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If He Could Be The One

Novel By: thinklimegreen13

Maire Siverland has a HELL of a life. Her dad was murdered when she was 3 and her mother left when she was 5. Now she lives with her aunt Kathryn. Her boyfriend is cheating on her with her BEST FRIEND. And she has no friends. But she gets straight A's.

Kosmo England is the star qurterback. He has the hot cheerleader girlfriend. A rich family. And he gets Straight D's in high school. He has TONS of friends and is NEVER alone.

When Kosmo and Marie meet, they HATE each other's guts. But will being friends make sparks fly? Will falling in love be social suicide? Will Kosmo and Marie ever be happy? Just keep reading to find out..... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 23, 2010    Reads: 223    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   


If you know who I am, your nuts. Nobody knows me. Unless your mistaken. I'm known at school as the "freak on Wheels."My dad was murdered by is brother when Iwas three years old. But then two years later (when I was 5) my mother left and became the hot and sexy porn star. Everybody around the world can watch "Eddiy"have some fun. I hate my mother. Everybody or at least the boys, think she's smokin' hot. Ihate her more than anything. Since then I've lived with my aunt Kathryn. She's the regular mother figure, but I love her more than anything.

I woke-up late. I didn't do much. But made sure to put a long sweater on. I always wear sleves. If you may know, Icut myself. I only do that because I'm unhappy. I have no friends and my first boyfriend is cheating on me with my best friend Every. I hate them. Yet they think I'm clueless. I'm smarter than the average bear!

When Igot to school Iparked my car and walked to first period english. I sat down in my seat and waited for class to begin. Then Isaw Kris. My boyfriend. Then Every. I rolled my eyes. Then my phone vibrated. Shit. What now, I thought? I looked down... "We R Over. Sorry. xoxo Kris..... P.S. I am dating Every BTW." I looked over then replyed. "Do U think I'm stupid?I've known for weeks now. unxoxo Marie.


If you don't know who Iam, your CRAZY! My name is Kosmo England. I'm the star quarterback. My girlfriend is Taylar. The beautiful cheerleader chaptin. She is so cute when she cheers. My parents are rich. I love them sometimes. But they want me to play football. I don't like football. But I'm good at it.

I parked my blue mustang. I then walked to class. English. I sat next to this bitch named Every. She's friends with this girl named Marie. I think Marie is fine. But NOT the most beautiful girl in the world. I waited for the teacher to walk into the room. Then when she did, I wished she hadn't.

"Kosmo, can I talked to you out in the hall please." The teacher asked. She had gray hair and a ugly face. I hated Mrs. Johnson. I waited. "Kosmo, your close to failing my class. If you fail your off the football team."

"WHAT? I can't fail. Is there anything I can do to pass your class?"

"Yes, get a tutor and make-up all the assignments you are missing."

"A tutor?Who? How? What?"I said.

"How about Marie Silverland."

I waited. "FINE. If I can pass."


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