on the outside, but that is nothing of consequence. Her beauty lies inward, I want to unleash it, but I am afraid to do so while she is in the situation she is in." She watched the girl pick the flowers from the meadow. She was to give them to her mother to make her day and to stop her from crying. She did not like it when her mother cried or when her uncle yelled. She was too young to understand the full danger of her situation.

"Why will you not make her beautiful now?" Adrian asked.

"She is saved from her uncle because she is not beautiful on the outside. I only wish to get her away from her uncle so she and her mother can live without fear. When they live without fear it will be easy to release the inner beauty to change the outward appearance." Klohe looked directly into his eyes. She framed his face with her soft, delicate hands and pleaded with him. "You took me away from pain and suffering, do the same for her."

Adrian looked at the woman he loved and knew that there was no way he could deny her anything. As much as he tried to fight it, it never worked. When he had first seen her, locked in a disgusting dirty cell, one look into her eyes and he was lost. Never had anyone had so much power over him, and surprisingly he did not mind it. "I will help the ugly girl." He finally consented.

The brilliant smile that was his reward was enough to fill his cynical heart with joy. She was indeed a wonderful woman.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Devon Meek was curled up in the corner of her bed when her mother finally came into the room, locking the door, and crossing to her. Fresh bruises covered her arms and her lip was bleeding. Tears ran down her face as she embraced her daughter, wishing that somehow she could save her from the torture that she experienced every day. While Devon might not endure the physical pain that Regina did, she suffered mentally. Every night when she heard the screams, the cries, the begging, and beatings it hurt her.She was frightened that one day her mother would not come into the room, that her uncle would come instead and do the same awful things he did to her mother to her.

Yet every night after her mother would come she would tell Devon a story. Each one had a happy ending, all with love, and joy and hope. Those were the three things Devon craved most. Love, joy, and hope. She recieved love from her mother, but it was not as freely given as she would have like to give it. Her uncle held a tight leash on Regina and would not allow open displays of affection. They still sneaked around him though, such as on nights like tonight. Devon had picked wildflowers earlier that day and brought them in the house while her uncle was busy. Now was the perfect time to give them to her mother.

When she pulled them from under the bed, still in the cup she had taken from the kitchen filled with water, Regina's eyes filled with tears. "Thank you Devon." She whispered and hugged her tightly.

"I love you Mom." She said hugging her back, knowing that her mother was happy, not sad for once. Those moments were so rare that Devon clung to each one.

"I love you too, baby." They fell asleep in each other's arms just like every other night, but tonight was different somehow. Maybe it was the flowers that brightened the stark room, but there was a sense of peace and the promise that tomorrow would be different for them.

It was a miracle when the police arrived at the door the very next day.


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