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I'm a guy attempting a romance, could be disastrous, lol :) just thought you should have that heads up. View table of contents...


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Kalo Kikorio

Chapter One

-It Snows In Hell-

December 12, 2013

If you asked me to define love I couldn't honestly give you an answer, I can't get how it happens and how it works. I'm not a love guru, don't come to me hoping I got the solution to the biggest enigma of life, well the second biggest one, as you may very well know women are the first.

Although for the best perspective of love go to a casino, love is the biggest gamble, because when you play the game of love, and I mean true love, you go all in or you fold. It doesn't matter what hand you're holding, you put in all your chips and hope what you have is good enough.

What kind of idiot would make such a bet? Me, although if you had asked me that very same question not so long ago my answer would have been… not so urbane, I suppose I should start this story from the actual start shouldn't I?

December 14, 2011

Great, snow, I leave the state of eternal sunshine to enter the province of eternal winter. I know Canada has four seasons but still, snow! Sitting in the bus listening to magic carpet ride on my oversized headsets, making sure to put my music full blast so the only annoying part of the ride would be the annoying old bag of bones staring at me.

I guess I don't fit into her criteria of normal, which is good I suppose considering normal is so damn boring. For my luggage I had one laptop bag minus the laptop, one extra set of clothes because Molly, I mean mom! Had me some clothes already supposedly.

I doubt they're my style, I was wearing my long sleeved pink shirt with a black t-shirt over it that I had custom made, with the picture of voldemort and the words Team Voldemort in large red print underneath. My jeans were normal, a bit ripped at the bottom but supposedly that's the style where I'm heading.

I don't even have piercings, I got a small birthmark that looks like a skull over my right eyebrow but that can't be helped. Besides, if she can see my birthmark she is way too close, as miserable as the ride was I can only imagine my new home; a village named after a saint and a doctor can't possibly be healthy to one's sanity.

St-Charles, with a population smaller than my last school's grade 9 compliment, a corner store, a beer store, a restaurant and a bank. In other words, hell on earth, what is a 17 year old guy like me going to do there? All this because of a stupid little B&E, and it might also involve that case of grand theft auto; I had to get away from the house after the B&E not to mention drive a little excessively after the cops started chasing after me.

With all this and not a single charge, instead I got it worse, I have to stay with my mom and do community hours. My curfew is at 10pm, no internet access unless it's school related, no cell phone, no going to town, no driving and I even have to go to the local school.

It's nearing the end of the semester, I'll be completely lost but like my annoying step mom keeps telling me, all actions have their consequences. She hates me and I reciprocate with equal hatred, she thinks people have to work for what they got, not that she would know, she's been living off my dad like a leech ever since she suckered him into a second marriage.

I visit Molly once in a while, more out of obligation than anything, we sort of rub shoulders but Paul is pretty cool. Unlike Dad she didn't make the mistake of re-marrying, she just hooks up with people, and for the past year she's been hooking up with Paul exclusively, as close to a relationship as she's going to get.

Not able to tolerate the stare I let my headsets slide down around my neck, turning I smile with false politeness, "Excuse me miss, I noticed you were staring at me and I was wondering if this is a case of ageism?"

Looking awkward like I'd caught her off guard I smiled smugly, I know she got the point but why stop, "Thought so, now do me a favor, if you're still alive by the time I'm old shoot me if I turn out like you."

Looking shocked at my bluntness she turned with a snobby nose up sort of noise, looking outside the window as I slipped my head sets back on. Looking at my watch it says 3:25, so in half an hour I should get at this place called Hagar general store where Paul is going to pick me up and bring me to my new home.

Cracking my neck I felt someone tap on my shoulder, looking back casually I frowned as a girl was sitting beside me. Dressed in a white tank-top with a topaz shawl over her shoulders and normal jeans, smiling at me I looked around to see the source of her pleasure, it couldn't be me could it? "Um… hi, I don't got any money so…"

She laughed at that, like I'd somehow said a joke, brushing the hair out of her face she looked nervous, "Of course not, I just noticed you were… alone and well… I was alone so…" Chuckling drily I cut in, "You don't have to be polite for my sake, I know how I look, it's ok."

My hair wasn't emo but it did go down to my face in a messy sort of way, I don't bother maintaining my hair. The color put most people off; somehow I'd been born with naturally white hair, not old white but completely snow white.

They called me Snow White, my eyes were what scared most people; a vivid piercing ice blue. I mean like completely ice blue, very light yet with my eyes very contrasted and unnaturally prominent. She blushed and looked around, "My name is Thesalie, your name is…"

So she's here to stay, "Kalo Kikorio, Thesalie sounds like a very old fashioned name, I like it but how did you come by it?" I know her mom named her, no dad would ever have the brains to think of such a great name, "Named after my grandma, while on the topic of odd names, what does Kalo come from?"

I knew that was coming, I admit I walked into that one, "Not sure, just out of curiosity do you know about a place called St-Charles?" Laughing in turn I liked the sound of it, not too shrilly but still soft enough not to be butch, "I should think so, I've lived there my whole life. Just came back from a trip to my aunt's in Barrie. Why, that where you going?"

Too bad she'll hate me when she gets to know me, it would have been great to have a friend in St-Charles, "Ye, going to live with Mo… mom, speaking of which, I think we're here. Paul isn't very patient, it was nice to meet you Thesalie."

Bus stopping I was surprised for a second as she extended her hand, "See you around maybe?" Shrugging I fought back a smile, "I was under the impression St-Charles was more or less a square." Walking off I could hear her smile as I got off, looking out I seen Paul's pickup truck, sighing I cringed as snow fell on me, "FML"


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