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Abena is an african struggling to cope with bullying at school because of the fact she's african. She is taken by suprise when the new asian student Hua takes intrest in her and wants to be her friend. both girls develop a friendship. but then a guy enters the picture and a love triangle is formed. an african loving an asian is a big taboo and what makes it even worse is that Hua is not who she says she is...

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Sorry for taking forever to update my peeps :) i love u all. i've just been working on my other two novels -bug yellow ball in the sky and little boy lost.... and also looking for christian literary agents and blah blah blah. i also have exams coming up so I may not be able to update regularly but I shall try to do some writing. Gosh I talk a lot!!!!! Hope u enjoy this chapter.. take ur anger at the wall when ur done reading this later...not on me :D

Abena opened the front door and entered the house.

"Hello. Is anybody home?" she called out. No one was home. Abena stood her back facing the door and stared at the room in front of her. It looked perfect, just as Hua said it'd be. No one would even know the events that had occurred there a few days….Abena began gasping for air. She needed to get out. She needed to leave the house. Everywhere she looked she saw blood. She saw Paio. She saw the butcher's knife. She saw Mr. Isa's face. She needed to breathe. She had to breathe. She slowly sat on the cold floor leaning her back on the wall. She was trembling violently as if she was suffering from hyperthermia. She looked around hoping…praying no one was in the house.

No one had spoken of Mr. Isa. What if he was in her house, hiding somewhere. Abena took deep breaths to calm herself. She jumped when she saw a small shadow move slightly. Abena wanted to scream. She wanted to burst out crying. She wanted to run from the house. She told herself she was hallucinating. Yes she was hallucinating. There was no one else in the house except her. saw a small shadow move slightly. Abena wanted to scream. She wanted to burst out crying. She wanted to run from the house. She told herself she was hallucinating. Yes she was hallucinating. There was no one else in the house except her. saw a small shadow move slightly. Abena wanted to scream. She wanted to burst out crying. She wanted to run from the house. She told herself she was hallucinating. Yes she was hallucinating. There was no one else in the house except her.


"Hello…yes…oh good afternoon…tonight…..oh yes…I'll be there." Hua smiled as she hung up the phone. She had been invited to dinner by Paio's parents. What a nice surprise!! I mean she found his mother's flamboyant, over-the-top, crazy attitude both bizarre and annoying…but Hua loved the woman's smile. Paio's father on the other hand reminded her of her grand pa, small shy and timid with geeky glasses. Hua swore she could just pick him up and he wouldn't care.

She opened her wardrobe took out some skinny jeans and a white top and just threw it on over her head. Sorry, she wasn't girly. Being extravagant took too much time. Being simple was way easier… she took her car keys from the table and left the house. She hopped in her car and began driving towards Paio's home. As she drove she became nervous. She had never been invited to someone's house for dinner…so this was her first time. She pulled off at the side of the road and text her one of her friends.

Babegirlxoxoxo: going out to dinner with a family. What should I bring?

Guns'n'roses: Box of chocolate

Babegirlxoxoxo: thanks

Guns'n'roses: ur welci-welcome XD

Hua sighed and began driving again. She made a quick stop over at the local supermarket and bought a small box of Cadbury chocolates…they were her favorites. She just hoped she wouldn't eat them before she got to Paio's house.

She stopped outside their house. It was a large house. It was a two storey building with deep green vines that slithered and curled around the stone pillars. It reminded her of Rapunzel's tower. She rolled her eyes. Now was not the time to think of Rapunzel and fairytales.

She rang the door bell and tried not to pace around nervously. Hell! Why on earth did she have to be nervous? She was only having dinner with a family who thought she had saved their boy in a car accident. People could be so stupid at times. She had seen a few. Mr. Isa…. Paio's parents….Ab… the door opened.

"Hello my child." It was Paio's mother. She was dressed in a pink (arrrggh) dress which by the weigh didn't suit her figure. Gosh the woman had a bad sense of style. Hua even wondered if she even knew her right from her left. She wondered if her husband actually….really actually told her how she really looked…if he actually sat with her and give her a reality check? Course not. His wife towered over him like the tower of Babel. It seemed to Abena she actually controlled the poor man.

"Hello." Hua tried not to cringe. My child…WTF. She was not her child. She had her own child. There was no need to adopt another. She handed the woman the box of chocolates and smiled weakly.

"Oh thank you." She hugged Hua. Hua was just about ready to bolt out of the house. What kind of folks did Paio have? A weird mother with an over crazy whatever you call it attitude, who had a BAD fashion sense and hugged people.

Hua entered the house and was greeted by Paio's father. Luckily he didn't hug her and all that jazz. He just said a nice hello and that was it. Okay it was official. She loved the man. Paio came from his bedroom and Hua's jaw dropped. He was cute. His hair was sleekly pulled back. He was wearing a red top and black trousers. He looked hot. Definitely hot. He looked so much different since he got out from the hospital. His stab wounds had gradually begun to fade.

"Hey." Hua swallowed hard when he talked to her.

"Hi." She replied. She had the feeling she's have a good time tonight.

It took Paio all his strength to stop himself from telling her to leave the house. Not after what she had done to him. Not after what she had done to Abena. His heart melted when he said her name. He'd whisper it every night like a prayer. Her name was his prayer. He couldn't stop saying her name.

"It's time for dinner you two." Paio's mother's voice threw both of them back to reality. Paio smiled uncertainly at Hua and led her to the table. They soon began talking. Paio's mother couldn't stop talking about Paio. And then the conversation led to bridges. Hua found out Paio's father worked with one of the top engineers in the country. Then the topic changed again, this time to Paio's accident.

"Paio you should have never fallen asleep behind the wheel." His mother said with a shake of her head.

"I know ma. I'm sorry." Paio looked at Hua for a brief moment and she grinned. Paio fought the urge not to shudder.

"Well I'm glad I could help." Hua touched Paio's arm affectionately. Paio quickly moved his arm and Hua just smiled. She was beginning to like him more than a friend….


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