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Sleeping Giant

Novel By: unbreak my heart

Lila Nouvelle has made the decision of moving in with her aunt. After all the loss and suffering she's been through, she feels this is where she'll be able to patch up her wounds and move on with life. But that's only what she's hoping for.

One of the things she wasn't expecting when she moved was Jackson Pierce. With gentlemanly manners, a big heart, and a slightly infamous reputation, she can't help but move herself closer and closer to him.

While things are seemingly going perfect and smooth, Lila and her aunt Jane are in for some shocking news. View table of contents...


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A/N: just briefly, I wanted to apologize in advance, some of the things I write aren't as accurate as real life experiences. I just wouldn't want anyone to get offended. Also, this is the shortest chapter (so far), so if you don't like long chapter, just a heads up! thanks.

Chapter One

I pull my hair over to my left shoulder and start a loose braid. I'm surprised I forgot how long my light bronze, crossed with a gorgeous russet, wavy hair was. I sigh as I finish the braid in the middle of my torso, swiping some hair out of my face and turning back to my suitcase.

"Hey, honey, are you almost ready? I just finished with the last box." I nod, swallowing hard.

"Uh yeah, just 2 minutes." I call back. I stuff a few extra things in my large suitcase and close the flap, feeling completely silly for having to sit on it in order to zip it up. I pull it upright and wheel it to the door. I take a last look at my now empty room and join my aunt Jane outside.

We sit still for a minute, and it feels long.

"Ready?" I look at her, and I'm taken aback by how alike she and my dad looked. I nod, giving her a small smile while she pats my leg before reversing out of the drive-way.

The drive from Saskatchewan was long, but we took turns driving and sleeping. We had to be 2 hours outside of Thunder Bay, and I was getting more and more excited about arriving. I turn the radio up a bit more, glancing over at Jane in her sleepy state. My heart was heavy in my chest, and I could feel my breathing pick up. My dad's smiling face popped into my mind, and I choke back a sob. This is a lot harder than I anticipated. No one ever prepared me for something like this.

I sigh again, clearing my mind, clearing my heart, and taking a few short breaths. And I'm instantly relieved as I see the Welcome to Thunder Bay sign.

"We're here." I say to my aunt's sleeping body. She cleared her throat and sat up, rubbing her sleep deprived eyes.

"Alright, I'll point the way." She clears her throat a few times and I nod, turning my signal on as we went. It took almost thirty minutes to arrive in front of a relatively small house-big enough for two. It was painted a clean blue, a small white porch in the front that only consisted of two steps with its cute lounging set-up. There were three windows on the front of the house that allowed anyone to peer through, and the door matched the black roof. It was nice, and I liked it.

"This is really great auntie," I say, smiling at her. She flashed me a huge grin and hopped out of the car.

"I'm so glad you like it. I spent forever finding the perfect house and WHAM! Here it is!" She reminds me of when I got hyped up over my first beyblade. "So do you just wanna unpack everything now and sleep all day tomorrow? Or do you wanna do it later?"

"I think we should unpack everything right now. That way it's out of the way." Before we start though, she gives me a quick tour of the house, and showed me my room. My excitement levels were rising, especially to arrange and organize my new room. And on the plus side, the room was pretty big, it had its own bathroom complete with a bath and shower. As well as a bookshelf already sitting by the far wall. She said she wanted to pick a few things up, because it was so spacious. I give her a long hug, more thankful than she could comprehend.

"Wow, I love it!" And I really do.

"Oh my god, Jackson is going to be so pleased!!" I raise an eyebrow at her. "Oh, he lives a few doors down. But he helped me repaint this room 4 times! And he put the bookshelf together, and his dad owns a construction corporation, so he and his dad extended the room a few feet, and added in the lovely windows." I was genuinely surprised, I didn't know she had put so much effort and work into my moving here. I wrapped her up in a very quick, very tight embrace.

"Lets get started, so the entire day isn't taken up."

The inside of the house was simple, but in a more modern fashion. She had pictures of our family and her close friends hung up all over the house. The living room was small, with white leather couches, a flat screen TV on the wall, a unique (and classic) wooden coffee table with matching side tables for the couches. The kitchen was cute, bar stools tucked under the opposite facing side of one of the white granite counter tops, black appliances, and dark wooden cabinets. There wasn't a dining area upstairs, just an adorable breakfast nook facing off from the kitchen.

It was simple enough, when you walked in, you got a full view of the living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook. Then a wide hallway with several antique styled doors, where the first to the left leads downstairs into the rec room and at the end of the hall off to the right you'll find wooden french doors that lead out to the patio. And off the patio is a decent sized pool. When she moved in a few years back, she did a lot of renovating and made a few expansions.

Through the front facing windows, I could see the sun starting to peak out. I sighed, sipping from my cup of coffee and looking through car ads.

"Hey! What are you doing up so early?" I jump slightly, spilling some coffee on the paper.

"Oh my god, auntie, geez. Trying to give me a heart attack?" She giggles innocently, walking over into the kitchen to poor herself a cup of coffee.

"Sorry, I just wasn't expecting you to be up." I nod a few times, getting up from the couch and joining her in the kitchen. I pull one of the stools out from underneath the counter and sit down, placing the ads in front of me on the counter.

"I have a hard time sleeping these days," I say, my voice a lot softer than I wanted, "you can understand." She nods, taking a big gulp of her coffee. I raise an eyebrow, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear.

"When did you get that done? Oh my god, that is different. I've never seen that before," I nod, pleased with this reaction.

"Yeah, its done on the forward helix," I gesture to my ear, "but its just called a triple forward helix, hence, all three piercings, and when I first saw it, I had to get it." I grin, sipping some more coffee. She reaches her hand up to her own ear and pinches her forward helix.

"Ouch," she says, "must've hurt."

"Yeah it definitely did," I nod, "and a lot of people like to play tough about any bodily piercings or tattoos, but they do have some degree of pain." She nods in agreement and suddenly stops moving her head, her gaze shooting up to my face.

"Tattoo?" I nod, a smug grin on my face. "But when?" She laughs, clearly surprised.

"Well, I got the tattoo on my 16thbirthday, and I recently got my belly button pierced, uh, before everything happened." We both sit in silence for a few seconds and then she asks to see my tattoo.

"Sure," I say, standing up and lifting my shirt up to my chest. The tattoo went from my pelvic region, over my hip, curving up and around the length of my side, and stopping before it continued onto my upper back. It was sort of like a growing branch/vine of Ojibwe flowers from the aboriginal tribes.

"Oh my, that is beautiful!" She gets a closer look, "who designed this?" I smile faintly, thinking of my friends.

"A friend of mine, Daanis Williams. She beads too, its so cool. Oh and the tattoo took a long time to design. But hey, if I have it for life, its gotta be perfect right?" She nods her head in agreement and I add quickly, "that's why the flowers aren't like huge, I don't like the way that looks, just boisterous and big. Not my thing."

"That's gorgeous Lila, you must get a lot of comments on it when you go swimming."

"Yeah I do," I shrug my shoulders. I pull my shirt back down and take a seat.

"Very cool, oh hey," she looks down at the ads, "what's that there?"

"Oh I'm looking for a vehicle. I'm gonna need something to take me to school and anywhere else I need to go, right?" She nods, seeming surprised.

"I hadn't even thought of this. Good thinking." I nod, flashing her a quick grin. "Seeing anything you like?" I shake my head, shrugging my shoulders in a sign of defeat. "You can check out kijiji, lots of car ads on there."

"Never heard of it, I'll check it out later though." She glances at the clock.

"Oh crap, I gotta get ready." I nod my head, a little disappointed she's leaving. "Do you want to come?" I'm a little surprised, but glad, "I mean, I just have to meet with some clients about their house, and then I'm stopping at Wal-Mart for some groceries and stuff."

"Yes I'd love to come." I say quickly, downing the last of my coffee.

"Goodie! Lets get ready, I wanna be out of here in... say, 40 minutes."


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