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Abena is an african struggling to cope with bullying at school because of the fact she's african. She is taken by suprise when the new asian student Hua takes intrest in her and wants to be her friend. both girls develop a friendship. but then a guy enters the picture and a love triangle is formed. an african loving an asian is a big taboo and what makes it even worse is that Hua is not who she says she is...

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Hello my lovely readers (: sorry for taking forever to upload another chapter. ive been pretty busy with Caged bird screaming (which I finished. 74,000 words YAY!!!) and now Im juggling my other novel The broken road :)

just taking time to say.... i shall be uploading a new chapter on the 15TH OF EVERY MONTH because I've got so much going on

So here we go____

"Goodbye Paio." Abena wasn't sure whether to hug him or not.

"Bye." He said as he left the house. Hua hid behind the fence watching them. Her mouth curved into a smile. There was no way a nigger would take her man from her. She watched as Paio left, her eyes scanning her surroundings. If Abena wanted a fight, she'd get one. Abena closed the door softly and sank onto the cold tiled floor. All this time, her life had been a lie. Paio wasn't dead and Hua knew about it the whole time. The thought of confronting Hua crossed her mind but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Hua had been the only one who gave a damn about her. Accusing her of something would not be right. She shook her head. Anyway, she had better things to worry about. Her mum had not yet come home so that was a problem. She stood up and picked the phone, thinking she should file a missing person's report. Thinking about it, she shook her head. No. her mother stayed out for long periods of time. Abena sighed and sunk onto the small lounge. She could only wait and see if her mother would come home, and if Hua was who she said she was.

Hua entered the car and drove away. She had thought of killing Abena herself and throwing her body over the bridge. But that would have been too easy. First she was going to make Abena pay. Then she'd kill her. She had it all mapped out in her head. It wouldn't be hard. She had done it many times before and never got caught.

She pulled into the garage. No one was at home. She carelessly flung her keys across the table and set off to work. This was going to be fun. She opened a large safe in the laundry and grinned when she saw what she was looking for. She placed it in a plastic bag and shut the safe. This was going to be so much fun. She took the keys and drove out of the house.

Let the games begin.

The doorbell rang. Abena opened one eye and groaned. Then a thought hit her like a punch to the gut. It could be her mother. She frantically cleared the area, making sure everything looked fine. She was almost at the door when she heard a car driving away. Strange, she thought. She thought about going back to sleep but her curiosity got the better of her. She opened the door and next thing she knew, she vomited all over the carpet. It wasn't her mother at the door, it was Mr. Isa's head on the pavement, with maggots crawling through it.

Her eyes began to blur and her feet gave way.

The games have already began.


No words could describe how Abena felt as she walked through the school halls. One thing she knew was that she was going through a living hell. Someone was out to get her. Someone was out to hurt her.

No one paid attention to her. No one noticed she was there. She placed her bag in her locker and went to the girls toilets, hoping to hide from whoever wanted her. The first bell went and Abena flinched.

The second bell rang and Abena knew she was fucked.

She stood up and went to her first class. History. Hua walked in. Abena looked away.

"Hey." Hua said she as she walked past. Abena nodded, still staring at the window. Hua took her seat three rows behind her, and through the entire lesson, the hairs on Abena's back stood up. Hua was watching her.

Abena turned around and gasped when she realised that Hua had been staring at her through the entire lesson. Hua smiled sardonically. "What's the matter?" She mouthed and Abena grabbed her bag and left the class.

She needed to run.

She needed to hide.

And fast……


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