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Abena is an african struggling to cope with bullying at school because of the fact she's african. She is taken by suprise when the new asian student Hua takes intrest in her and wants to be her friend. both girls develop a friendship. but then a guy enters the picture and a love triangle is formed. an african loving an asian is a big taboo and what makes it even worse is that Hua is not who she says she is...

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Hua stood beside Abena's bed biting her fingernails nervously. She had never been good with handling bad situations.


Abena was hooked onto life support. She had an oxygen mask on and wires were flowing from her body to the machine. Hua didn't know what to do. Abena was lying in the hospital bed… so still like a vase on a table. Hua knew she was meant to be breathing but she couldn't see her friend's chest rise and fall.

Was Abena breathing? Hua didn't know.

Hua was angry. How could someone do this to her friend? She rammed her fist into the wall in anger.

No Asians would lift their hand against Abena. Hua sank to the floor, trying to think of who would hurt her friend. The girls had school wouldn't dare lay a finger on her. The nurse was out of the question… she had been taken care of. Only someone in Abena's neighborhood would want to hurt her.

"In case you haven't noticed, this is an African neighborhood and what do you think my neighbors will say when they see you at my front door?"

Hua groaned as she remembered Abena's words. Abena was fighting for her life because of her. Abena was half dead because of her. Hua slammed her fist at the wall again.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She said over and over and over again.

She gasped as she remembered the man staring at her from his house as she walked down the street towards Abena's house. She remembered the way he stared at her, full of contempt. She was used to Africans staring at her that way, but there was something different about the way the man stared at her. It was both hateful and sexual… a perverted stare.

Hua looked at Abena once again and moved closer. She touched Abena's hair softly. "Get better soon my friend. I'll be back soon." She whispered. She kissed Abena's forehead and walked away. She had taken care of the school nurse so why couldn't she take care of the pervert who dared to lay a hand on her friend?


Hua rang the door bell and began tapping her foot on the pavement. It was something she always did when she had someone to take care of.

The door opened and a woman stood by the door, her face full of disgust.

"Yes." She snickered "What do you want?"

"Are you Mrs. Isa?" Hua asked.

"Yes -"

"First mistake." Hua said. She removed her gun from her pocket and shot the woman between the eyes and on her left breast. Mrs. Isa fell to the ground as the first bullet came in contact with her head. Her big brown eyes were still wide open, filled with shock as she fell to the ground.

Hua smiled and walked past her into the house. "Have fun on the other side BITCH." She muttered.

The house was empty. Only Mrs. Isa had been home at the time. That didn't bother Hua; she just made herself feel at home by taking some apple pie and soda from the fridge. The pie tasted divine. Too bad Mrs. Isa was a bitch.

As she sat of one of the extravagant lounges Hua smiled to herself. She had just killed a woman in broad daylight and someone had not yet raised the alarm. Hua laughed, finding the whole thing funny. She began to hum as she thought of what she had done to the school nurse.


It hadn't been hard spotting her as she left the school. Hua had two of her father's men drive their cars in a bid to follow the nurse. The stalking ended outside the woman's front door. The nurse was about to open her front door when Hua snuck up behind her, grabbed her and covered her nostrils with a handkerchief soaked with a chemical substance that when inhaled, puts a person to sleep.

Hua with her father's men threw her into their car and drove off. Hua wanted to torture her so badly but couldn't for some reason she herself didn't know. She waited 'till the nurse woke up. By then it was too late for her. She was tied up and gagged.

Hua remembered the look on her face. The way her eyes widened when she saw Hua with a knife. Hua recalled the way she squirmed and the muffled screams that sounded like that of a child playing tag. Hua had just smiled and slapped her.

She mimicked what the nurse had said "Take her out of my office. I don't want to touch her" and spat on her. Hua then went on her knees and began to work. She cut her two breasts and slit her throat. Normally there would be more torture involved but she just couldn't do it.

She and her father's men then dumped the body in an old car and set it alight, burning it to ashes. It wasn't that hard.


Hua burst out laughing when she heard the agonizing howl of a man outside. She stood up from the chair and walked stood by the door way. Mr. Isa was kneeling on the grass with his wife's lifeless body on the ground. He looked like Romeo cradling his dead Juliet in his arms.

"Get real this isn't some fucked up fantasy. She's gone." Hua said without emotion.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" His voice sounded harsh and bitter.

"You're just like your wife. She was a bitch and guess what. You're even worse." She sighed inspecting her nails.
"I know who killed your wife. Come in. I have some evidence for you."

He looked at her, his face full of relief. He left his wife's body and followed Hua inside. Hua smiled. Mr. Isa was very naïve and gullible.

Hua stood next to the kitchen sink where the knives were kept. "Your wife was shot.." as she was talking to him, he looked away sobbing. Hua sighed. He was so stupid… he had a brain of a sheep. Hua saw her chance. She removed the largest knife from the knife holder. Mr. Isa was now standing beside the fridge sobbing "Why didn't anyone do anything? Why didn't anyone raise the alarm?"

Hua moved towards him. "The question is why didn't anyone do anything when you stabbed Abena? Why didn't anyone raise the alarm as you tried to kill her YOU PEVERT!!"

Mr. Isa's eyes bulged out of his eye sockets as he recognized who she was. By then it was too late. Hua pushed his back to the fridge and plunged the knife in his eye. He stiffened and screamed.

She yanked the knife out and blood splattered out of the wound and onto her, but she kept going. She stabbed him over and over again as he yelped and pleaded for mercy.


Mr. Isa then sighed and slumped to the ground. Hua cut of his head and put it in the kitchen sink. She spat on him and walked away. She waved goodbye and blew a kiss at Mrs. Isa before getting into her car and driving off.

After all she was the daughter of a drug lord.

A/N this is the LONG chapter. Its more than 1000 words Lightbulb :)

Love all my readers... don't worry I'm still writing the story its not over yet.


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