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Xxforbidden loveXx

Novel By: trapped43v3r

destiny has an arranged marrige,devon has secret...so does melinda....what will destiny think of them when she finds out? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 8, 2011    Reads: 23    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Destiny's POV:

I walked in from school back home. I walked in to find a man with my mom kissing my mom! I smirk and walk straight between them once there little salvia switching. Ewww :p I pass between them "So you finally found a man to go with all your crap" I sprinted up the stairs as I did I felt her eyes burn holes in the back of my skull as she stared at me. Grrr I hate you too mommy I thought in my mind

[] I walked into my room and froze in my tracks. I saw a boy around my age: 16 years. He was reading my note book! I ran over and snatched it out of his hand. "Hey! You must be my fiancé "he smirked. I looked at him in disbelief and shock. This has to be a joke I told myself! He had light brown hair and light brown eyes, his skin was an olive complexion as so does mine, he had high cheek bones. He was wearing a red shirt and dark jeans, a black jacket with wolf fur on the hood, a dog tag hung from his neck. The side pieces of his hair was neck length when his hair ended at the very top of his neck and some of his hair was short while others were long. He got up and bombed my shoulder purposely and walked down stairs. I threw my note book on my bed and ran down stairs to the living room "Oh hey sweetie this is Devon your fiancée and this is his dad drake" my mom said with her fake sweetly smile. But wait how can me and drakes son be married if my mom is dating his dad! "Why were you and drake kissing" I asked stubbornly I glance at Devon who was hiding his laughter behind his hand "or was I wrong. You couldn't find a man who can put up with all your shit" but before she could answer I turned to Devon and put on a fake smile and ran up to my room

Devons POV:

I got Smacked in the back of my head by my father "Son Show respect and keep check on Samantha "My father told me. I got up and walked up the stairs slowly. There was a small crack in her door so I reluctantly peeked in. she was on the phone. And all I heard was "Hey Mel please come over!" she stopped so I guess the person with the name Mel was talking "okay ill open the door and ignore everyone here" another pause "you'll see just please" another pause but this one was shorter "K bye" when Samantha hung up she wrapped her hands around her and started to cry she rocked herself back and forth back and forth repeatedly and when I opened the door silently a little bigger to where I can really see I realized that she was digging her nails into her back. Blood leaked and was soaked by her school uniform which was a blue shirt and khaki pants, brown belt and black shoes. I finally walked in and slammed the door shut. She was mumbling something "what the hell! I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED EITHER BUT DAMN" she didn't even move. I wrapped her nails out of her back and slammed her against the wall holding her by the shoulders. "What the fuck is your problem?! You have a nice mom and a nice life-"She cut me off before I could finish "MY MOM IS NOT NICE! MY LIFE IS HELL AND YOU WOULDN'T KNOW ANY OFF IT BECAUSE MY MOM PRETENDS!" she yelled tears rolled down her checks

"Change into a different set of clothes and wipe your tears because you have no idea what my life is!" I walked out and went back to the living room. A few minutes later she came down and I nearly fell out my seat she looked beautiful even if her hair was a little messy. Someone was knocking at the door and she went answer it.

Melinda's POV:

Samantha opened her door and I peered over her shoulder. Her mom shot me a look. Not just a look, though. The 'I-hate-you-get-the-hell-outta-my-house' look. I get this look very often with Samantha's mom.

"Just go on up, Melinda." Samantha told me. "Okay." I say. I'm so confused. Samantha usually looks perfect with her olive complexion. white hair and purple contacts. I have never seen Samantha's true eye color. Today she was wearing a black dress with white trim that goes down to her mid-knee. But today she didn't look perfect. She had been crying and her hair looked like straw

I started walking up the stairs and spotted a kid who I've never seen before. He smiled and waved. 'Nice kid' I thought. I waved back and ran to Samantha's room. I got a bad vibe from this place. It always has. But Samantha is my best friends so I don't care.

Samantha walked in and she was crying. I've never seen her cry before. "What the hell is going on?" I asked. "Did you see that guy down there?"she asked. "Yes. Why?" "He's my fiancee."Destiny's POV:

Melinda laughed as if it were a joke. I just stared at her till she stopped "What..wait your serious" she asked "dead serious" "But why" "I don't know" "YOUR WAY TO YOUNG!" "I know" "He looks nice" "He isn't" "how" "He slammed me against the wall" I wiped my tears and pointed at the wall next to us. We were sitting on my bed. My room was black and white: the walls were white,the floor was black,my blinds were white with black abstract designs,my bed sheets were black with white abstract designs,on my floor I had a white fluffy carpet,there was a desk with a dead rose and paper all over it and and a black chair by it and that was it. Nothing more nothing less was in my room...


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