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My own little love story

Novel By: twilight23

Violet, 16, was always a shy girl. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her mom and sister, Sasha. Her best friend-and only friend-is Ivy. One day, Violet is hanging out at the mall when Violet spots a handsome guy. The mysterious teenager walks over to Violet and introduces himself as Chase Hoffman. Chase is new to Jacksonville and wants someone to hang out with. He also is attending Washington High, Violet's school. After a while, Violet and Chase soon become inseperable and the school's #1 couple. But little does Violet know that Chase has a secret that just might cost her life.

This is a challenage I did for angeltears. I hope you enjoy! View table of contents...


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So what should I wear? Here in Jacksonville, Florida you have to have the best outfit ever when you went to a school like Washington High. But I don't know why I care. I sit at the loser's table with my bffl and only friend Ivy. People think my name is weird. It's Violet! Who doesn't love that name? I mean I'm only a 16 year old girl with brown ringlets for hair. I think it fits me perfectly! I live with my mother and sister, Sasha. See my father left us for some whore. Which I am kind of glad he left. We are so much better without him. Anyway back to outfit talk. I will wear my blue shirt blouse with my brown skirt and my brown high heels. There...now that's a cute outift.
Ivy's brother always took us to school since he had a car and we didn't. We would be getting one in like another year or so. We got out of the car and went our own ways. Ivy's brother was a Jock. So he went with his football buddies and we went to our tree that we always sat under. "I still think we should go to the mall after school VI, it will be fun. We can buy all new clothes and shoes and make up and....." "If I say yes Iv will you shut up?" "YES!!" "Fine, yes!" She jumped up and down saying thank you and of course I had to laugh and hug her. I don't know what I would do without Ivy. I would die for her. She was like a sister to me and I knew she felt the same way. The bell rang and we went to class. We had the first 3 classes together which was so much fun!
Finally lunch time, my favorite class. Well, besides art class. Ivy and I sat at our table. The table we sat at every day since the first day of freshman year. "Did you hear about the news?" Ivy said. I shook my head confused. How could she hear some kind of news before me? All well. "We are getting some new students. What was it...3 boys and 2 girls? Anyway they will be coming in a few days. I am so excited! I can't wait. Maybe we make new friends!" She was almost out of her seat because of all the excitement. "I'm sorry to say this Ivy but we aren't going to make any friends. "them" will most likely befriend them and then they will hate us. That's how it always works." I started eating at my apple thinking about the newbie's. Would they go for the "in" crowd? Or would they just keep to them self's?
I was so tired. I had three tests to study for. And now I have to go to the mall. Ugh...I am having a terrible day. I mean I love going to the mall with Ivy it's just I hate the having to walk part. Why can't they just have those one scooters that the old people drive in wal-mart, so people wouldn't have to walk. We were in Hot Topic looking at all the Twilight stuff when I saw a guy staring at me. How weird. I grabbed Ivy and walked out of the store. "Hey, I was looking at those t-shirts of Jasper. You know if I see something of Jasper I have to have it." "I'm sorry. But there was this guy staring at me and it was freaking me out. How about right before we leave we go back and I will buy you that Jasper t-shirt." "fine...But let's go eat. I'm starving." I shook my head and we started to head for the food court. Man was I happy to get out of there.
I was in the subway line when I saw that guy again. And what was he doing? Staring at me. I was getting really freaked out. "Here's your food miss" "thanks" I took the food and started to walk away. Not as fast as I could but not normal. I sat down at the table Ivy was at and started eating. "What's wrong? You look like you just show the sex tape in health class?" "Look over my shoulder. And the guy with the black shirt on and jeans is the one that keeps staring at me." I saw her look over my shoulder and an OMG look came on her face. "OMG! HE IS SO HOT! OMG!! HE'S COMEING THIS WAY!!" " He is not..." "Hello" I turned around to see the guy that was staring at me. I hated it when Ivy was right. He was so beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before. His skin was pale and his eyes were a golden brown color. But still so hot. "hi" "I'm sorry if you think I'm stalking you or something it's just I think you are really pretty. See I am new here and I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime? My name is Chase Hoffman by the way." I was shocked. He wanted to hang out with me and he was new. He must be the new kid Ivy was talking about. "I would love to... My name is Violet by the way." "great...Saturday night at 6." I shook my head and he left. Wow... I was going on a date. With a really hot guy! I think my day just got better.


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