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The Immortal Heart: The Chosen One.

Novel By: TwoStepz

The Immortal Heart is Back! Daina is now 18, still in love with Josh and going home, back to the place she left two years ago due to her secret spilling out. But now she's got control over her powers, Josh, it seems, has moved on AND to pile on top of that a Family crisis takes place that could unleash the inner power of her Grandfather's Telekinesis. View table of contents...


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I sat at my desk, swinging my short legs as they didn't reach the ground. Eighteen and short. Cute. BUT very annoying.
The rain fell down outside, the noise of it hitting the pavement managing to fill the silent room even though all windows were closed. The rain fell like tears on the window, trickling down in slow motions, racing to the bottom. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed the sky, making everyone who had been working hard jump and look to the window.

The teacher talked for what seemed forever, almost half the lesson now, but I didn't listen. I looked at the wood on my desk as I scratched it with my pen, creating a dark mark in it. Everything they taught me here was useless, I wanted to be back in my special room, practicing my mind skills.
I turned my my hand to look at my palm. Once I had worked so hard with my telekinesis and let it run through my hand, it was a problem because it created a dark burning mark in my hand.

I hadn't be told the reason, but my teacher knew what it meant.
By 'teacher' I do not mean the one teaching me now, in the public school, but I meant the one that taught me about my powers.
About how to... synchronize my power of removing memory and telekinesis.

It was an amazing sight, I tell you, I got to use it on teacher's whenever I could and I got away with many things that I had done. But my teacher, a Founder, told me that soon I would have to go and practice it on a large crowd.
I'd have to go back home.

Home where Josh, Harmony and Angelica were.
Where everyone knew I was an immortal.
But if I used my two powers right, them maybe, just maybe I would be able to make them forget I was ever an immortal.

They were still testing on us immortal's, but they still didn't know our kryptonite.

I picked my pen and pulled a sheet of lined paper from my pocket, unfolded it and put the pen to the paper, and checked if the teacher was watching before I started writing.

Dear Harmony;

I'm coming home, I swear I am. Three days and I'll be there. Practicing my new two powers. Oh it will be amazing.
And you want to know the best part?
I can revenge people. I can revenge Angelica.
Wait for me, okay?

And sorry for the small mail, I had to keep it short and simple.


P.S. I bet you've grown! Have you gotten out of the 'bright' style?;)
I think I joined your old routine. Blueberry muffins and bright clothes!

"DAINA!" My name was shouted, making me jump. I snapped my head up to see the teacher standing over me. I rolled my eyes. College sucked. "Pass me the paper." He held out his hand, and I started to put it back in my pocket, but he made his eyebrows create a V as he got angrier. Moody old git. "Pass it, or I will phone your parents and you will have detention for a week."

I shrugged, not listening to his words. I imagined arms wrapping around him from his waist up, spinning and coiling around him like a snake. That was the part that the telekinesis was used. Then I let my other power flow with it, they flowed like a river, a smooth feeling venturing over my body like waves lapping smooth and silent on a beach. The hands were just above his head, ready to place themself on his head. The teacher reached for the piece of paper and I let the hands drop. The teacher's face went from angry, to confused then blank and then back to confused again. He turned, walking back to his desk's, causing the other students eyebrows to rise with confusion.

"She always get's away with things." One of them commented.

I folded my arm, sat back in my seat and laugh.

I couldn't wait to go back.


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