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So This Is What Love Feels Like

Novel By: twilightlover1012

Leah has never had a perfect life. Emmet has had the perfect life this far. But what happens when tragedy strikes and gets the best of both of them. Will it get them for good? Or will they be able to pull through it. And if they do how? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 23, 2009    Reads: 124    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Leah's POV
I started shaking then I blew up. "LEAVE ME ALONE SETH!!" I screamed in my head. I had been rejected again. Why did Hunter go this to me? He is Werewolf too he should freaking understand!! "Leah please come home!" Seth's whines come to my mind. Then I broke down sobbing and I shifted back to my human form and laid there on the forest floor, crying.
Emmet's POV
"Rose please don't leave me" I tearlessly cried. Earlier that week she had been hunting and some newborns came and attacked her. And now she's lying here dying right before my eyes. She turned and smiled at me. "I love you" she whispered to me. Then she turned to Bella and a sobbing Nessie. "I love you two so much" she said. Then she looked a Carlisle and Esme "Thank you Carlisle and Esme you two are the best parents anyone could ever hope for." Then Alice and Jazz. "Hey look it's my little freak and her weirdo" she joked "I'll miss your visions." Last she looked at Edward." Hey Big Brother" she gasped "you gonna miss me?" she asked. "Always Rose" he answered smiling. Then she took one last breath and her body went lifeless. "NO!!" I roared. Ness started crying harder. Esme started sobbing. Bella looked like she was going to die. Alice slid down the wall and put her head in her hands. Jasper and Carlisle just kept looking at Rose my Rosalie. Edward walked out of the room and you could hear the glass door slam. "He went to the cottage Bella" Alice said. She must have had a vision. "Bella sighed and picked up poor Nessie's shaking body. She was heading to the cottage hoping to calm Edward down. I looked around at everyone crying and at everyone's horrible faces. "I can't take this any more!!" I yelled and I ran outside. I ran for a couple miles. Then this horrible stench hit me…Werewolf. But it was in its human form sobbing. It sounded very familiar. Then it hit me LEAH! I found her under a tree she looked horrible like she had been there for days. The first words she spoke to me was "What do you want leech?"


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