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Abena is an african struggling to cope with bullying at school because of the fact she's african. She is taken by suprise when the new asian student Hua takes intrest in her and wants to be her friend. both girls develop a friendship. but then a guy enters the picture and a love triangle is formed. an african loving an asian is a big taboo and what makes it even worse is that Hua is not who she says she is...

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Paio froze when he saw her in the middle of the confectionary aisle. Her hands were trembling and her basket was on the floor with the contents spilled out. Her brown eyes bulged out of their sockets. She was pale, white as sheet.
Hua was still chatting happily unaware of Abena's presence. Paio wanted to say something. He wanted to run to her and tell her everything would be fine. That he actually loved her and Hua telling her he was dead was for her own protection. But Hua dragged him away. He could do nothing but watch as the girl he loved slowly faded away from sight.
Abena picked up what she was buying from the floor. She wanted to run after Paio and Hua and give both of them a piece of her mind. She felt hurt and betrayed. How dare Hua lie to her? She had told her Paio was dead for god's sake!
Abena decided against the idea of running after both of them. She went to the cashier and paid for her sweets. She left the store without looking back.
Paio's alarm went off and for the first time in his life he was happy about it. He took it from his pocket, turned it off and placed it on his ear.
"Yes it's Paio. Hey Ben what's up?" he said pretending to have a phone conversation. "Oh my god are you joking? Oh shit where...oh god. I'm coming right now." He looked at Hua. "Sorry my friend's been involved in a car crash and I need to go see him."
Hua frowned "Can I come?"
"No. I need to go by myself." Paio said quickly. He needed to get away from her.
"Okay." Hua knew something was going on.
"Bye. I'll call you later." Paio said as he hurried out of the store.
He caught a bus to where Abena lived. He didn't know what he was going to do once he got to her place. He knew he had to talk to her. Next thing he knew, he was standing at her front door with sweaty palms.
He shakily pressed the door bell. He could feel his heart pounding hard within the walls of his chest. He closed his eyes thinking of what to say. He could tell her how sorry he was and how he felt about her, or he could just turn around and pretend nothing ever happened.
The door opened and Paio jumped.
Abena saw Paio and was about to slam the door on his face when he quickly darted to the side of the door so she couldn't close it.
"Let me in please." Paio pleaded.
"Leave me alone. Go and stay with Hua. You two will have a wonderful future."
"No honestly please let me in."
"I want nothing to do with you. You hurt me."
Paio stopped pushing at the door. "Please I'm begging you let me in."
"Why should I let you in?"
"Because you've done that before and we need to talk."
"There's no we. You made your choice when you decided to go out with Hua and lie to me that you died."
"I didn't lie to you."
Abena stopped her struggle to close the door and sighed "Why did Hua lie to me?"
Paio shrugged "I have no idea. Please Abena let me in." Abena's eyes widened when he said her name. She didn't think he'd remember it.
"You remember my name." she said in surprise.
Paio smiled "It's hard to forget a girl like you." Abena stared long and hard at him for a long time. Even Paio began getting uncomfortable under her watchful gaze.
Abena opened the door "Come on in." Paio sighed in relief and entered the house. He sat on one of the chairs in the lounge room and Abena sat opposite him.
"I'm sorry about what Hua said. She told me to stay away from you and that's what I did. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I'm sorry about what happened."
Abena sighed not knowing what to say. She had felt hurt and betrayed when she saw Paio and Hua together in the shop. "Why were you with Hua?"
Paio grunted "I don't love her. She's the one obsessed with me."
Abena nodded. "Okay. It's fine."
Paio moved closer to Abena "I'm really sorry. I never meant to cause you such grief."
Abena laughed "It's fine. I'm not angry with you but with Hua."Abena smiled and suddenly hugged him "I'm happy you're alive." Paio smiled and kissed her fore head. "So am I."
Hua stood by the window watching Paio and Abena with a smirk on her face. She wasn't that stupid. She too had seen Abena in the shop. She clicked her tongue and giggled. No one could take away the boy she loved….no one. And that included Abena…


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