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Foreign Affairs

Novel By: Think Pink

Laila, Sterling, Alistair, Piper, and Luanne are all back in this third and final book in my Harper’s Education series. I swear to all of you that Laila and Sterling will not break up in this one! :) And, wait for it, no one tries to come between them either. Shocking, I know. I don’t want to give too much away because you are all too good at guessing but there are new roommates, annoying host families, and cute boys with British accents. Enough said.

Please enjoy Foreign Affairs.

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Alistair was holding her close, squeezing her as if he would never let her go. They were in a dark corner of the club and he had her pressed against a wall, his lips on hers, occasionally wandering down her neck, his hands already in finding their way up her shirt. Fuck, her boobs hurt. Normally, Piper would have loved this, but tonight, all she could think about was if he would crush the baby if he squeezed too tight in the wrong place. He hadn't left her side all afternoon or evening. She had cried when she and Laila had exited the train and she had seen him waiting for her. She had run into his arms and held him for almost five minutes, neither of them saying a word. Alistair assumed that she had just missed him because she had yet to find the courage to tell him they were going to have a baby.

"Do you want to dance?" his seductive voice whispered in her ear.

Piper glanced at the dance floor and her eyes fell on Laila and Sterling. They had been dancing almost all night and were still going strong. They looked so in love. Her eyes came back to Alistair and she nearly screamed her secret right in his face, the desire to tell him was so strong yet still so terrifying. But she took a deep breath and shook her head.

"No thanks," she said, kissing him again.

But Alistair pulled away. His bright blue eyes knew something was wrong, she could see it in the way he looked at her. She didn't want to hurt him. She didn't want his mind to start imagining things, possible scenarios of what could be wrong.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He asked, serious at first then winking at her with a boyish grin, his dimples causing her to smile back. God, how she had missed those dimples.

"Not yet," she answered. Being alone with Alistair would only give her that much more reason to tell him. "We just got here and you haven't seen your brother…"

"Sterling?" Alistair looked over his shoulder at his twin who was in a tight lip lock with his girlfriend. "You're right. My brother looks so eager to see me right now."

"Just a few more minutes?" Piper pleaded. "I need some water and you can go ask Luanne to dance. It looks like Christian is refusing." Maybe a moment away from him would allow her to find the courage she needed.

"Are you sure?" he gave her a skeptical look.

Piper nodded and gave him an encouraging smile though Alistair could tell that there was something she wasn't telling him. He knew she would confess it eventually, but he hated to see her this uncomfortable. It was as if whatever she was hiding was eating her from the inside out. Her expressions, her mannerisms, the way she seemed to shy away from him whenever he got close, it just wasn't like her.

But Alistair turned his head to look at Luanne and her new boyfriend. They were both sitting down but Luanne looked as if she was about to jump out of her seat and do a jig, she was so antsy. Christian just looked drunk and annoyed. He could tell Piper wanted to be alone so he turned back to her and kissed her cheek.

"See you soon," he said, quickly running to Luanne and grabbing her hand, surprising the poor redhead half to death as he dragged her to the dance floor.

Piper smiled and turned toward the bar, pushing her way through the crowds of people. The club was packed, the music loud and smoke filled the air. This couldn't be good, she thought as she snagged a seat at the bar. She ordered her soda water with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime (just for appearances sake) and turned around in her chair to watch the dancers. Luanne was a horrible dancer and Alistair was having a terrible time trying to keep up with her radical movements. That's when she saw Christian stumbling toward her, his empty glass in his hand. After their trip to Nice, she had been convinced that Luanne had found someone great. But now she wasn't so sure. Christian had been on edge all night, acting bored out of his mind or flirting with other girls right in front of Luanne. Her friend hadn't appeared to notice any of it.

"Hi, Piper," Christian greeted her and glanced down at her cleavage. Piper pulled her shirt up and glared at him.

"Hey, Christian."

"Having a fun night?"

"Yah, this is great," Piper smiled at him and he smiled back.

"You look amazing."

Piper blinked and felt chill bumps crawl up her spine. "Thank you. Your girlfriend gave me this shirt for Christmas last year."

"Luanne's a lovely girl," Christian said reaching for the hem of Piper's shirt and rolling the fabric between his fingers. But Piper slapped his hand away. Her heart broke for Luanne in that second when she realized that the look in Christian's eye was more than just drunken lust. He knew what he was doing and what he wanted. It disgusted her.

"I should go find Alistair," she said, standing up from her chair.

"Wait!" Christian pleaded. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"I'm fine, thanks."

"Oh, come on. Just have one drink with me." His hand snaked around her waist, his dark eyes were trying to entice her and she knew that look at worked on numerous women before. It was practiced and perfected and nearly flawless.

Piper glared at him and his persistence. "I don't drink, Christian."

He laughed out loud and Piper tried to push him away but his arm only strengthened around her. "Everyone drinks."

"Not me," Piper responded shortly. She wasn't scared of him, merely disappointed and upset. She craned her neck and looked over his shoulder, hoping to get Alistair's attention.

Christian laughed again. "Oh, relax. It's not like you're driving tonight. Or pregnant."

Piper's eyes went wide and her gaze snapped to his. Tears stung her lids as she stood there staring at him. His dark features studied her face carefully and then fell as he realized the truth behind what he had meant to be a joke. His hand dropped from her side and he took two steps back.

"Shit," was all he said as Piper set her drink on the counter and turned to flee the building. The cold London air chilled her instantly and she shivered as she jogged down the street, coming to a stop on the corner under an old lamppost. She closed her eyes and cursed under her breath.

"Piper? What the fuck?" She heard her boyfriend close behind her and she opened her eyes and turned to face him.

"What did he say to you?" Alistair frowned.

All Piper could do was shake her head and cry. Alistair opened his arms and she fell into them, allowing him to comfort her for a reason that was completely unknown to him. He slowly stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. He had never seen Piper just break down like this. There were weeks when she would be flustered, overworked with school and closed off from everyone around her as she fought her cravings, but she always stayed strong. Had she broken her sobriety? He couldn't think of another reason for her to act this way.

"It's okay," he whispered to her. "Whatever it is, it will be okay."

He heard her sobs break and she pushed away from him. "I'm pregnant."

Alistair stared at her and blinked. Pregnant. Piper was pregnant. That's what she had said but he didn't completely understand the word as it came from her mouth. His lips wanted to speak. His head wanted to accept. But all he could do was stand there and stare at her.

Piper stared back, looking as if she had nothing left to say, waiting for him to react. Tears were still streaming down her face, her arms were rigid by her sides, her bottom lip was trembling possibly from the cold, possibly from fear. Once he recognized how scared she was, a million things raced through Alistair's mind. Pregnant? As in a baby? As in diapers and bottles and picture books? How could this happen? How were they going to deal with a baby? Why?

"Pregnant?" He attempted to ask though his voice was barely heard by him or his girlfriend.

Piper bit her lip to stop the trembling. "Pregnant."

It was official. That word no longer meant what it had meant before. Before, Alistair had connected it with large bellies and married mothers who all went shopping for baby clothes together. Now, well, it shouldn't be happening to him. Piper being pregnant meant that he was responsible for something and would be responsible for it for the next 18 years. 18 years? He had just been 18.

"How long have you known?" He eventually asked.

"About four weeks."

Four weeks? Alistair tried to remember what he was doing four weeks ago but everything was fuzzy. He hadn't even seen Piper in over 7 weeks. "When could this have happened? We've always been so careful."

He could tell that she was waiting for the reality of it to sink in. Her answers were honest and quick. She wanted to see him do something. "I think it happened that day on the floor of my bedroom."

That had been some of the most amazing sex Alistair had ever had. No way could something like this have happened then. And that was all it took. His fists clenched and he blamed the first thing he could think of. "Fucking French condom! If anyone could get it right, you would think it would be the French!"

Piper had to smile. Those had been her words exactly. But the grin quickly faded from her face as Alistair started pacing back and forth on the sidewalk, his steps heavy and deliberate, his arms unmoving as his hands clamped and released the air.

"Shit, Piper! Why didn't you tell me?" He wasn't angry at her but had nowhere else to release his frustration and confusion.

"I don't know," she whispered and looked at the ground. "I was so scared and I didn't want to believe that it was really happening."

"Does anyone else know?"

She raised her head and looked him dead in the eye. "I told Laila and Tamlyn just a few days ago."

"Before you told me? You fucking told your friends before you told me?"

"I'm sorry! Tamlyn walked in on me throwing up and I had been lying about my morning sickness for so long...I just blurted it out without thinking."

"You should have told me," Alistair scolded her, more concerned with her morning sickness than the fact she hadn't told him.

"I know. But I didn't want to tell you over the phone because I knew you would worry about me. I wanted to tell you in person so that you could see that I'm okay."

"Are you okay?"

"I'm coping," she admitted and Alistair took a deep breath. She still looked so scared. He regretted yelling but knew that Piper wouldn't hold it against him. He couldn't be angry with her when she looked so scared and so beautiful.

"Do you know for sure," he asked, stopping in front of her and reaching for her hands.

Piper looked up at him, hopeful for the first time that night. "I took a test and it came back positive. I haven't gone to a doctor but I'm tired and sick almost all the time and my boobs are fucking huge."

Alistair cracked a smile and Piper had to grin back. "I'm taking you to a doctor tomorrow," he announced, a sudden sense of responsibility washing over him, and glanced down at her chest. He had noticed her amazing cleavage earlier in the evening but had just assumed she was wearing a push up bra which he would get to remove later. His eyes wandered further down her body and stopped at her still flat stomach. He dropped one of her hands and reached for her shirt, lifting it just enough so that his fingers could touch the warm skin of her belly. His child was in there, his son or daughter, a baby that he and Piper had created together. They weren't ready for this, it was the wrong time entirely, but a paternal affection for his unborn child was now racing through Alistair's veins and he dropped to his knees, resting the side of his face against his girlfriend's stomach. He could feel Piper's fingers in his hair, her loving touch as he held onto her and the baby inside for dear life.

After a long moment, Alistair stood up and without saying a word, kissed Piper hard on the mouth. "I love you so much," he told her as they broke the kiss. "We'll do this together."

Piper nodded and looked as if she was trying not to cry.

"Hey," Alistair smiled at her. "It's kind of exciting, don't you think? I mean, we're going to be parents and that baby is going to be perfect."

Piper smiled but shook her head. "It's terrifying, actually."

Alistair laughed. "That too."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," she said softly. "I just…you're so far away and I wanted so badly to believe that it would just go away and things could…"

But Alistair kissed her again. Things would never be the same, he knew that and he would learn to accept it. Fighting against this would only make it worse. He could lose the baby. He could lose Piper. They were in it together now, whether they liked it or not, whether they were ready or not. Piper had stuck with him for two years, put up with all his bullshit and all his nonsense ideas about relationships because he just didn't know any better. Somehow they had made it work. And now neither of them knew a thing about being parents but they would find a way to make that work as well.

"I love you," he reminded her. "And I'm glad you finally told me."

Piper tried to smile at him. "Can we get out of here? Go back to your hotel?"

"Of course." Alistair reached for her hand and turned to flag down a taxi. He knew they had a lot to talk about. He knew that he should be worried about his future, his education, Piper's education. But he couldn't think about any of that. He was going to be a dad, a proud father. Everything else, apart from Piper and the baby, no longer mattered.

A/N: I'm sorry I haven't been updating this story like I should. I'm having a horrible case of writer's block and I just can't seem to move past it. I'm going to finish it, I promise, but it may just take a while. Much Love, Pink


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