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After Sister Marie dies Kamota a 14 year old orphan runs away from the orphanage and heads toward the forest. But she runs into a clan of boys that live in the forest what will happen when they find her find out by reading this View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 21, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Kamotas POV

I landed hard on my feet, looking upon last time. at my old window. In to morning they would find an empty bed. Sister Susan would make a big fuss and get the police but deep down she wouldnt give a shit. The only was that would, would be pookey. The dog that was suppose to make the orphans feel better. It made mostof them feel better but not me not when iknow that i the oldest fucking orphan in histery. I had been in that little two story orphanage for 12 years, now it just feels good to be able to breath.

I walked toward the forest. I had it al planned out. I would walk through the forest to the town on the otherside of the woodsthat Sister Marie used to talk about. I wanted to go there desperatly. Anywhere really just to get away from the orphanage. I foun dmyself running as fast as i could runninng sefl concuisly, running from the painful memories. I remember the faces on my parents faces when they left me. My father was stern no one could tell what he was thinking. My mother was almost the same but she looked a little sadder then him.

"We dont need a worthless baby." My father stated. Staring at my mother.

"Right?" He asked her.

"Yes but what my husband ment was we dont have time for a child." Sister Marie didnt look covinced but she took me anyway. As they were leaving tears streamed down my mothers face.

"Patrick why cant we take her with us?" he slapped her across the face.

"Shut up you slut." Beleive it or not that was my first word. Considering its what I heard constanly heard. My father constantly called her a slut for forcing him to marry her due to her getting pregnuant when she was 16.Thats why I vow that all men are descusting pigs. They just care about football, beer and a wife to wait on.

I slowly stopped running. I started to pant. Wiping sweat off my brow. I staggered over to the stream that was convienintly next to the spot whereI stopped. I walked over to the hevanly creek. Pauseing to look at myself in the waters reflection. My long black hair flowed down my back. I was flat chested. and my green eyes shone bright. I loved my look. I personaly thoughtI looked hot. I yawned getting tired. I had to find a place to sleep soon.


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