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She's Gone... I'm Trapped

Novel By: TheManWithManyWalls

Thesalie was his life and then she was gone... View table of contents...



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She smiled; her eyes so full of life as they embraced in the meadow, his arms around her waist and her arms wrapped around his neck. Her golden braided hair flowed in the wind as she laughed softly; Dominic had never felt happier in his life.

The world began to darken as clouds swept over them; covering the sun and casting a shadow upon the beauty of the meadow. He didn't notice as his full attention was upon his love Thesalie; the moment was theirs and it was eternal and he never wanted it to end.

The trees shrivelled around them as the air grew cold as death; vibrantly coloured leaves turning brown and dry. The ground grew hard and began to be covered in a thin crust of white frost, Thesalie stopped as the cold slithered up her spine like a venomous serpent; sending chills through her body.

Dominic looked around in confusion as the beautiful meadow had turned into a heartless cemetery; turning back Thesalie cried; dissipating into smoke as he fell through her, landing face first in what was now ten centimetres of snow.

He shivered in pure cold as he forced himself to his feet; running after the thin mist of smoke that was Thesalie. A cruel laugh filled the world; it came from everywhere and nowhere, it was neither deep nor high pitched, it was a laughter of pure evil.

He stopped running as the smoke entered a freshly dug hole in the ground; peering into the hole he gasped in shock as Thesalie laid in her grave. Her face not serene or calm but contorted in pure fear and pain; her pale white skin covered in wide gashes of which maggots now flowed out of.

He turned and seen a dark figure loom over him; its faceless figure looking down upon him as it pointed at him with its clawed hand, "You killed her, you're a monster Dominic..." Opening his mouth to laugh the inspector gadget theme song came out instead.

He opened his eyes; cell phone blaring the inspector gadget song loudly as he reached for it lazily, clothes drenched in sweat from the nightmare that had haunted him every night for 5 years. Missing the first time he reached again; catching it in his hand as he rolled over on the ground, "It's 1am, did you your clock break... I don't fix clocks."

In response a chuckle came from the other side of the line, "You told me you'd say something like that, you also told me not to listen to a word you said; get out of bed and meet me at Tim Hortons."

Phone going dead Dominic laughed dryly; remembering how the day before Peter had said he had to tell him something but he'd been too busy. Pushing himself up he walked over to the washroom; taking off his sweat drenched clothes as he started to run the shower.

Hot water slammed against him as he tried to shake out the thought of the nightmare; finishing quickly he dried off, sliding into a pair of black cargo pants and navy blue t-shirt. Wiping his eyes he sat on his bed; holding up the picture of Thesalie from his side table.

The way she had always been so beautiful, so full of life... the way things had been and could never be again. Placing the picture back he put on his boots he walked out of his 1 room apartment, not even locking the door as he jumped in surprise to find the landlady standing at her door.

Pointing her fat little finger at him she spoke in her annoyingly high pitched voice, "Tu penses tu vraiment partir sans payer ta rent? Je garde mon oeil sur toi Dominique, tu me doit de l'argent."

Shaking his head Dominic brushed past her, "I'm english Mrs Harmon, talk in English. You gave me until Friday to pay the rent and today is Wednesday, you can evict me then."

Ignoring the daggers she was staring in his back he walked over to the elevator; pressing the down arrow as the button didn't respond, "L'asenceur marches pas, I guess tu faux user les escalier eh?

Laughing in bemusement Dominic shook his head, "Have a good day Mrs Harmon." Walking down the hall he jogged down all 7 fleets of stairs, walking out the main lobby as he flipped open his cell phone, reading the saved text he had read every day since... that day:

I be l8 for dinner, this meeting takin 4ever lol, and I was worried you'd bail on dinner. I cya 2nite, luv ya Dom :):) XOXOXOXO

He closed the phone, walking to the bike rack he began going down the vacant sidewalk. Quickly making his way there he parked his bike against the wall; walking in as Peter sat at the table, two coffees in front of him and a grin as large as the ocean painted on his face.

Shaking his head Dominic sat at the table, taking his coffee as he took a large gulp, eying his friend suspiciously, "When I said we could meet for breakfast I had 8am in mind, what's up?"

Peter seemed nervous as the words came out of his mouth, "Well, I asked Evelyn to marry me." Dominic swallowed his coffee hard; coughing in surprise as he looked at his friend with astonished eyes, "Are you serious? You mean after 5 years of dating and you popped the question... well what did she say?"

Peter smiled, "What did she say... what do you think she said, she said yes of course! I took your advice, I was scared she might say no but I had to risk it... and she said yes!"

Taking in the news Dominic laughed, rising to his feet, "Well bravo then, of course I knew she'd say yes. You had me scared for a minute, waking me at this ungodly hour... well you can't give me news like that and not hug Peter, come on you goof."

Hugging they sat back down, finishing his coffee Peter stopped laughing; still smiling largely, "I want you to be my best man, I know you and Evelyn don't get along so well but she'll allow it."

Laughing Dominic cracked his neck, "You're already whipped buds, who gives a shit if she allows it, of course I'll be your best man. No offence Peter but I never thought this day would come, seriously do congrats, I'm sure you can straighten out Evelyn."

Laughing he punched him in the shoulder playfully, "I won't be letting you talk about Evelyn like that for long, enjoy it while you can. What you got planned for today Dom?"

Standing up he yawned loudly, "Well catch some more zs for starters, then I guess I'll play it be ear. Send Evelyn my regards, pretend I said something nice, see ya later."

He didn't have anything against Evelyn; he had been dating her 5 years before when he'd met Thesalie...she was a part of what was and what could never be. He'd lied of course, sleep was the last thing on his mind; if Peter had known what he planned that day he never would have let him walk out of the coffee shop.


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