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Why on earth did this have to happen?!

Novel By: tvmotltf134

(NEED TO COMPLETE)Gabriella is a fifteen year old who lives in the land of Argon. The land is controlled by a beast, who eats anything in it's path. When the people run out of animals, the people, desperate start feeding their children to the beast in order to be safe . . . . View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 22, 2009    Reads: 144    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Oh no.
Please no.
They can't be.
God no!
They're here.
They've come for me.
They're going to kill me.
I'll be the beast's main course.
This CANNOT be happening.
I'm lying in bed scared, nervous and desperate for escape. Yes it's true. They're here for me. I hear footsteps at the corridor. Gosh did that stupid old king send an entire army after me? I shut my eyes tightly, thinking everything happening is a dream; a nightmare. A nightmare every child has . . . their names being pulled out of the bowl by the king. Being slaughtered and torn into pieces by the dragon and then eaten. I shudder. I don't want to die. I'm too young to die. I've got a whole life ahead of me. I'm not ready to be the beast's food.
The footsteps are getting closer and closer. I shut my eyes tighter. I hear wailing; my mother's wailing.
"Please no! Please don't take my child away from me! She's all I have! She's my only family! Please don't take her away! Please! Please!!!" My mother yells out.
I shut my eyes even tighter. Tears escape from my eyes. Poor mother. . . My poor old mother. I'm the only one she has. My father died four months before I was born. For the fifteen years of my life, I've been her only companion. My mother would die of heartache if I'm gone. I'm the only reason she lives. Without me here, there would be no reason for her to be alive. She'll kill herself.
My room door bursts open. My eyes fling open. A guard enters my room. I'm then grabbed harshly by the hair, lifted off my bed and flung to the ground. I hit the floor hard but I don't cry out. This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening to me. What am I going to do?
"Get up!" A rich, deep voice orders.
I don't get up. I don't bulge from the ground.
"I said GET UP!" the voice booms out again.
I'm not getting up. I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay right where I am.
I'm pulled off the ground by the hair. It hurts, but I don't yell out in pain.
"Take her away" the guard orders.
I'm pulled out of the house by my long, dark brown hair. Mother follows us, wailing, screaming and shouting for the guards to let me go.
As I'm dragged out I scream out "MOTHER!!"
I'm hit hard on the head and I pass out.


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