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Catching The Sun

Novel By: Trillosophy

"Do you remember where you came from?" he asked, stroking my cheek.
I looked down at my shoes; shoes that cost more than the rent of the house I used to live in. "Yes," I said, tears burning the back of my eyes.
"Good," he sighed. He took my hand and led me to the balcony. I looked out over Manhattan. Beautiful Manhattan. "Because you're never going back." View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 7, 2012    Reads: 40    Comments: 12    Likes: 3   

"Dani, you have to tell me what you remember," the white lady said as I sat in front of her, arms folded across my chest. I stared at the cup of steaming hot coffee that sat directly in front of her clipboard. I was so cold. So, so cold. It felt like I had been wrapped up in an ice cube; I was shivering down to my bones. Even though I was wrapped up in a sweater, I felt like I was in Antarctica. Nothing could stop the coldness that ran through my body. "If you don't tell me, you could put yourself in a lot of trouble. Think about what you're getting yourself into."
I looked up from the coffee and stared into her face. She was young, maybe thirty-eight, but she looked so old. She looked like she had been through a lot. I could see the stress etched on her face. The crow's feet around her eyes were deep, as if they had been put there with a pencil. Her beady, blue eyes sat back deep in her face, her thick brown hair pulled back into a tight bun. She could have been pretty, but her job took an obvious toll on her looks. "I…" I began, trailing off. The words wouldn't push themselves out of my throat. I didn't know if it was physical or mental, but I was silent. The cat had certainly got my tongue. "We…it was…huh?"
My mouth dropped open and I stared at her. It seemed like she was getting farther and farther away, like she was slowly fading away. It seemed like she was leaving me, just like everyone else had. I had to stop myself from grabbing her, but then again, wouldn't it be good for this white lady to get as far away from me as possible? She didn't need to be near me. I didn't need to be near her. She was against me.
"You're a young girl, hun," she smiled. It looked like it hurt to smile. It probably did. I couldn't even imagine smiling at that point. "You're only eighteen; you've got a whole life ahead of you. There's so much you could do. You could be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, whatever you want to be. Don't let this one thing stop you from being what you can do."
I couldn't be a damn doctor, teacher, or lawyer. I wasn't smart. I was never smart.
I swallowed and looked down at my finger nails which had been bitten down to the nubs. Nervousness seemed to swallow me whole. Why was I here? Out of all people in the world, why was I here? Why did I have the worst luck out of anybody? My voice was hoarse as I finally managed to get the words out. "I don't know what happened. I woke up and…I remember blood."
"Blood?" she said, finally sitting up a little bit. She was excited that I was talking. She wouldn't get every bit of information out of me. I had enough since to know that. I'd give her just enough to save my ass. Just enough information that she'd let me go and I could get away from her. I couldn't and I would not tell her everything. There was no way it was going down like that. "Who's blood? How much of it did you see? How'd it get there?"
"I don't know," I coughed. I shivered. I was still, so cold. My bones felt like they were about to snap. "I…the blood…I think it was on me. I don't know. I was covered in it. And I looked around and it was dark and really, really, really hot. I was on a floor, it was hard and wet. And I looked up and saw fire. Yeah, fire. That's what I saw."
"Dani," she sighed, closing her eyes and pressing her thin pink lips together. "Are you sure that's all you remember? You need to tell me everything. We know you were covered in blood, we found you. We need to know what happened before we found you. Are you sure that's all you remember?"
She was pleading with me and it was almost funny. It felt amazing to know that someone needed something from me. I wanted to smile, but I couldn't. "That's all I saw. That's all I remember."


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