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Love replenishes itself.

Novel By: ToniTaylor

Andrew Wells and Jennifer Lynn somehow managed to love each other, in spite of all their differences.
She seemed like she had the perfect life;
He seemed like the typical asshole.
Jenny saw him cheating and from that moment on, everything fell apart.
And the most important thing here is that, nothing is what it seems to be. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 3, 2011    Reads: 110    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

"...I saw them... oh, why can't I have a paper heart? I wouldn't love; my heart wouldn't break that easily, and even if it sometime does, I'd tape it back together in no time. But what if I could still feel with it? Oh well, eventually I'd realize how fragile it is, and I wouldn't be giving in out to anyone, people don't deserve it since all they've ever done is to play with it..."
He stopped reading as he felt the urge to sit on the bed. Millions of things were racing through his mind right now, even his heart was racing faster than it should. Regardless of that wave of emotions suddenly crashing into him, he countinued reading anyway:
"...But on a second thought having a heart of stone would be better, or even no heart at all..."
He stopped once again as he heard footsteps, they were getting louder and louder, until someone finally opened the door.
-Hey, Andrew. Are you done with this?
-Not yet, Mr. Lynn. I know how hard this is for you, but I think I know why Jenny ran --..
-Why, why did she ran away?! - Jenny's dad asked without waiting for Andrew to finish his sentence.
-I just read her diary...
-I don't approve this, but if it's going to help us find her.
-Yeah. - Andrew simply replied.
-Now explain, please! How did you two decide to break up, you've been together for about two years now?! - Mr. Lynn asked angrily.
-Yeah, I know. But it's my fault actually. I think she ran away 'cause I hurt her quite bad. Only I know how much she loved me. I wanted to come here, to see her stuff, everything, it reminds me of her so much. And now I realized how much I miss her. But excuse me, I'm getting carried away. -He suddenly stopped talking like he was afraid to say something, that he'd regret later.
-How is it your fault? - Jenny's dad asked surprised.
-I cheated on her... but, I-I didn't even meant to. I don't know how it happened. - His voice was shaking.
Silence followed after, Andrew realized he said something he really didn't want to, and quickly changed the subject:
-She will be back. I know her well enough. -His voice wasn't shaking anymore, not even the slightest bit.
-I hope so. Jennifer has been gone for 5 days now... but she's been gone for longer though. I don't know, should I call the police? - Mr. Lynn was way too sure that Jenny's at some friend of hers.
-Yes, you should call them! Oh and thank you for letting me stay in her room for a while... I don't know... I thought I'd be able to find something that would show me where she went. - Andy said.
-Do you still have feelings for my daughter? - Mr. Lynn asked.
-N-no. I don't kn--.. I'm just... worried, that's all. - He didn't expect a qustion like this, he was also a bit carried away. Andrew wanted to take Jenny's diary with him, and every other notebook, note or anything that can be used as a diary. He was still sitting on the bed, while Mr. Lynn was probably thinking about her - he was looking at some family picture on the wall. Andy's eyes continued exploring the room for more possible "diaries".
-Well, I'll leave you alone now. And hurry up, please. - Said Mr. Lynn as he was walking out of the room. He was planning to call the police and tell them about his missing daughter, but he forgot, not that he had anything important to do...
Andrew was left alone in Jenny's room, he realized that quite well, and kind of stole all of the diaries and notebooks he could find, putted them under his shirt. He was worried that Jennifer's dad would see him, and Andy knew that no one would give him them if he asked. He was repeating to himself that "he can do it". Andy was worried more than neccessary, as he walked out of the room he saw that Mr. Lynn is sitting on the couch and watching some TV show, he wouldn't even notice if Andrew left without saying anything.
-Did you call the police station? - Andy wasn't even realizing that he was asking that, but something made him do it.
-Ooh, no I didn't. I will right now. Go, you probably have your own things to deal with.
Andy didn't reply, just quickly opened the door and as soon as he was outside, he took the "diaries" out of his shirt. He started walking fast, something that he didn't do that often. Before he even knew it, he was infront of his house. Andy went inside, straight to his room, left all of the books on his desk and threw his self on the bed. He slowly started falling asleep; the last thoughts he remembers having were, how he just now realizes how careless Jennifer's father is. "And her life always seemed so pefect, just like a fairytale." Andy was thinking to him self. Everything started fading to black, he finally felt aslep. Andrew was extremely tired, for no obvious reason.
The thing he didn't realize he's worrying about is that he knew Jenny well enough, he knew that there's a chance she could of done something to herself, and even if she didn't, then where was she? He didn't also realize that deep inside, he's blaming hisself for all of this.
Andrew was dreaming some flowers, not quite important, but the flowers reminded him of Jenny. Her dark blue eyes; that beautiful smile. He started comparing her eyes to a flower called Hydrangea, and her smile to a blooming rose. He suddenly heard some noise, it was his mom waking him up.
"Andrew! You'll be late for your classes!... Are you still asleep?"
He was already awake, but still laying in his bed wondering, "Really? This had to happed so I could realize I love her?"
He knew that 5 days aren't a lot, but he also knew that love makes you do unthinkable things. If we have to be honest, he couldn't even think properly -- the crazy things that were racing inside his head...
He finally chased all of those thoughts out of his mind and got out of bed. Took a shower, got dressed up and walked out of his room. After about 15 minutes Andrew was ready and already opening the door. His dad asked him something, but Andy comletely ignored it, and got in his car. Soon he was already walking in the university's campus. Andy felt like he's doing all of this automatically, his body was doing and thinking one thing, while his mind was wandering around; asking himself questions that didn't even make sense.
In all of his classes he was thinking about how strangely this affects him... Andy used to be cold as a stone, he didn't even think that it's possible for him to fall inlove. He had everything. His dad had a pretty successful bussiness, they were so damn rich. "Who needs love?" That's what Andy used to think before. He didn't even think he's inlove with Jenny, especially since he hated being single, and Andrew always thought that he's with her only because of that.
I think he had enough time to manage all of his thoughts, because he was completely calm in the last class he had that day.


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