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Disastourous Love

Novel By: toogood4u789

Miley Ford, a seventeen year old orphaned girl has the worst life possible. She lives at an orphanage and has very few friends in school. Just when things begin to get worse, a shocking surprise overcomes Miley's life. She begins to wonder what the meaning of true friendship is. Is the life of fame and fortune really what she dreamed it would be?? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2007    Reads: 358    Comments: 6    Likes: 0   

Miley stared at Lauren as she packed her away her belonging into her enormous trunk. Lauren had only been at the Ranssville Orphanage for about six months and yet today, a lovely married couple came and adopted her. Apparently, they didn't want kids of their own and they had decided to adopt one.

Miley had been sure that they would pick her for they seemed quite interested, but they were so mesmerized by Lauren's intelligence that they lost interest in her. She didn't thinkit was fair that she, Miley Ford, who had been at the orphanage for over seven years had to wait longer to be accepted into a family.

Miley Ford, a fourteen year old freshman at Oxford High,had light brown hair that hung down in loose curls. She also had big, expressive bright green eyes. She was tall for her age, around 5'7 and was very skinny.

Miley knew nothing about her past, but from what she was told, she was discovered at the beacheating a vanilla ice cream cone while sittingon a bench. It turned out that her parents had bought her the cone on their last outing. They told her to wait for them until they returned but they never did. A young couple had found her later on in the evening and they took her over to the FBI. The police searched for her family but received poor results. In the end, she was taken to the RanssvilleOrphanage and she had lived there ever since.

Lauren packed up the last or her belongings and waved goodbye to Miley.

Miley sighedas she plumped down on her hard, worn-out mattress. She stared at the scenery around her.The room consisted of five beds with a small night table next to each. All their belongings had to be crammed into those small night tables.The walls werebare and the paint on them was peeling. The color had turned from white to a grayish tinge.The floor bore no carpet, instead it was littered with filthy rugs. The only decor in the room was a small dusty chandelier that hung in the middle of the low ceiling. Their was a small window above Lauren's bad, which was now unoccupied.

Her roommates, which were now three suddenly, burst into the room.

"I can't believe Lauren's gone," said Amy. Amy Nicolli was a fifteen year old girl with straight, shoulder length hair. She had light, chestnut browneyes with an olive skin complexion. She was a very attractive girl with slender body.

"I know!" pipedup Olivia. Olivia Stanford was a gawky, overweight girl. She had wire-like hair that was untamable. Her eyes were deep blue andshe woreglasses that always hung around her neck when she wasn't using them. Her freckles reflected badly across her pale skin and her braces made her look even worse.

"Tough break Miles," said the third girl whose name was Allison, "I thought you'd get picked for sure."

Allison was the coolest girl at the orphanage. She had a great sense of humor and was very down to earth.

"By the way, Jeff is waiting for you downstairs," Allison told Miley as she combed her blonde curls, "he told me to tell you to meet him in the lobby."

Miley perked up as she heard this.

"That boy is so fine," Amy said with a dreamy voice.

"Ughhhhh," groaned Miley, "don't say that ever again. This is Jeff we're talking about, he's practically my brother."

Miley pulled on her favorite pink sweater and rushed downstairs to the lobby to meet her best friend Jeff Newman.


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