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A Novel: "The Betrayal"

Novel By: thePageTurner

I just grabbed a pen and a blank paper out of my bag pack, and created a new world for a new love story. I just hope you'll like it. :) Please do let me know what you think ...

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Chapter 1

"The Virus"

Mariz glanced at the window while she slides her fist in her pocket. Her silence was interrupted by the entry of Yurag, her best friend. They hugged and kiss each others cheek as their greetings.

"Busy?" Yurag asked. Mariz nods her head as a sign of expressing 'Yes'. Yurag grabs a pen and a check out of his silver shoulder bag. She offers the 50,000.00 pesos worth of check to Mariz but she refused. Yurag wanted to pay her one month salary.

"Stop your craziness!" and followed it with a deep breath. Yurag kissed Mariz's forehead goodbye and decided to go out alone. Mariz phoned her secretary, Nalyn Saylon, to bring her a hot cup of coffee. She frowns while she stares at her wrist watch. She then cut the idle moment spending her time checking random files on the computer. The coffee's aroma informs her that it's on the table. Nalyn then proceeded outside without making a sound. A quick buzz surprised Mariz. A message just popped out indicating that it detected a virus. And it irritates her. She called Nalyn for assistance and she gulps slowly and moved her hair that covers her eyes behind her ears.

"It must be removed!" Mariz has this frugality because when Yurag is on her situation, the poor computer will be considered as junk. Mariz knew the worth of her owned things. It's more than money. Using her phone, Nalyn twitted her best friend, Zanjoe Helms, a computer expert. Mariz effortlessly sat down on her chair waiting for Zanjoe.

"Cancel all my meetings." she abruptly told Nalyn and Mariz puts her hands on her lap. Mariz talk less but work more unlike Yurag, a well-known "Lazy" fashion designer according to Mariz.

"Now, continue your work." she calmly spoke and Nalyn exits. She glanced in the window again. She stood up and tapped her lips slowly while wiping a small portion of the moistened window using her handkerchief. The door's noise halts her from doing such thing. She speaks without any movement except her mouth…

"Don't ask me anything…" and she sniffs.

"Sorry, I should've knocked." he demanded.

"No worries, I trust my secretary"

"Ehr-Nalyn. She calls…"

"I know, I told her to." she interrupted.

"oh, so…"

"…just repair it" she nimbly said.

Mariz walked to her table and jagged her papers. Zanjoe saw her through the monitor using the PC's camera which he focused on Mariz. He kept looking without being observed. He hastily wipes the blood that flows out from Mariz's nostrils. She was shocked after receiving the lightning brought by Zanjoe's Eyes. They stared each other that reach a minute. Yurag dropped her drink after seeing them and covers her mouth with her two hands thinking thing maliciously. Mariz quickly removed Zanjoe's hands.

"I thought you're out?" Mariz bats her eyes.

"Oh, did I disturb you?...Both?"

"Disturb? Both?"

Zanjoe waved her hands to Yurag and he rubbed his quite blooded thumb to his white polo shirt which left a stain. He glanced at Mariz, informing that the computer is now ready to use. She then offers an envelope with cash on it but instead accept it, Zanjoe offers his hands in return. He made a short goodbye message to the girls, smiled and leave the office mannerly.

Yurag blissfully jumped off after. Mariz grabs her hand. "What?" Yurag asked with a meaningful smile. "Let's have fun at the pub!" she added. Mariz gave her the night out Yurag have always wanted and throw something into disarray. Yurag, in the car, kept talking while Mariz just flashed her smile.

"He's my model!" Yurag glimpse.

"Rubbish! But I think he fancies you!" Mariz said which left Yurag cheeks blushing and Mariz just puts her attention in the dense fog that utterly confused traffic on the highway.

THE ALARM WOKE MARIZ AT 5:00 AM. She boils water for her coffee. Mariz definitely is a coffee lover. The cold water threatened her to take a bath early in the morning. The skyscrapers beyond her window amazed her for a moment. She took her camera out of her cabinet and tried to capture the roadway scene under. She resided in a condo unit she bought owned by the multi-millionaire parents of Yurag. She accommodated the 23rd floor's second largest unit so she may be able to see the city. She'd never been afraid of heights all of her life. While taking photos, she was embarrassed by a loud music from the other room which she noticed that'd been occupied. In instance, as the wind slapped her body slowly in the balcony where she stood, she closed her eyes while feeling the rhythm. She knew the song very well because it's her favorite, entitled "Out of my League" her dad used to play the organ before when he is still alive. She believed that once upon a time she lived in a happy, abundant family. But her mummy never loved her so she left Mariz in their house when she was 18. She was a damsel in distress 'til she met her best friend Yurag. She sing along with the music which made Zanjoe smile. He hides behind the curtained glass door.

"All the times I had sat and stared…" he sang while staring at Mariz in a distance. His body was sweaty after having his work out.

"You had mucus on your eyes!" he elaborated with a hand gesture. Zanjoe laughed in shame while wiping it off using his towel. She laughed realizing that Mariz has this hawk like eyes.

"You look gorgeous!" he said softly.

"What? Can't hear you?" she yelled.

Mariz's phone rang. She ran inside and took it from her bag and answers the call.

"I'll attend on your house party this morning!"

"What the…?"

"Don't worry! I'll finance the drinks and…"

"Who told you I'll blow up a party?"

"I don't know?"

Mariz was totally shocked. She really hates party without a cause. Yurag hanged up the phone. Thinking of the load that would be wasted, Mariz then cuts the line. For once, she couldn't believe the disaster Yurag will bring. Its still 7:00 am.

"Ugh, what are you planning?" she called Yurag back.

"Best, relax! Just want to see him…with you?" and she chuckles.

"That's exactly no sense!"

"It has!" Zanjoe interrupted.

"awh-is that him beshy?" she maximized her voice.

"No. I'm watching a movie…right now"

Yurag knew that Mariz wouldn't waste her time doing such sort of entertainment in the morning. So things puzzled her.

"Hang on Yurag! I'll call you back!"

"I'll be there in 5 seconds!" said Yurag then she turned off her phone. Mariz stared Zanjoe blankly unsure if she wants to ask how he easily teleported inside her room.

"If Olwen would make a sound…again I left the door opened…" she speaks on her mind.

Her frog, Olwen, croaks. She then hinted Zanjoe to leave. Zanjoe puts his hands to his hips and he smirk. From that moment, Mariz knew that she insulted Zanjoe. Before he made a step backward, Mariz piffled to catch Zanjoe's attention. He then faced Mariz invoking that he wants to go home. Olwen hopped out of its house and their body collided as they where both trying to catch the frog. The impact dropped them to the floor. Mariz thought Olwen would fall from the mid-air and die. She couldn't see Olwen anywhere. Mariz crawled, trying to search Olwen's body maybe under the furniture. Zanjoe opened his two hands with Olwen on it. She couldn't resist, so she gave him a tight hug.

"Why do I always have to witness your sweetness?" Yurag laughed. Mariz in shock quickly removed her arms out of Zanjoe. She wandered around acting like nothings happened. She talked to Olwen while she puts him on his aquarium. Yurag took her shoes off while she stuck her eyes at Zanjoe. She was trying to seduce him. She jiggled barefooted and then figured out such unexplainable point of views. Yurag held Zanjoe's arms naughtily. She gave Zanjoe a sit and she played the cherry on her lips. Mariz coughed to get everyone's attention. Yurag peevishly peeled the orange.

"Great! You brought some drinks!"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Yurag rolled her eyes. Mariz folded her office uniform and put it in to her bag.

"I have an urgent call from Nalyn, I have to meet this client…I have to go…lock the doors if you're both finish partying here" Mariz reasoned.

"Huh?" said Zanjoe.

"Bon voyage Mariz! I'll take care of this party! Haha" Yurag glazed.

"Enjoy!" and Mariz shut the door. And walk straight to the escalator down to the pavement. She murmurs as she proceeded to the underground parking lot. Mariz quickly dressed herself tidily inside the car and ponytailed her hair. She inhaled deeply and tapped her lips. She drove the car out and searched some fast food chains to buy some meals that would fill her empty stomach and took her hunger away.

"I shouldn't left Yurag there!" she blames herself while she pressed the accelerator using her foot angrily. She's always sorry for she can't do anything to stop Yurag.


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