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A Harper's Education

Novel By: Think Pink

A sexually charged look into the lives of the privileged high school students at Harper's Preparatory. A modern-day tragedy, this story touches on the intimate details of high school struggles while weaving together a cast of characters whose actions lead to disaster.

Please note, this is nothing like my previous novel, Screaming in the Silence. There will be sexually explicit scenes and violence so I have classified it as erotica even though it may be considered more of a young adult themed piece. New chapters will be arriving nearly every day so please excuse me if I don't update everyone who comments.

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A/N:Thank you to everyone who has been reading! Ijust wanted to give you all a heads up about this chapter because it contains the first sex scene. Okay, so you've been warned :) Much Love, Pink

"Well, that was entertaining," Kalyn said with a roll of her eyes as she climbed into the front seat of Julian's car.

"As always," her escort replied as he jumped into the driver's seat.Julian loved his car.He could spend hours behind the wheel, the soft leather pressing against his skin as the illegal speeds forced his body against the seat.But with Kalyn along for the ride, things just weren't as enjoyable.Sure, she was pretty and her family had a ton of money.But she was also boring, conceited, and manipulative.Not like her friend Tasha who refused to play games or take sides.Why couldn't his parents have been best friends with the Davenports instead of the Andrettis?Then he would be marrying Tasha in a few years instead of the bottle blonde Barbie sitting next to him now.

"I was thinking about what they said earlier," Kalyn was saying."About us going to college together.It seems only right that an engaged couple would be attending the same school."

Julian hit the gas and screeched out of his parent's driveway.The 2 hour drive back to school would be cut in half if he could avoid a speeding ticket.

"You're grades aren't good enough to get into Harvard."

"So then what's wrong with Columbia?"

"Columbia?Are you fucking joking, Kalyn?Everything is wrong with Columbia."Actually, nothing was wrong with that school.It was a great school.But if Kalyn were there, enough would be wrong with it for Julian to stay hundreds of miles away.In fact, Julian had made it a point to only apply to schools he knew she wouldn't be accepted to.Even her parent's money couldn't help her into Harvard with a C- GPA.

"If you are insisting on Harvard, I can always go to Boston University.We can live in the city together."

"Or not."

Kalyn was silent for a moment."You're right.It wouldn't look good if we lived together before we are married.Guess we should keep up appearances."

Julian could hear the smile in her voice and he nearly cringed when he felt her hand on his leg.

"You know, I was thinking," she said, leaning into him and whispering in his ear."Maybe you could come back to my room and help me blow off some steam.These dinners with our parents always get me so wound up.I need a release…" her hand gently massaged him through his khakis as she propositioned him.Julian had to give respect where respect was due: Kalyn really did know what to do with her hands.But he wasn't in the mood to spend the night with her.The way he saw it, in a few years he would be stuck with her for life so there was no longer any point in getting to know her, physically or emotionally.He could waste his time on that later.

"Sorry, I've got plans tonight."Julian kept his eyes on the road.

"With who?That little sophomore slut?"Kalyn pushed herself away from him and slumped back into her seat.She hated that she had been unable to make herself stop wanting Julian.There was just something about him, something that made her want to please him but he always pushed her away.They were both resentful about the situation, that was obvious and to be expected, but at least she was trying.He only gave an effort around their parents.

"Does it matter?"

"I guess not," Kalyn agreed.She didn't want to know who or what he was going to sleep with next.She hated most of the girls in her class because they had, to some degree or another, all taken Julian's attention away from her.

Kalyn pulled her phone out of her purse and started texting.

Rough night.You available?

"Who are you texting?" Julian asked, glancing at her lap where her phone was glowing.

"Does it matter?"

His question being turned back on him didn't please him at all."Look, I can't ask you to stay celibate until we are married.And I wouldn't want to.But I don't want a whore for a wife, either.Just make sure the boys you choose to fuck can be discreet."

"You are such a hypocrite, Julian!"He was entertained by how easy it was to get a rise out of Kalyn.

"So what if I am?But you better get used to it, sweetheart, unless you want us both to lose our inheritance."

Kalyn crossed her arms and looked out her window.She didn't know what she would do if her parents disowned her.College was going to be little more than a practical joke, a complete waste of time.When she became Mrs. Julian Polk, she wouldn't need to work, nor would her husband want her to.Her job would be to raise their children.Or, more likely, to supervise as a nanny raised them for her.Why her future with Julian was so important to her was a complete mystery.It sounded miserable.But, nevertheless, she didn't want to disappoint him.

The rest of the ride back to Harper's was spent in silence.The trees grew thick as they approached, their leaves starting to change colors for fall, and the roads narrowed.

I'm free.Where are you?

Kalyn's phone vibrated on her lap and she shielded the screen from Julian.

20 minutes.Your room.

Julian didn't take his eyes from the road, although a smirk appeared on his lips.He couldn't possibly know who she was planning on meeting. It was probably the only person at school who he would object to her seeing.Well, second only to Sterling Pierce.Julian knew that Kalyn had been in love with Sterling when their parents announced what they had planned for them.Kalyn had cried and cried when she realized what she was going to have to do.Breaking up with Sterling had been the hardest thing she had ever done.For him, it came out of nowhere.She couldn't tell him the truth and let him believe that Julian had stolen her heart.Of course, once the rumors started, Sterling figured it out on his own although he never forgave her.

But Julian had been great those first few months after Kalyn broke up with Sterling.He let her cry on his shoulder, let her spend the night when she was lonely, and before long Kalyn actually started developing true feelings for him.She was overjoyed the first time he called her his girlfriend, but couldn't help feeling that if things had been different, had their parents not interfered, she would still be happy with Sterling.But as the months passed, just as Kalyn had started becoming comfortable with their situation, Julian started pushing her away.They would fight and break up, get drunk and sleep together, wake up and be back to where they were the day before.It was a vicious cycle, but at least he was still acting like a boyfriend part of the time.What had changed for them their senior year was still uncertain.But Julian clearly wanted nothing to do with her.

Kalyn tried to push all this from her mind as she watched Julian walk to the boy's wing of the dormitory.She waited a few minutes before following, wanting to make sure he didn't see her when she knocked on the door.Chase Nichols was one of the lucky students who didn't have a roommate.He could most likely thank his parent's donations for that, and so could Kalyn on many occasions, for that matter.

"Hey, I was starting to give up on you," Chase said as he opened the door.His shirt was already off, there were no pretenses here."Did Julian actually learn how to drive the speed limit?"

"Can we not talk about Julian right now?" Kalyn snapped, kicking off her shoes and pulling off her sweater.

"I won't say another word," Chase smiled at her, locking his door and unbuttoning his pants.Kalyn stared at him as he undressed.Chase was thin and lanky, his muscles were lean and it didn't look like there was an ounce of fat on him.The chestnut hair on his head matched the small patch on his chest and the larger patch between his legs.His face was nothing to write home about.He was average looking, at best, and standing next to Julian, he was practically invisible.Some say he had a nice smile when he actually chose to show it.But Kalyn was after the one part of Chase that was above average.Way above average.

As he stripped the last of his clothing, Kalyn smiled at his impressive size.She knew all she had to do was look at it for it to become hard, and look at it she did.Her lips curled into an eager smile of anticipation as Chase reached down and stroked himself a few times.She could feel her panties getting wet with desire as he took two slow steps toward her.

"You want this?" Chase asked, eyeing Kalyn's lips as he neared.He wanted to strip her naked, force her to her knees, and thrust his entire length into her mouth.But he didn't.It was much more satisfying when she did it on her own because it gave him more power.He wasn't a vengeful person by nature, but there was something satisfying in the knowledge that Julian Polk's fiancée was sucking him dry because she wanted to.

Kalyn stepped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, her large breasts heaving beneath her silk bra."Sit down and I'll show you just how badly I want you."

Chase moved slowly to his bed although his feet were begging him to run.He sat down and threw a pillow on the floor between his feet.

"Thank you," Kalyn said with a seductive smile.

He answered with a shrug of his shoulders as she positioned herself on the ground.Her hands started at his knees and slowly made their way up his thighs as she licked her lips.She didn't tease him for long and ran her warm tongue up his length before taking him in her mouth.Chase moaned as he felt her take more of him in.His hands went to the back of her scalp, gripping her blonde hair and forcing her just a little further down his shaft.He knew she would gag, but he also knew she could take it.Before long, he could feel himself reaching his climax and when Kalyn added a warm, gripping hand to her already steady movements, he finished within seconds.

The hot substance hit the back of Kalyn's throat and she swallowed it before giving Chase one last squeeze.Her eyes opened and she saw the look of contentment on his face, her reward for a job well done.She unhooked her bra, throwing it on the ground before standing up and straddling his thighs.Her breasts pushed against chest as she rolled her hips over his, making sure he could feel how wet she was.She kissed his neck and his chest, but never his mouth.In the months they had been sleeping together, sneaking around behind Julian's back, they had never kissed.But they both preferred it that way.It was less personal.

"You don't even need to be warmed up, do you?" She heard him ask.

"I'm here to be fucked, not played with," she answered and felt his large hands reach for her hips.She knew what was coming next and was prepared for it.Chase threw her onto the bed with one strong movement and had pulled her panties down before she was able to recover her bearings.

"Turn over," he commanded and she gladly obeyed.Completely vulnerable on her hands and knees, Kalyn pressed her backside into the air and waited for him to enter her.She was throbbing for him, but she didn't have to wait long.Chase's hands were on either side of her buttocks, lifting her and positioning her before he guided himself in.His first thrust was slow and painfully deliberate but the second one didn't disappoint.With a groan, Chase rammed himself into her tight core.

"Oh, God!" Kalyn moaned quietly, knowing the walls of Harper's were thin and anyone could be walking by.

Chase smiled down at her back.She did it every time, tried to suppress her cries, thinking no one knew what they were doing in here.Most of the students in their class wouldn't say it out loud, but they all knew what was going on between them.Julian seemed to be the only person left in the dark.Or maybe he knew but didn't care.

"Harder, Chase.I need to finish!"

He could really care less if Kalyn finished or not but he also knew that if she didn't, she would go somewhere else to get what she wanted.He never had trouble getting girls, but, unlike most of the other girls at school, Kalyn knew how to fuck.She was willing to do nearly everything he wanted to try and never wanted to snuggle or spend the night when they were done.

Chase gripped Kalyn's hip with his left hand, thrusting inside of her as his right hand moved between her legs.His thumb pressed against her engorged nub as he rode her hard.

"Oh my God," she moaned as she pulled a pillow into her face and muffled her scream.He kept his motions strong and steady as she felt the walls of her core pulling him deeper inside.Her body started to quiver and she moaned into her pillow again as she climaxed.Chase thrust a few last times, pressing his fingers into her skin as he gripped her hips and exploded inside of her.Collapsing on the bed, he could feel she was still shaking with excitement and he ran his hands up her sides a few times.

"Feel better?"Chase asked, rolling off of her and relaxing on his back.

"So much better," Kalyn smiled as she turned onto her back as well."Thank you."

"Anytime," Chase laughed.

Kalyn laughed as well but sat up and started searching for her clothes."So, how was the first month of your senior year?"

"It's been fine."

"Yeah?I haven't seen you around too much.Did you find some girl to occupy your time?"Kalyn smiled at him as she pulled her panties up.

"Maybe," Chase smiled back, slightly upset as she put her bra on, covering her perfectly shaped breasts.

"Who is she?"

"Laila Roberts."He felt no need to keep it a secret from Kalyn.

But Kalyn rolled her eyes and scoffed at the name."What is it with guys and that girl?Is she really that pretty?"

Chase knew Kalyn was talking about Sterling.Laila and Sterling had been practically inseparable since the first day of school.Though they weren't an official couple, the two of them were never seen without the other.

"It's not just her looks, Kalyn.She's different from the other girls at school."

"Because she's from California?Because she's a virgin?"

"You don't know that."

"Word is that Sterling won't commit to her because she refuses to sleep with him."

"And you would like nothing better than if he started sleeping with you again."Chase commented as she put her shoes on.

"Whatever," Kalyn rolled her eyes for a second time."Look, I heard her outside of Mr. London's office the other week, she's signed up to be a physics tutor.So if you want to spend some time with her, just tell your teacher you need some extra help."

"Physics?I hate physics."

"Well, then, you'll probably need a tutor.Just remember, little miss innocent isn't going to just jump into bed with you.You're going to have to get to know her and be nice to her and all those unpleasant things," Kalyn smiled at him before opening the door and leaving the room.The smell of sex was still thick in the air as Chase's room became silent.He lay on his bed, letting the sweat on his skin cool his heated body.Maybe a physics tutor wouldn't be that bad.


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