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A Different Type of Love

Novel By: TheSecretOfDawn

Alina Lewis, rich pretty girl. Caden Lane, rich handsome boy. Perfect match? Everyone else thinks so but Alina can't stand Caden and his arrogant ways. Can Caden convince Alina that he isn't so bad? Does he want to? And what do their parents have to say? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 27, 2010    Reads: 2,761    Comments: 25    Likes: 17   

I waved good-bye to my mother as I stepped out of my car and walked the remaining steps to my new school. It was my first day at Elizabeth Academy and I was excited not. I dreaded coming here, especially today when my stomach was having all these weird rumblings. I was not a shy person but I hated how people worshipped me because of my blond hair, blue eyes, big assets and my money. They were surprised, however, when they realized that I actually had a brain and wasn't like all those rich bimbo girls.
As I reached the school I saw Caden Lane stepped out of his limo. Everyone whispered and stared at him, as per usual. Everyone was smitten by his good looks, his grades and most of all, his parent's money.
I saw all the girls around me swoon at the mere sight of him as I rolled my eyes and started walking towards the school, but to do that I had to pass the arrogant fool whose reputation as a man-whore preceded him. I walked towards him and suddenly I felt nauseous as he flipped his hair to the side. Before I know it, I was heaving on Caden's designer clothing.
"Ew!" Caden cried as he stepped away from my vomit.
I felt my face burn with embarrassment, but by being raised by a wealthy family, I knew never to show it.
I pulled out a napkin and wiped my mouth.
"You know if you wanted my number you could have just asked." Caden laughed winking at me.
"Sorry, your face just made me puke," I said looking him in the eye and then walking away.
I peaked back to see Caden staring at me with his mouth wide open.
I stifled a laugh as I entered the school and went to the hall. I plastered a fake smile on my face as I greeted the secretary, Ms. Wells.
"Hello, what's your name?" Ms. Wells asked with a cold glare.
"I'm Alina Lewis," I said and I instantly saw how Ms. Wells's glare turned into a warm smile.
"Why of course! Hello Alina! Welcome to Elizabeth Academy, I hope you have a great time here! Here is your schedule. Do you need someone to show you around the school?" Ms. Wells said smiling at me with such a huge smile that I wondered how her face didn't break.
I shook my head and took the schedule.
I made my way to the washroom to see if my shirt was messed up and lucky me; it was. Thankfully though it was just on my sweater. I quickly tore it off and fixed my hair and shirt a bit. I rinsed my mouth and wiped my make-up free face.
I made my way to my first class, English. I entered and was walking towards the back of the class as the teacher called me.
"Alina! What a pleasure to have you in my class! I'm Mr. Davis. I've heard of your remarkable abilities on literature and I can't wait to read your writing." he said enthusiastically as he reached to shake my hand.
I shook his hand and offered him a warm smile.
"Thank you Mr. Davis, and I look forward to being in your class," I said as I quickly moved my hand away. Mr. David was creepy with his bald head and snake-y eyes.
I smiled again at him and moved to the back of the class to take my seat. People started filing in and I got a lot of stares, obviously people had witness my little throw up in the morning. I shrugged, not really caring but knowing that I would get scolded for my 'un-lady-like behaviour' by my amazingly made-in-china parents.
I took out my notebook and started writing a poem.
you look at me with staring eyes
You look at me, wanting me to come alive
Sorry to disappoint but I-
Someone cleared their throat as the person stood in front of my desk. I looked up to see the all-mighty Caden gracing me with his presence. I snorted at the thought.
"You could acknowledge me." Caden said, his voice trying to be low and husky.
I rolled my eyes. "Hello Caden." I finally said.
"Oh, you know me? And who are you, Ms. Stalker?" he said, raising his eyebrow.
"Please Mr. Lane, I have better things to do than stalk you. And I am impressed that you don't know who I am." I whispered, so that he had to lean in and actually hang on my words. I know that I sounded like a bitch to everyone else but I had my reasons to being mean to this arrogant jerk.
"Hey, mysterious; I like it. So want to come over today? My parents aren't home." Caden said, smiling a smile which probably melted hearts. I, however, rolled my eyes and put up my hand.
"Yes, Ms. Lewis?" Mr. Davis said immediately.
"Mr. Lane refuses to take his seat sir. Can you please ask him to move?" I asked.
Caden just smiled at me, thinking that since his parents were filthy rich, the teacher wouldn't dare scold him.
"Caden, please go to your seat immediately and stop annoying Ms. Lewis." Mr. Davis said in a strict voice.
Caden looked surprised and taken aback at what Mr. Davis had said and I heard a couple of gasps from around the room. Caden did a weird jerk of his head and headed to a seat near the front of the room.
I smirked as everyone looked at me with new respect in their eyes. I knew that they would bug me endlessly, trying to be my friend, but at least they would leave me alone because they feared me, or rather my parents.

*Short chapter but I just wanted to get it started and see if people want to read it :P - Dawn*


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